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EveryTip is amongst the busiest and well-known free betting tips websites in Europe. Traffic has grown rapidly, since the site was first launched in the Summer of 2013. We now offer daily tips on horse racing, football and cricket.

Most of our visitors are horse racing fans in the United Kingdom and Ireland, although we also attract readers from many other countries, including USA, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, India and nations in Mainland Europe.

Our website features tips from some of the most celebrated tipsters in the industry. Templegate’s picks are published every day. On Saturdays (the day that most of you check out EveryTip), we publish tips from all of the top racing experts, including Marlborough (Telegraph), Goodfellow (Mail), Greg Wood (Guardian), Steve Mullen (The Sun) and The Sporting Life.

How can you fail to win, when armed with so much information? Unfortunately, you will always lose in the long-term with these tips, even if you only back runners that have been selected by the majority of the tipsters. Why is this?

While these tipsters understand perfectly-well how to bet successfully, their editors ask them to provide a selection for every race. The tips are published without any recommended odds for the bettor to accept. Essentially, they are starting-price tips and there is no way that you can bet profitably at starting-prices with a bookmaker.

In most races, there will be no value to be found on any runner. Of course, one horse will win and any bets on that runner will be profitable. However, that does not make it a good bet!. If someone offers you the chance to roll a 6-sided dice and gives you odds of 4/1 to roll a 6, you are making a bad bet even if you are lucky enough to roll a 6. If you take those odds a thousand times, you are virtually guaranteed to lose. That is how the bookmakers get rich.

Most of you do not really care about this and are just recreational punters looking for a bit of a thrill. That’s fine, so long as you understand this. EveryTip even publishes our own free daily tips for every UK race. Our selections are based on a complex algorithm which is based on a vast amount of data from previous races and sire stats. These tips perform about as well as the various newspaper tips that we publish. You will almost always be putting your money on a horse that will be running competitively. You just won’t get the right odds to bet profitably at starting-prices.

You might be a little sceptical of our claim that you cannot make a profit by following the leading newspaper tipsters. Time for some cold, hard numbers from one of the biggest and most-respected horse racing websites. You might not bother keeping track of how well newspapers are performing, but the Racing Post most-certainly is. Click here to see how well Templegate, Marlborough, Goodfellow and every other major newspaper tipster is performing this year.

The most important column to scrutinise is ‘Turnover’. This shows the percentage of stake that is returned, on average, with every bet. For the tipster to be profitable, they need to reach a figure in-excess of 100%. As you can see, none of them are. If a tipster has a turnover of 95%, then you lose 5p out of every pound you bet. As you can see, most are doing much worse than 95%! The majority are being outperformed by the favourite in every race. That means you would lose less money if you just blindly backed the SP favourite. Bookmakers work on much smaller margins when they offer a price on the favourite. However, you can guarantee that there will still be a significant profit for them (generally around 8-9%).

The whole point of creating EveryTip was to show recreational punters how hopeless their betting strategy is. Do not despair though, as it is perfectly possible to bet profitably on UK racing and we have already converted large numbers of losing punters into winning ones.

Easy Life Winners is an incredible betting system that will turn you into a winning punter from day 1. It shows you how to pick out the races where genuine value is on offer, how to pick the right horse and (crucially) what odds you should take.

Members typically enjoy profits in excess of 50 points a month. That means if they back every selection with just a ten pounds wager, they make over five-hundred pounds in clear profit. Many are now making much more than that, as they have built their bankrolls and are now able to make larger bets without ROR (risk of ruin). There is no better race-betting system that you can find online and we thoroughly recommend that you join today. We guarantee that you won’t look back and that you will quickly realise how hopeless your bets used to be.

Click here to learn more about Easy Life Winners, if you genuinely want to make money betting on horses. If you are happy to remain a recreational gambler, today’s tips from Templegate can be found by clicking here!

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