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This internet site has been built for any person who is looking for the place to get today’s horse racing tips.

It is commonly understood that the best tips will found online.

We feel that EveryTip is the top website to find tips on the internet. There are a number of reasons for this.

The main one, and of greatest importance, is quality. EveryTip only shows tips from those who have profited over a lengthy time period.

In addition, no other online racing site is able to offer you the same level of choice as EveryTip. This allows you to select your favourite pro.

The third reason is the website almost always beats all competitors, in terms of speed of publication. New tips are put up quickly.

Also, EveryTip is free! You do not even have to register. This is why EveryTip is so fast-growing.

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Happy Readers

Could you send tips via email please and how much is it to join?

R. Jenkins via email

Mr Jenkins, all tips are free!