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*Please note odds were correct at time of publication

Lucky 15 Tips for Today, 21st May 2022

Gisburn 1:45 Goodwood 11/2
Whoputfiftyinyou 2:35 Haydock 17/2
Beauty Inspire 3:10 Haydock 12/1
Twilight Calls 3:45 Haydock 6/1

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What is a lucky 15 bet?

The lucky 15 bet is a four-fold accumulator bet. It consists of 6 doubles, 4 singles, 4 trebles, and an accumulator bet. This combination increases your chances of winning big.

Where do lucky 15s come from?

Like many other bets, the lucky 15 bet is a creative formulation of bookmakers. When creating this bet, they wanted to bring something different to the market. This type of bet allows bettors backing several horses to place or win.

How many bets are in lucky 15?

There are 15 bets in a lucky 15 bet. 6 doubles, 4 singles, 4 trebles, and an accumulator bet.

How do Lucky 15 bets work?

A Lucky 15 bet has four selections with 15 different horse race bets. These include 6 doubles, 4 singles, and 4 trebles. And an additional one-fold accumulator. Punters get a return on their stake when one horse in their lucky bet wins. However, the returns increases as the number of wins in the bet increases. What you should also know is that your total stake is your stake for one bet times 15. This means that if you stake £10 for one bet, the total stake will be £150.

Why are Lucky 15 bets popular among punters?

The lucky 15 bet is a tremendously popular bet among horse race punters because it is less risky than a straight up accumulator bet. If you have one winner in a lucky 15 bet, you still get a payout (albeit you may still lose money on the bet, depending on the odds of your winner).

On which sports can I place a Lucky 15 bet?

A lucky 15 bet is highly popular in horse racing. Nonetheless, you could still use this method of betting in other sports, but this depends on whether your chosen bookmaker offers it on other sports. You can get tennis lucky 15, football lucky 15, and so on.

How to place a Lucky 15 online?

Placing a lucky 15 bet in sports betting is straightforward. Go to your preferred bookie and login to your betting account. Navigate through the website and pick your four selections in a sport of your choice. There should be a list of various multi-bet types below your bet slip, click on lucky 15, then enter your stake. You can go through the bet slip again, and if you are satisfied, hit the ‘place bet’ option. Wait for the selections to play and if you’re lucky, you’ll get your winnings.

Remember, some bookmakers don’t offer the lucky 15 bets. Therefore, you will need to choose a bookie that provides this option.

How we pick our Lucky 15 tips

Our lucky 15 tips are not random. We pick the 4 best tips of the day by the most respected national tipsters.  This doesn’t mean that our lucky 15 tips are 100% accurate, but punters will undoubtedly have more success with these tips than blindly picking your own. 

What form factors do horse racing specialists/tipsters analyse?

Here are some but not all the factors that horse racing specialist analyse before making their horse racing betting selections;

Previous market moves

Bookmakers have the upper hand in sports betting markets. They use algorithms and other techniques to set prices. And they have a knack for providing odds that reflect on the possible outcome of a race. That said, we analyze the market moves to identify the horses that are likely to dominate the race day.

Distance travelled

Horse races are categorized in distance travelled. While a horse may excel in a long-distance race, it may not do well in short distances. This is one of the factors that we consider when putting together our lucky 15 tips.

Trainer form

We look at how various trainers have been performing, including their recent history. The question we ask ourselves at this point is how a particular horse trained by a specific trainer is performing.  If there is a dip in the form of a particular horse on the racecourse, then it doesn’t make it to our lucky 15 predictions.

Class factor

When we talk of class factor, we are referring to a combination of qualities that a horse possesses. These are the likes of speed, determination, and stamina. Each horse belongs to a certain class. And the horse that has superior qualities is included in our race day lucky 15 tips.

Trainer-jockey combination

You will find that when a particular trainer is paired with a particular jockey, they tend to win more races. This is a pattern that we don’t ignore when preparing our lucky 15 tips.

Course record (trainer)

Some trainers excel on certain racecourses. The horses and jockeys that they train in these tracks can’t seem to stop winning. We are keen to identify course records and incorporate them into our tips.

Race record (trainer)

Every trainer has a race record. Talented trainers have an impressive race record under their belt, and their chances of winning the next race are always high.

Course record (horse)

Some horses tend to do well in certain racecourses than others. When we look at the past performances of a horse in a given course, we can tell which horse is likely to flourish on the race day. This is the kind of horse that makes it to our lucky 15 bet list.

Course record (jockey)

A jockey may find course A more favourable than course B. As such, this jockey will win most races of the races that take place on course A. Our analysts consider this aspect when compiling lucky 15 tips for punters.

Speed Ratings

Speed ratings are a great way to sort our the contenders from the non contenders in each race.

Lucky 15 bets are a great way to enjoy a recreational bet on horse racing  (or other sports if your bookie offers it) with the main benefit being you can get a return if just one of your horses wins out of the 4 selected.