Win Late Information Review – 248 Points Profit & 37% Strike-Rate!

WIN Late Information Review – We often get emails regarding bet-sizing, here at Everytip. We generally encourage punters to keep their stake size the same and to concentrate on only betting a low and specified percentage of their bankroll. If you have winning tips, then that is the best way to remain in profit.

However, variable bet-sizing can be a powerful tool if it is wielded by a true professional. Proof of this can be found by looking at the results of Harry Lloyd, a vastly experienced bettor and tipster specialising in UK horse racing.

Lloyd’s stats are impressive! Since launching his WIN Late Information Service, subscribers have enjoyed a strike rate of 37% (122 wins from 333 bets). This has led to 248 points profit and a 16% return on investment. This means that for every pound that subscribers have bet, £1.16 has been returned to them.

Visual Representation of Win Late Information Results

  • Profit: 248.43
  • Wins: 122
  • Losses: 211
  • Bets: 333
  • Strike Rate: 37 %
  • ROI: 16

Win Late Information Review

Lloyd is an expert on market-moves, as well as the form. He provides his tips much closer to the off, than most other experts do. As we mentioned earlier, he uses varying bet-sizing extremely effectively. This can only be done by fundamentally analysing each betting-market and calculating which races demand higher or lower stakes.

Here is something very interesting for Win Late Information subscribers…

One interesting fact to note about Lloyd’s selections after closer inspection is the strike rate and profit figures if you just bet on his win only advised selections. The ROI jumps to 22% and the strike rate is a whopping 41%.

  • Profit: 218.62
  • Wins: 75
  • Losses: 108
  • Bets: 183
  • Strike Rate: 41 %
  • ROI: 22

win late information Harry Lloyd

How Harry Lloyd’s Win Late Information Service Works

Subscribers receive the day’s tips via text message, direct to their mobile devices. This makes sure that they all get the tips at the same time and that they are also alerted immediately.

Lloyd also limits his subscriber list to just 200 members. This means there is plenty of equity to be shared in the markets and a avoids the situation where only the fastest responders are able to get their money on at the right price. You still need to act fairly smartly, but you should almost always get your bets on if you act within 15-20 mins of getting the text message.

All of Lloyd’s selections are horses that he will be betting on himself. They are also the only runners that he will be backing and you cannot ask for more than that.

Who Should Not Try Out This Service?

Of course, this service won’t be for everyone. There is no point in subscribing if you are in a situation where it is not always possible to login to your account and place the bets. Lloyd gives out his selections late in the day. It is vital that he is able to watch what is happening in the markets. He combines this information with  his reading of the form and what his extensive range of contacts have told him. Lloyd’s betting-market assessment, form reading and insider information are your triple-lock on successful punting!

But if you have no problems with computer access and always keep your mobile close at hand, WIN Late Information will arm you with the tips needed to bet professionally.

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