Best Golf Betting Sites For 2024

Best Betting Sites for Golf

Golf is an old empire game that has spread across the globe over the years. Though it started small, today, it’s one of the most watched games in the world and among the most bet on games in the betting industry.

However, the world is split on its feelings toward it. Some people love the game’s ups and downs and the tactics involved, while others look down on its slow nature and the lifestyle it represents.

Top Online Bookmakers For Sports Betting

Whether you are looking to test the waters or golf is the main sport you bet on, this guide has some important information you should know. In this guide, we shall disclose some of the best golf betting sites in the world and the types of bets you should look for.

Our 6 Best Golf Betting Sites in the UK (& Worldwide)

– Bet365

This is among the largest and best golf betting sites globally. It has a large customer base, especially in the UK and Ireland. As expected from the top betting site, bet365 covers golf in detail. It has loads of tournaments with great odds and promotions. For professional bettors, you can take advantage of the ¼ odds on each-way returns on most golf tournaments.

It’s worth pointing out that the site has a maximum payout of £500,000.

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– William Hill

This is one of the top-tier golf betting sites that’s difficult to ignore. They are everywhere in the betting world, and golfing is no exception. You should consider William Hill specifically for the outright odds. These odds are competitive. Also, you can get enhanced odds and odd money-back offers from the site.

Its results and news features are great and perfect for bettors who love studying golf games before placing bets. If you would like to bet in advance, William Hill is the best site for you.

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– Betfred

Betfred has created a comprehensive golf betting portfolio and player prices that usually lead the market. It has strong prices, a mobile-friendly betting site, In-Play betting options, and each-way places for major tournaments. All these factors make Betfred a strong golf betting site candidate.

Moreover, Betfred offers punters its popular Hat Trick Heaven and Double Delight promotions. These are popular with football bettors but have since been made available to golf bettors, and that’s why we think they are also among the best betting sites you can try out.

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– Betway

Betway offers great golf betting deals in the main gold tournaments. It also has vast market coverage complemented by a sleek interface. Its enhanced odds and places make its package lucrative for big events, including golf.

Betway also has insurance offers and enhanced winnings for golf events. These could be an instant payout, money back if your player didn’t perform as predicted or a refund for finishing second. Although we can’t predict the type of offer, you can rest assured there will be at least one.

– Boylesports

This is one of the famous Irish golf betting sites. It has incredible coverage of all major and minor tournaments and trophies, making it one of the best golf betting sites. Though its market isn’t as deep as other betting sites on the list, and the raw odds could be better, it stands out with the gold offers.

When major golf tournaments are in play, bettors can take advantage of money-back offers, odds, promotions, and bonuses, especially for Irish players.

Boylesports has a special offer during golf tournaments. While other betting sites pay out on five places, Boylesports pays out on seven or eight places. For the big tournaments, Boylesports has paid out on ten places.

In addition, the site has loads of results, news, stats, and golf features to help in golf tournament analysis.

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How to Bet on Golf

Golf is a great sport to bet on. Though it can be slow, cheeky punts will raise the excitement. Additionally, the fact that there are loads of betting options, types, and tournaments means you can bet on a winner and follow the game for an entire week, or better still, bet live on the hole-to-hole outcomes and everything else during the game.

But to bet on golf, you must first determine the best betting site and understand the different types of bets available.

How to Choose the Right Golf Betting Site

Betting options

When searching for a betting site, it’s essential to consider the golf odds available. Also, look into the types of bets offered. Golfing is a diverse and slow game. And because of this, there are many betting options. While betting sites may not have all the betting options, choose one with the majority.

Banking options

It’s important to have payment options. This offers convenience for depositing and withdrawing cash from the website and helps keep transaction fees at a minimum (if any).

Betting and transaction limits

This is an important consideration, especially if you intend to bet large amounts of cash. An ideal golf betting site has a high withdrawal limit and betting limit. This way, you will not be affected by the restrictions.

Withdrawal speeds

You don’t want to wait for an eternity to receive your withdrawals. The best sites process withdrawals in a few hours or days, depending on the payment option chosen.

Customer support

Though many betting sites are easy to use and navigate, you are bound to run into problems. When this happens, you’ll appreciate quality customer service. You want a site whose customer support will treat your issues seriously and work hard to resolve them promptly.

Ease of use

You don’t want to waste precious time you’d otherwise spend placing high-value bets. A great golf betting site is simple and easy to navigate. All the important information is placed in easy-to-find locations.

Live golf betting options

Since golf is a slow-action game, live betting is an alluring option. There is a lot of time between shots to analyze, readjust, and choose. But unfortunately, not all betting sites have these betting options. Luckily, all the betting sites on our list do.

Mobile golf betting

It’s the 21st century; smartphones rule the online world. For this reason, the betting site you choose should have its services accessible through mobile devices. You should be able to place bets from the mobile device in the comfort of your home or while on the road.

Golf bonuses and promotions

You should leverage the promotional and bonus offers if you like free money. However, some betting sites are more generous than others. Also, some have more promotions than others. And while you are at it, review the wagering requirements for the bonuses and promotions. After all, the devil is always in the details.

What are the Different Bet Types Available?

Golf prop bets

With this bet, you’ll bet on a specific outcome. You can bet on the number of strokes necessary to win the tournament or the winning player.

Outright winner bets

In this option, you bet on the tournament’s winner. Players are given either positive or negative signs. Players with positive signs are underdogs and often have higher odds in comparison to their favourite players (those with negative signs)

Top 10 finish

This option resembles the outright winner bet but with a twist. You’ll win the bet if your player is ranked in the top 10

Golf matchups

Two players in a tournament are paired against each other. You are required to bet with the players who will have better scores.

Golf futures

This is similar to the outright winner bet option. However, it is given out a few months before the tournament. This means that you can place the bet any time before the tournament starts. Also, the odds change as the tournament date draws nearer.

A Brief History of Golf

Although there are many stick and ball games in history records, golf has roots in Scotland. In the 13th century, the Dutch enjoyed a game that involved hitting a leather ball across a field to pass a set target. The winner of the game was the individual who got to the predetermined point, having made the fewest shots.

So, how was this different from golf? This Scottish sport had one major difference that set it apart from all other similar sports in history. Golf has holes. So, when we talk about the 18-hole Golf game, we can trace its roots back to the 15th century in Scotland.

History of Golf in Scotland

The earliest mention of the game is in 1457 in a Scottish Parliament Act. This Act was calling for the ban of the game along with football. At the time, King James II ruled over Scotland. He prohibited these games because he felt they were distracting military training. Moreover, he felt archery was a worthwhile sport to pursue, given its use in the military.

After several bans throughout the 1400s, golf was branded as a sport with low profits. However, at the start of the 16th century, restrictions on the game were lifted following the Treaty of Glasgow.

Rules of the Game

For the longest time, golf was played without rules. Even if it had rules, the earliest recording of these rules was in 1744, when the ‘Articles and Laws in Playing at Golf’ was published by the Honourable Company of Edinburgh.

But how did the sport spread to other nations? The Scottish immigrants, soldiers, and expatriates were pertinent to this bit of golf history. They spread the game to British nations in 1700. However, it wasn’t until the 1800s that golf started gaining international recognition.

As golf spread to other nations and continents, it experienced a popularity spike in Britain. By 1880, there were a whopping ten golf courses in England, and the number increased to 1000 by 1914.

Our Final Thoughts on Golf Betting Bookies

The above best golf betting sites have made it to the list because of their diversity, bonuses, promotions, and the attention they accord bettors. They have simple websites and numerous payment options. However, of the 6 betting sites, we recommend Betway, Bet365, and Betfair because they have been around longer and have a wider market coverage. Moreover, professional golf bettors have very high withdrawal limits.

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