Case Study: How To Make £500+ Per Month With Pro Tipster Services

Follow along as we try to prove that making a profit with professional tipster services is possible. Below describes why we choose the following three tipsters to be part of our pro tipster portfolio. Check back every month as we update you with our results.

Top Rated Low Risk Winning Tipster

Name: Quentin Frank Racing
All Time Profit (Flat Stakes): 895.59
Advised Stakes Profit: 895.59
Service Live: 28 Months
Return On Investment: 25.11%
Strike Rate: 24.63%
Mathematical LLR: 25
Suggested Bankroll: 75 Units

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Top Rated Medium Risk Winning Tipster

Name: Lucky 7 Naps
All Time Profit: 1168.79
Advised Stakes Profit:: 5412.33
Service Live: 18 Months
Return On Investment: 24%
Strike Rate: 25%
Mathematical LLR: 24
Suggested Bankroll: 72 Units

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Top Rated High Risk Winning Tipster

Name: Fantastic Eights
All Time Profit (Flat Stakes): 266.16
Advised Stakes Profit: 1114.46
Service Live: 5 Months
Return On Investment: 41%
Strike Rate: 20%
Mathematical LLR: 31
Suggested Bankroll: 93 Units

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Recommended Top Three Winning Pro Tipsters

We understand that every person who wants to make consistent money from betting has different risk levels. Some people can withstand long losing runs whereas others will stop betting if they have 10 losers in a row. Therefore we like to label winning tipster services as low, medium and high risk. 

All the professional tipsters in our case study portfolio are long term winning services but some will be more volatile than others. Like investing in stocks, you should keep a diversified portfolio containing a mix of low, medium and high risk investments. We do not see why this is any different when it comes to making money from betting.

How We Determine A Low, Medium or High Risk Tipster

We analyse each tipster before assigning a risk status. Remember high risk does not mean the tipster is bad. In fact it is the opposite as you can make more money long term but the bankroll required is larger and the swings involved are not for the risk adverse. We look at the following:

  • Strike Rate of the service to determine volatility
  • Profits and ROI to predict future income
  • Duration of service to ensure reliabilty
  • Previous 30 day history to look at recent form
  • Previous 90 day history to spot unfavourable trends