Best Horse Racing Tipster In the UK (Top 12 To Follow)

Let’s face it; finding the best horse racing tipster is no easy task. The industry is flooded with lots of successful horse racing tipsters. But here’s the thing ‘best’ is subjective and means different things to different people.

But regardless of this, we went out of our way to prepare a definitive list. It includes various types of tipsters ranging from free to paid options.

Editors Pick – Top 3 Inform Tipster’s Services

Inform Tipsters Rating Strike Rate Avg Monthly Profit (£10 Bets) Go To Site
Quentin Franks Racing
22.67% £241.49 Visit Quentin Franks Racing
Bookie's Enemy
18.94% £209.71 Visit Bookie's Enemy
Flat Racing Master
26.27% £206.52 Visit Flat Racing Master

Types of Tipsters Covered

Before we delve deeper into this topic, here are the types of tipsters that we’ll cover;

  • Top rated professional horse racing tipsters
  • Popular daily newspaper horse racing tipsters
  • Top rated professional online betting media publication pundits

Leading Professional Horse Racing Tipping Services

In this category, we shall list some of the best horse racing tipsters in the industry. For those who take horse racing more like a profession, the tipsters in this category are the best.

Famous & Respected Newspaper Racing Tipsters

These will provide you with a form that details the day’s horse racing program. In addition to this, it includes the past performances of the horses and other informative horse racing articles.

Popular Online Racing Media Columnists & Pro Punters

From the name, you can guess that this type covers all tipsters that operate online. This means that they use social media platforms and websites to share information and offer their services. Since we are living in the internet age, this type is very important.

Leading Professional Tipsters

best horse racing tipsters in the UK everytip recommended

Quentin Franks Racing – #1 Pro Tipster

quentin frank results

Horse Racing tipsters rise and fall. However, since Quentin Franks Racing opened its doors in July 2014, it has delivered exemplary tipping service and continues to wow us. But like other tipping services, it has been through its fair share of challenges. In 2017, it was stagnant and didn’t register much growth. Somehow, it managed to turn things around and by 2018 it had hit the £13,603 profit mark.

But as a punter, you need more than a lifetime profit to buy into the dream. So here goes. On average, Quentin has a monthly ROI of about 20.84% and a strike rate of about 23%. In addition to this, Quentin average bet is £10.00. This stake is affordable for any punter. With such a low stake, the risk invested is low. This alone makes it a lucrative service.

We should also point out that Quentin has an average of between 70 and 90 bets per month, the longest winning run is 5 and the longest losing run is 4. As a new client, you enjoy the service for 30 days for £1. A month is enough to give you a taste of what this exemplary horse racing tipping service has to offer.

>>You can view Quentin’s winning graph since inception here<<

Lucky 7 Naps

lucky 7 naps

Lucky 7 Naps is yet another successful tipster service. It’s run by ‘Michael’ (just a pen name). Michael focuses on horse races that have 7 or fewer participants. He claims that the system has been doing an average of 10 points profit on a weekly basis since 2012. However, it wasn’t until February of 2014 that Michael decided to embark on online proofing.

The service prides itself on being easy to use, transparent results and great customer service. Since 2014, Lucky 7 Naps has managed to achieve a total of 8787.72 points. It as a 25.82% return on investment and has a strike rate of 23.15%.

Lucky 7 Naps’ advice usually includes advised odds and stakes. If you are active and place bets immediately, you receive the tips as well as advised odds. Usually, the advised stakes are £5. However, once in a while, Lucky 7 Naps may advise a stake of only £3.

>>You can view Michael’s website here (we have followed him for over 3 years now)<<

Flat Racing Master

Bet Gods Flat R Master service

Matt, the tipster genius behind Flat Racing Master, makes it all look simple and easy. But we all know that it’s not. Generating a decent income (tax-free) by betting on horse races is no easy feat.

Since 2015, Matt has been busy working hard to grow the service. And boy has his hard work paid off – the Flat Racing Master stats are more than impressive. For the 3 years, it has been operational, Flat Racing Master has managed to bank more than £8,171.60 in profits. The return on investment is recorded at 12.06% and the strike rate is at 26.24%.

The above-mentioned profits have been made with £10 stakes. The tips are sent between 7 am and 9 am. And in a month you’ll receive between 70 and 80 tips.

Flat Racing Masters prides itself on having great customer reviews and results. They allow you to have a taste of the pie for 7 days at £1 only. After that, you pay £39 per month or £399 yearly. But in the event the service doesn’t live up to the hype it claims, you can cash in on the 30-day money back guarantee.

>>You can view Matt’s winning graph since inception here <<

Master Racing Tipster

Master Racing Tipster is truly a ‘master’ at what it does. Since April 2014, it has been recording an average profit of £102. Besides that, it has made a total profit of £5204.05 since 2014.

Over the years, Master Racing Tipster has grown its 100 points starting bank by a whopping 672.24%. What’s more, it has an ROI of 22.70% and a strike rate of 28.90%.

Once you sign up, you should expect tips between 6 pm an 8 pm GMT. In a month, you’ll receive between 40 and 50 tips with an average odd of 5.40. This means that you’ll receive about one or two a day.

Master Racing Tipster is all about quality over quantity. There’s no point of having 10+ bets and lose.

Apart from sending quality tips, Master Racing Tipster has awesome customer support as well as an insightful and supportive Facebook group.

>>You can view Master Racing Tipster’s winning graph since inception here<<

QF Value Tips

This is probably the youngest tipping service in this category. But despite its age, it offers punters a lot of value. Actually, they are all about helping you find value in upcoming races. For the ‘short’ time they’ve been in service since 2016, they have made over £4,357.60 in profits. They have registered an 18.65% ROI and have a 24.73% strike rate. They are right up there with the big dogs.

Since February 2016, QF has averaged £106.28 in profits every month. Another stat worth noting is that QF has grown its 100 points starting bank by an impressive 435.76%.

QF will send you tips every day between 5 pm and 6 pm. The odds of these tips are usually 6.50 on average. In a month, you’ll receive between 50 and 60 tips.

You can join the service for only £1 for 7 days, after which you’ll pay £19 and £179 per month and per year respectively. These prices are cheaper than what other successful tippers offer. And in the event things don’t work out with them, you can always cancel at any time or cash in on the 30-day money back guarantee.

Last but not least, we should point out that QF Value Tips is run by the same tipper that runs Quentin Franks Racing.

>>View Quentins Value Tips Service winning graph here<<

Each Way Leader

each way leader tipping service

Does a £185.19 profit every month excite you? If it does, then Each Way Leader is a tipping service you need to look into. It’s one of the most profitable tipsters available. And here’s the shocking bit; it’s only been active since September of 2017.

Jim, the brains behind Each Way Leader tipping service has time and time again proven that we can make a profit from backing the underdogs with big odds. Here are the stats to back up his success:

Each Way Leader has made a total profit of £3,333.40. It has a strike rate of 37.48% and an ROI of 30.50%. In less than 2 years, Jim has grown the 150 points starting bank by a whopping 222.23%.

They send tips between 6 pm and 8 pm on a daily basis. These tips have an average odd of 10.00. In a month, you can expect to receive between 50 and 60 tips.

Each Way Leader is dedicated to providing quality rather than quantity when it comes to betting tips. It also has excellent customer support and a Facebook Group to complement its support.

>View Jim’s winning graph here<<

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Famous & Respected Newspaper Pundits

Templegate (Steve Jones – The Sun)

The horse racing tips by Templegate are provided by Steve Jones. Steve Jones started off as a writer and a sub-editor for the He served in this capacity from 2000 – 2002. After this, he spent another two years in Raceform Limited before he joined The Sun (an online and print newspaper).

At that time, he had huge shoes to fill. He was taking over from Phil Logan. Phil Logan had a lot of followers. His reputation preceded him courtesy of his successful prediction in 2007. He picked all 7 winners. However, Steve didn’t take long to settle in. In fact, he is currently one of the best tipsters The Sun has ever had.

Actually, in 2012 Steve was crowned as the champion tipster at the National Hunt season. The tips that won him this award included the Neptune Collonges that ended at 33-1.

If you want to follow Steve’s picks, you can find them here.

Greg Wood

Greg Wood is one of the tipsters at the Guardian. He works alongside Chris Cook, who helps manage the Talking Horses column. Greg Wood was awarded the 2009 Journalist of the year Derby Awards. In 2013, he won the SJA sports betting journalist of the Year. Greg has worked for the Irish Independent, The Irish Times and The Independent. You can find Greg’s daily tips here.

Goodfellow (Sam Turner – Daily Mail)

Sam Turner is a popular household name. But despite this, only a few people are aware of the fact that he’s the brains behind Robin Goodfellow. He has been working for the daily mail for over 7 years now.

Sam Turner has experienced a lot of success since he took up the position. The role of resident tipster has led to a couple of others across platforms, including being a regular on William Hill Radio and Racking UK. However, he only uses his alias with the Daily Mail. The funny bit is that he cannot remember how he got the name.

But regardless of its source, it has served him well. His journey started at 16 when he visited a local bookie with a friend. Sam’s success rate is exemplary. Find all of Sam’s daily tips here.

Online Racing Media Experts

Hugh Taylor

Hugh Taylor has proven himself to be a successful and reliable horse racing tipster. He recorded 199-500 points from 2009 to 2017. His tips return on investment was at 46% – an all-time high.

Hugh admits that his goal at first was to provide the At The Races members with something to read. He also hoped that his tips encouraged readers to be horse racing fans. However, it all went bigger than he’d hoped.

So far, he has enjoyed more than 9 years as a tipster and he continues to grow in popularity.

Check out Hugh’s tips here

Ben Linfoot

Ben Linfoot has been a part of the horse racing betting industry for quite some time now – close to 13 years. During this period, he has built a solid reputation for himself for giving horse racing tips. In 2005 he tipped winners at 9/1, 14/1 and 28/1.

He writes the Value Bet Column, which has turned out to be pretty profitable. He makes about 100 points in profit every year and has a decent ROI.

The best bit is that his tips are free.

Check out Ben’s tips here

Tom Segal

Tom Segal is described as a nerd tipster. He is one of the best in the industry and has made a name for himself as one of the most informed horse racing tipsters in the UK. His expertise is backed by his wins. Of all his wins, he is famous for the ten weeks in 2005 he had a winning streak. His tips helped millions of punters and fans take millions to the bank. He is the author of the Pricewise column on Racing Post, which is only available to Racing Post Subscribers. However, you can find out the pricewise tips here.

Online Software That Predicts Winners

Inform Racing

inform website

While Inform Racing may not be a traditional top horse racing tipster service, it still deserves to be mentioned in this post. It has been in operation for over 10 years and uses horse speed ratings to determine the fastest horses in the race. Therefore in the blink of an eye, you can see which horse have the speed to win a race of today’s class (by simply comparing their best speed figure in the past 12 months to the average winning speed figure for that class of race). These are the types of race horse betting software used by the best horse racing tipsters.

Check out Inform Racing here

Wrapping Up - Which Top Rated Horse Racing Tipster Should You Follow To Improve Your Betting Record?

Clearly, the horse racing tipster industry is big and quite interesting. There are many experts and sites you can choose from. If you are starting out, we recommend beginning with a free service. However, note that the results may not be as impressive as those from paid tipping services. But then, betting always has some risk and it’s also important to note that you will lose from time to time. You might even have a losing streak. But this shouldn’t discourage you. Choosing the best experts ad platforms in the industry will help you reduce the chances of getting losses.

Inform Tipsters Rating Strike Rate Avg Monthly Profit (£10 Bets) Go To Site
Quentin Franks Racing
22.67% £241.49 Visit Quentin Franks Racing
Bookie's Enemy
18.94% £209.71 Visit Bookie's Enemy
Flat Racing Master
26.27% £206.52 Visit Flat Racing Master

We hope you enjoyed our best UK horse racing tipster roundup.

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