Best Betting Sites For Basketball 2023

Best Betting Sites For Basketball

Basketball is part of the top four sports in the world. As such, it only makes sense that it has a big share in the betting industry. Now, whether, you are a seasoned bettor or a newbie, you are in the right place. We’ve pieced together a comprehensive guide that will position you to place better bets. And the first step to winning bets and making a profit from betting is choosing the best basketball betting sites.

Best Basketball Betting Sites 

While it’s a good thing that there are loads of betting sites available, these options can be confusing for new punters. For this reason, we have taken the liberty of reviewing some of the best basketball betting sites. This should cut your research time considerably.

Top Online Bookmakers For Sports Betting


Over the years, Betway has transformed into the leading betting site in the world. It offers a one of a kind experience and has its hands in a variety of sports, including basketball. With Betway, you will enjoy placing bets on all major basketball tournaments and leagues in Europe and the NBA. You will also enjoy a range of live betting basketball odds.

Speaking of live betting, Betway doesn’t limit the betting to traditional markets. It also includes exotic and alternative markets.

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Quite frankly, there are very few betting sites that come close to offering the betting experience Paddypower does. Why? Well, Paddypower has combined a wide array of markets and events and has live streaming and in-play betting. And to top it all off, it features lucrative money-back offers and specials.

In addition to pricing the NBA games to the standard, Paddypower also offers a wide array of basketball matches and competitions. It also covers the European competitions and leagues. You can place a bet on basketball leagues and competitions in the Philippines, Argentina, Barbados and Bahrain.

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This is arguably one of the biggest betting sites in the UK. It has over 30 million punters from all over the world, including Finland, Germany, Sweden and Ireland. It covers a wide range of sports, including basketball. Moreover, it offers regular basketball betting markets as well as the line in play bets on the different basketball matches. With Bet365 you can bet on:

  • Quarter lines
  • Point spread
  • Quarter margins
  • Full match results
  • Half race to
  • Winning margins
  • Quarter both teams to score

And lastly, Bet365 offers a live streaming option through which you can keep tabs on the match you’ve bet on.

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William Hill

Though it’s in 4th place, it still offers punters a fun basketball betting experience. For a long time, William Hill was seen as a horse racing focused bookmaker. But over the years, they have spread their wings and now accommodate more sports, including basketball.

However, unlike many betting sites, William Hill’s basketball betting experience is limited to matches and leagues in the US and Europe. Luckily, these leagues and matches form the top cream of the popular betting options.

As a betting site that prides itself in having one of the best in-play betting functionality, it’s not surprising that many of the basketball matches are available on the live bet as well. What’s more, the betting site provides live streams for games through the WHTV streaming service.

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How We Evaluate Sites

How did we come up with the four betting sites? Well, honestly, it was hard work. Below are some of the aspect we considered while compiling the list.

Trust and reputation

This is the number one criteria we used. Since you’ll be trusting the betting site with your money and financial information, at the very least, they should display some semblance of trustworthiness. If the site cannot be trusted with information and your money, then you should get in bed with them. During our research, we considered the following in determining the trustworthiness of a betting site.

  • Industry reputation
  • Site history
  • Company management
  • Customer complaints
  • Company management history
  • Payment processing
  • Anything else we could find

Betting markets

While trust and reputation are important, they will only be beneficial if the site has a variety of betting markets in the sport you are into. In our consideration, we were looking for sites that were offering a variety of games and leagues and not just the NBA. Additionally, we chose the betting sites that have flexibility in terms of types of bets and the number of bets available. If a site only allows you to pick the winner of a game, that’s not flexibility.

Ease of use

If you intend to spend more than a couple of minutes on the betting site, then you should go for a site that is easy to navigate. The user interface should be straightforward, and information should be placed in sections that are easy to spot. You don’t want to be lost in the site looking for a league or a match to bet on.

Wide range of deposits and withdrawal options

In addition to all the above, the betting site should have a variety of payment methods both for deposits and withdrawals. Without money, you can’t bet. As such, the site should offer options that are convenient for you, and that will not take ages to process. At the very least, the deposits should be instant and allow you to place bets fast. Also, the charges shouldn’t be expensive.

Mobile friendly

Having a desktop site is great. But you may not have access to the desktop site always. From time to time, you’ll be on the road and want to place a bet. Because of this, the betting sites we placed above have a mobile-friendly platform. They are easy to use and navigate through.

What Are The Most Common Basketball Bets

Different Markets

As mentioned above, the top and best basketball betting sites have a vast selection of bets for every basketball game. If you are just starting and learning the ropes, getting the hang of the types of markets and bets can prove to be confusing. Luckily, we’ve taken the initiative to explain some of the popular markets below.

Money Line

This market borrows its name from the popular gambling tech in the US. They are quite similar to the match results markets in football and other British sports. As such, you can pick any side to bet on. If your chosen team wins, your bet is successful.


This is quite a different aspect of basketball betting. It has its roots in the US. For every game, each team is allocated a point disadvantage or advantage based on the expectation of the bookmaker. One of the teams will be the favorite and the other an underdog by the same point. In a spread bet, you are basically acing your bet on a specific team to go against the expectations of the bookmaker.

Winning Margin

In some cases, some teams in specific matches are strong favorites. In such cases, spread bets and money line bets are not the best options. Your best play would be to bet on the winning margin. This means that you’ll be betting on how big a margin the favorite will win by. These bets are very common and give a range of point bands within which you can place your bet.

Double Results

This type of bet is very popular with the football fans. The double result market is equivalent to the HT/FT bets. This means that they feature two elements. On one side, you bet on the team that will be leading by half time and on the other, you place a bet on the team you think will emerge victorious at full time.

Total Points

This is a simplified variation of the over/under types of bets. In the Total Points bets, punters are required to choose the number of points that will be scored in a game. The exact over/under will vary from one game to the next, and as such, this basketball bet is commonly used to build basketball accumulator bets.

Over/Under Bets

In this bet type, a punter is simply wagering on whether the score will be over or under a specific number that the bookmaker has predicted. If it’s higher than the predicted number, then the over-bet wins. And if it’s lower, then the under-bet wins.

Top 10 Biggest Basketball Leagues In The World To Bet On

  1. NBA – it is available in Canada and the US. This is the highest basketball playing level in the world. It features 30 teams in every regular and postseason. However, it also includes G-League and the Las Vegas Summer League.
  2. NCAA College Basketball (the US) – it is the best amateur basketball in the world. It includes 365 schools every season and features March Madness and conference tournaments.
  3. WNBA
  4. Euroleague
  5. The Liga ACB
  6. National Basketball League in Australia
  7. Turkish Basketball Super League
  8. Russia’s VTB United League
  9. Italy’s Lega Basket Serie A
  10. Germany’s Basketball Bundesliga

Notable international basketball tournaments to bet on

  • NBA finals
  • March Madness
  • FIBA Basketball World cup
  • Euro League Final Four
  • Olympics

And there you have it. Everything you need to know about basketball betting sites and markets. While this might not make you a pro in betting, it will get you started on the right footing and position you to make wiser bets and reap great rewards.

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