December 2016 Pro Tipster Portfolio Results

October 2016 Professional Tipster Portfolio Results (Year 2)

It’s time for our monthly review of our professional tipster portfolio. We are now into our 2nd year of this case study. For those of you who missed the first 12 month review you can check out full post here or else see the image below. The net profit below is to £10 stakes.

First 12 Month Results (Aug 2015-July 2016)

pro tipster portfolio annual review

December 2016 Pro Tipster Portfolio Results

In this post we will go through December 2016 results to £10 stakes following our recommended pro tipsters!

In November 2016 we recorded a profit of +£516.63 to £10 stakes after subscription costs. Could we do better this month? Read on to find out!

We have 3 pro tipsters in our portfolio, a low risk, medium risk and high risk. Risk levels are determined by their long term strike rate, with lower strike rates classed as higher risks due to the extra volatility.

LOW RISK TIPSTER – Quentin Franks Racing

This is our fifth month of using Quentin Franks Racing. And what an inspired choice it was to bring this tipster into our tipster portfolio. He is nothing short of amazing. He just cannot stop winning!

We are happy to announce that Quentin Franks Racing recorded another positive month with 20.23 points profit to level stakes.

This means we made a profit of +£202.30 to £10 stakes


Lucky 7 Naps had a better month this month than last month so happy to chalk up some profits. We love the fact that he specialises in races of 7 runners or less and when you read our review and his interview here, you know he is a serious operator.

To flat stakes he produced a profit of 23.39 points. That’s +£233.90 to £10 stakes.


As always, Fantastic Eights eventually bounces back into form and produces the best results in December. Having three consistent tipsters is the way forward!

He produced a level stakes profit of 47.93 points. That’s +479.30 to £10 stakes.

Total Income For November 2016

Cost of subscriptions

Quentin Franks Racing– £1  for 30 day trial (£59.95 per month thereafter)

Lucky 7 Naps: £77.88 per month

Fantastic Eights: £44.84 per month

Total cost: £182.67

Total Profit/Loss To Level Stakes

Quentin Franks Racing +£202.30 to £10 stakes

Lucky 7 Naps: +£233.90 to £10 stakes

Fantastic Eights: +£479.30 to £10 stakes.

Gross Profit: +£915.50



See below for results since the start of this case study. Remember our aim was to make £500 per month net profit using professional tipster services. Since we finally sorted out our low risk tipster issue, we are starting to bring in consistent monthly profits!

Below are our full results since we started this case study. Profit figures below are generated to £10 bets.



Professional Tipster Portfolio Results December 2016 - Everytip

Dec 2016 per month figures v2.0


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Quentin Franks Racing– £1  for 30 day trial (£59.95 per month thereafter)

Lucky 7 Naps: £77.88 per month

Fantastic Eights: £44.84 per month