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Many people have only ever made their bets in a traditional high street bookmakers. A lot of bookmakers have now closed down, as most of the business has been transferred to the internet. So, how do you make horse racing bets online?

Betting On German Horse Racing

When you realise how simple it is, you will find online betting a lot quicker and simpler than dealing with a betting shop. The first thing you need to do is to create an account. We recommend RaceBets as they offer the most betting markets (including German).

You can make payments from your bank account, credit or debit card. Remember that you will need to withdraw any money to the same source that the deposit came from. If you pay from your bank account, any withdrawal will have to be to that same account. The reason is to prevent any individual to use us for the purposes of laundering money.

When your deposit has been made, you are free to make bets right away. Now it is time to take a look at the race cards for the day. You will find them all on the left-hand side of the RaceBets  homepage. The British meetings will always be at the top, followed by the Irish, South African, French and other overseas meetings.

Click on any meeting and you will see a list of races that are taking place there. Most people look to put their bets on in the morning, as soon as the fixed-odds are given for each runner. In the mornings, all of the UK races for the day are going to be highlighted in green. Green means that the race has yet to come under starter’s orders and you are still free to bet. Races highlighted in orange have come under starters orders (or may actually be in progress). You cannot bet on these races. If a race is highlighted in red, that means the race is over and the official results has been given.

Click on any race and you can see the race card, just as you would in a betting shop. You will see the fixed-odds price next to each of the runners. Click on the price if you want to make a bet. Now you need to enter your stake amount. Double check to make sure you have entered the correct amount. After you have clicked to confirm your bet, it is on and cannot be reversed.

It is as easy as that. If your bet is a winner, your account will automatically be credited a few minutes after the race. You will also qualify for a special welcome bonus, when you sign up with RaceBets. They will match your first deposit, up to a maximum of 50 euros.

Join RaceBets Now and claim your bonus!

Betting In Germany

The route between the seaside resort of Heiligendamm and Bad Doberan is the oldest racecourse on the European mainland. On the 10th of August, 1822, the first organized horse-racing in Germany took place on the race track near the Baltic Sea.

The internationally most famous horse racing course is located in Iffezheim, just outside the spa town of Baden-Baden. In 1858 the horses were born by the playmaker Jacques Bénazet and his son Edouard. The business-minded French wanted to offer the summer guests of the seaside resort other attractions besides the casino and the theater. So they searched for a suitable terrain for a race track and found it in the nearby Rheinebene.
Today, there are in Germany from Appel to Zweibrücken around the 50 gallop racecourses, where countless races are held every year.

Among the most important are the Hamburg Derby, the “Stuten Derby” and the Gallop races of Munich-Riem, in addition to the “Great Week” in Iffezheim.

The totalization bet spilled a little later than in the whole of Europe to Germany, where, however, in 1882 it was declared a gambling game and was therefore forbidden. It was only in 1922 that bookmaker licenses for horse racing in Germany were allowed.

In 2010, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that even in Germany private providers of sports betting are permitted. A good year later, the minister-presidents of the individual federal states agreed to grant licenses. Compared to countries like Italy, where the culture is strongly anchored in the population, Germany has followed relatively late.

Most of the private offers can be found on the Internet, including, for example, a website that specializes in other team sports, in addition to football betting.


The growth potential of horse racing in Germany is great: according to data from the Federal Ministry of Finance, private providers of sports betting in Germany in 2013 made around four billion euros in turnover.

Approx. The successful weather gained 28 million euros as profits.
1275 owners and 832 breeders were registered in 2013. These give some 400 coaches and 220 racers as well as a further 3000 full-time employees in racing training and work.

Participate without the same professional, you can as an amateur rider. Also in the year 2013 some of the 1474 races in Germany were won by one of the approximately 110 licensed Amateurrennreiter.

Types Of Bet

There are four different basic bet types, the odds of which are then determined by the totalizer. For most horses, you bet on…

Victory: the winner of the race
Place: the horse must be first, second or third, first or second, with less than seven starters
Two-bet: the correct order of the horses in place 1 and 2 must be predicted
Triple bet: the first three places must be predicted in the correct order
Other types of horse betting are available in Germany
Four-bets – the first four places must be predicted in the correct order – This bet is offered in a race per day of racing

“Wettchance des Tages” and is often offered with a minimum payout (often 10,000 euros) fitted. This bet can be seen as the most successful new entry in the German horsewatch market of recent years, the sales are almost always much higher than in other races without a four-way bet. This is due, on the one hand, to the chance of high odds, on the other hand, this bet is also mediated by bookmakers in most cases because they do not want to bear the risk of high payouts.

There are 2 horses ahead, which must be placed in the first 3 places in any order.
Finish bet – the winners of the last three races of the day must be predicted.
TOP 6 bet (in GB “Scoop6”) – the winners of six races of the day must be predicted.

This page is made for friends of the horse bets, who want to be introduced to the online offer and all those who can be enthusiastic about this very special bet. Often it is difficult to find the right supplier for horse betting, with the right benefits for you.

Betting Sites

We want to help you find what you are looking for. To this end, we will introduce you to well-known providers and also familiarize you with the betting business.
The best providers for online horse racing
Bet365 – Best odds & high security at bet 365!
RaceBets – Welcome to the largest horse betting provider!

Bwin – Welcome to the largest betting company in the world! – German sports betting provider on the Internet!Betfair – The world’s largest betting offer!

We believe that it is important for you to know how to carry out our analyzes so that you can place your trust in us. Therefore, today we would like to exclusively present the criteria on which our classification is based.

In an online platform, you are compulsorily dealing with payment methods, an important principle in the world of online casinos. Whether you are playing in real money mode with the goal of winning money (but you should never forget the fun), or whether you want to withdraw your winnings. Several methods are available for this.

The credit cards
The electronic purse
The prepaid cards
Bank transfers

There are no minimum deposit / withdrawal amounts set. However, the requirements to allow a large amount of money (for example, more than $ 20,000) to withdraw, could be an additional agreement. The time of the payout depends on the type of payout method and online horse racing service they choose, and varies from 24 to 72 hours.

The minimum deposit for the offline horse racing is from the 2.5 € for a race card. As a rule, such support options are only acceptable in cash.


The online casino must be 100% in German and offer a German customer service. So you can get on the homepage and in the software without language problems and contact someone in your mother tongue. There are many English-language high-quality pages, but we prefer German pages.

The casino must provide secure payment methods such as the Visa and Mastercard credit cards as well as payment methods via internet such as Neteller, Skrill Moneybookers or Ukash. We encourage you to open an account with Skrill Moneybookers because the user interface is very user friendly and easy to use for payments (deposits in the casino and withdrawals of your winnings) is much faster.
The welcome bonus must be competitive. The best online platforms offer you several hundred euros for free as a welcome bonus. You should use that! With these bonuses you can play much longer and thus increase your chances of winning. Do not miss this opportunity! Some casinos also offer free bonuses without a deposit obligation. Thus, you can discover the casino without any risk.
Horse betting offer. An important factor is the horse betting offer. As a customer you want to have a variety of horse tracks available. This is the only way to find out the best betting opportunities.

Customer service

Customer service plays an important role as a new customer. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us. Furthermore, it would be very convenient if you could reach the customer service as many ways as possible around the clock.

Bankroll Building

But before you start distributing your money to the chosen horses, you should deal with what is at the beginning of every successful competition – the bankroll. The bankroll is the “bank” that is available for betting. That can include from 10 euros to several thousand or ten thousand euros and is absolutely individual. The bankroll contains only the money, which is actually available at the bookmaker – future deposits or submitted and still outstanding bets are normally not included with.

There are roughly divided staking plans with the aim of the betting bet:

Independent to change

It is clear from the name what is meant here. It is either trying to balance losses or make a lot of profits as quickly as possible.
After losing the stake, the intention is to compensate for the losses and still achieve profit – also known as “chasing losses”.

Without a plan you often end up bankrupt. With thought-out staking plans it is quite playable. Since the highest bet is always on a winner, the bet can be reduced afterwards and the bet can be adapted to the bankroll, there are surprisingly solid staking plans here.

Winning the winnings is risky but worthwhile. Poker is called “rush”, an undetectable or verifiable effect, in which you play the next hand after you have won the first, regardless of the cards you get, since you are most likely to win them. Doyle Brunson and other pros swear by it, and there are also analogies in betting. The problem is that, unlike poker, you bet your money practically before the flop and so the highest bet always on a loser. If you have quite often winners but the smaller odds, such a plan can maximize the profit.Participatory is that part of this money is always the already won, so the money of the bookies. Again, there are solid plans.
Independent plans usually involve a certain period of time in which the rules are set for all bets. The same stake on all selected events would be the same. Such a plan. The rules are then changed and adjusted according to the last bet. These plans are mainly for people who do not have time to change the plan between the individual bets, because they are, for example, At work.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is a promotion of bookmakers and online betting. Customers should be brought to their own platform and already existing customers are encouraged to use the sports betting offer further. If you would like to know more about new customer bonus offers, we have set up the betting area on our site. At the opening of a betting you receive money. For many players, this offer is like this: Pay now amount X, we double your first deposit.

As a result, you have twice as much betting. In some sports betting providers, the bonus system is often more opaque and associated with conditions, such as the achievement of a certain amount of bonus points, in order to then only collect the bonus. So it’s worth taking a closer look under the magnifying glass, after all it’s about your money!

Betting Odds

A quota is nothing more than a simple mathematical factor to calculate the possible profit for one or more sports bets. Depending on the encounter, type, sport, handicap, etc., these quotas are determined by the bookmaker or the betting provider. In general, these are, of course, calculated in such a way that the competitor is, if possible, at all possible, or if only little, losses will be generated. The average payout rate can be 90-95% for the player, depending on the provider or operator. This means that from the total bets of all players, the sports betting provider retains a margin of 5-10%.


Back bets are “traditional bets”, you can find a betting offer with a certain odds and can calculate the profit beforehand and accept or reject the bet. In the case of lay bets you offer yourself a bet, you bet – in order to secure your win – on the fact that a team NOT wins.

The galloping race is neither a sport among many others nor a mere spectacle. He is in the world and Germany the by far oldest organized sport. The thoroughbred horse, which is at the center of it, is a cultural property that has been cultivated for centuries, whose cultivation has an unimaginable influence on nearly all the horse breeding in Germany.