Meydan Racing Results

All of today’s and yesterday’s Meydan racing results, along with the latest horse racing results for Jebel Ali, can be found at

RaceBets offer wagering on all fixtures in Dubai/UAE, with fixed-odds and SP bets both available. Meydan hosts some of the richest races in the sport and fixtures here always attract a huge number of bets. The high purses at Meydan means that the fixtures are always highly competitive and the very best British and Irish racehorses are regularly sent to Dubai to compete. RaceBets also pay a 10% bonus on any British or Irish-based runner that wins in the UAE, or any country other than UK/EIRE.

RaceBets also archive all of their results, meaning that you can go back days, months, or years to see full details of races that have long since taken place.

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