RaceBets Jackpot Freeroll

RaceBets Jackpot Freeroll launches in October 2016 and it’s the boldest and most-exciting promotion we have seen from any bookmaker for quite some time.

It’s a daily free competition for every member that has deposited and bet a minimum of £10. That doesn’t mean you need to deposit £10 every day to play. You just need to have made a single deposit of 10, at any time either today or in the past and bet it.

Win £5000 Every Day!

RaceBets Jackpot Freeroll offers you the chance to win £5000, every day. That’s £5000 of real money that you can instantly withdraw – not £5000 in bonus cash that has wagering requirements.

Join RaceBets now, deposit/bet £10 and play the Jackpot Freeroll every day for life!

The game is very simple. RaceBets select 6 or 7 races (depending on how competitive they are) and you are asked to pick a horse, in each one.

To win RaceBets Jackpot Freeroll, you need to pick the winner in each race. Get them all right and you will win the money. Should 2 or more players pick all the winners, then the jackpot will be shared.

Play The Horses Every Day For Free!

This means you can sign-up to RaceBets, deposit your £10 and then play the horses every day for big money. No other bookmaker has made an offer like that yet, but we fully expect their competitors to offer something similar very soon.

Join RaceBets now, deposit/bet 10 and play the Jackpot Freeroll every day for life!

Make no mistake, this move by RaceBets is a game-changer and it will boost their profile massively. We have been promoting RaceBets for over 3 years. Unlike other betting companies, they only offer wagering on horse and dog racing.

You can bet on races taking place in over 40 countries. That means there are many hundreds of races that you can bet on, every day. Every racing fan should have a RaceBets account.

The only downside to RaceBets is that they do not offer live streaming of UK/Irish races to UK/Irish residents. However, you can find plenty of free online live streams for sites like AtTheRaces and Racing UK. time4tv.me is an example. You have to close down the usual annoying pop-up ads, but once you do and switch to full-screen, the ads do not appear anymore.

Don’t miss out on your chance to scoop £5000 every day. Sign-up to RaceBets.com, deposit and bet 10 and start playing the Jackpot Freeroll today!

To play RaceBets Jackpot Freeroll, each day, click on the OFFERS tab at the top of any RaceBets page and select JACKPOT FREEROLL.

Join RaceBets now, deposit/bet £10 and play the Jackpot Freeroll every day for life!