Best Greyhound Betting Sites in the UK (2022)

Greyhounds can run for speeds of up to 45 miles per hour and have been used in races for more than two centuries. There has been a growing interest in greyhound racing over the years and while it may not be seen by some people as being in the same class as horse racing, it still has die hard loyal fans. In fact, you cannot really compare the both sports, as they are both extremely exciting in their own unique ways. If you are new to greyhound betting or you are one of those earlier mentioned die hard fans who is looking for a new sports book to bet online, then please read on as we  reveal the best greyhound betting sites available for UK and Irish punters.

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Editors Pick – Top 3 Online Sportsbooks For Greyhound Betting

Best Greyhound Betting Sites in the UK


Betway offer approximately 150 greyhound races per day from the UK to bet on. Not only that but they offer best odds guaranteed on all dog racing. While this is getting more common now, there are still smaller online bookmakers that do not offer this. They also have live streaming a large proportion of the races and events they cover, however still not 100% full coverage. One final positive aspect is there decent odds offering and they consistently rank at or near the top for best prices. They also have the easiest to use website on mobile, which makes up for any negatives regarding the lack of full live streaming coverage. Overall, the best all rounder bookmaker in the UK these days.

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Bet365 has managed to cement its position at the top as one of the best bookmakers in the industry. It is loved for its great welcome bonus, in-play betting capabilities and a wide sport’s market, which provides diversity. It also has an efficient search function that allows you to locate races faster. This way, you get to place bets when you want and need to. This has enabled Bet365 to continue dominating in the greyhound racing space.

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With more than 50 years in the industry, Betfred has over 1400 betting shops in the UK. For greyhound betting, it also ranks at the top courtesy of its great offers on odds and welcome bonuses. The site also has live streaming, mobile betting, exemplary customer service and a range of popular events.

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Paddy Power

Paddy Power is the best Irish betting site in the industry. It offers exemplary offline and online services to more than 1 million punters in the UK. And since dog racing is a favorite pass time for Irish punters, it’s not a surprise that Paddy power excels on this front.

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William Hill

William Hill is one of the highly trusted bookmakers in Britain. It has a wealth of experience in the betting business, and therefore it only makes sense that it’d feature on the greyhound-top-betting site list.

It has a lucrative welcome bonus and one of the best odds at 83.6%.

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RaceBets specializes in horse and greyhound racing. It doesn’t offer baseball, tennis, rugby, football or basketball markets. As such, they know how to leverage the market for the best offers. What’s even better, the site is unique and cluster free, which makes it easy to locate the races that you are looking for.

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Any great betting site is known by its welcome offer. Betfair more than delivers on this front. It offers £100 in the form of free bets and about five £20 bets.

In addition to this, it offers high greyhound odds. And although they are not the best we have seen, they are well above average. Moreover, Betfair also has mobile betting and live streaming that you can take advantage of.

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10Bet takes its betting services seriously. They have a £10 risk free bet offer on the initial greyhound bet that you place. This offer is available to the existing and new punters on the platform.

If you don’t have an account, you benefit from a generous welcome bonus. As though that’s not all, the site has great odds and good customer support.

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How Greyhound Racing Works

The race involves six dogs racing on an oval race track. They each follow an artificial lure, which can be a stuffed toy shaped like a rabbit or a windsock.

The races are usually flat, though in some instances the dogs are required to go over some hurdles. But the obstacle races are quite rare.

The distances vary from short to long lengths. However, most races are completed in a few minutes.

The sport is fast and straight forward – the dogs take off and race to the finish line.

How to Bet on Greyhound Racing

If you are looking to bet on greyhound racing, here are some tips to guide you to success:

  • Check on the conditions of the race
  • Be on the lookout for any biases, especially when it is wet – the condition of the track greatly affects the outcome of the race.
  • Always look for the dogs that are well-drawn and not the fast but unlucky losers
  • Most races are won by the dogs that have the cleanest runs.
  • Favor young pups that have the potential to improve than old-timers that have won lots of races.
  • Once you understand the form of a given track, you can price-up the card. This helps you to realise that it’s rare in grading racing for anything to be labelled 6/4 or even less.

Betting on Greyhounds: Online vs Offline

Greyhound betting in the UK is one of the most popular bets. In fact, more than half of the UK’s over 21 population has placed a greyhound bet.

There are two ways to participate in greyhound racing; online or offline.

Offline greyhound racing means you have to visit the racing tracks or at the very least get someone in the tracks to place the bets for you. Those who love offline greyhound betting are often in it for the real-life experience that it offers. The atmosphere of the race track heightens the betting sensation as well as the fun involved.

However, if you only care about the betting experience, then online betting is best for you. It is especially good for those who don’t lie the busy race track atmosphere.

Aside from experience, the two also differ in speed and the variables involved in the bet. In offline betting, there are too many variables involved, which might affect the betting experience as a whole. Online betting, on the other hand, is faster, accessible and riskier.

How to Judge the Quality of a Greyhound Betting Site

With so many betting sites to choose from, punters can get quite overwhelmed. When making a choice, it’s important to bear in mind the following qualities:

Odds level

Before you sign up to any site, consider the odds offered by the bookmaker. Anything less than 70% is not worth your time and money.

Race selection

At the least, you should sign in if the site covers many Iris and British racing events. If you are looking for extra action, the site should also accept Australia and USA.

Additional features

Although some punters argue that extra features aren’t important to greyhound racing, anything that helps you to win a bet is a plus. As such, the more, the better.

Bonuses and promotions

Good greyhound betting sites at the very least provide good odds and have promotions running often. Others come with extra lucrative promotions. So why settle for less when you can have way more?

Virtual greyhound

Virtual greyhounds have become highly popular. The races are available on demand 24 hours in a day seven days in a week in about 3 to 4-minute intervals.

Live streams

The ability to watch the races wagered online in real-time is a plus regardless of whether your bet is a winner or not. You should sign up to a bookie that has a comprehensive live streaming service

Customer support

No one likes to be left stranded when money is on the line. Good betting sites are responsive to their customers and available for longer hours

Mobile betting

The convenience of betting from a tablet or a mobile device is unbeatable. Most UK punters appreciate the convenience.

Types of Greyhound Racing Bets

Straight Win

This bet means that the dog you pick has to win the race for you to win the bet.


This bet is a little complicated. However, it has the potential to give huge returns if you win. The aim is to choose the first four winners in the order in which they will win. The odds are usually higher since the risks are high as well.


This bet requires you to choose the dog that will finish first in the race and which will finish second.

Pick Three

This is slightly more complex than the straight win bet. The goal is to pick the winner of three different greyhound races. If the bet is successful, you stand to win a huge reward since the odds are high


This bet can also yield high wins. The goal is to predict the dog that will win and the dogs that will be in second and third places. You should also get the order right.

Final verdict on best online bookmaker for greyhound betting

Hopefully, you’ve been introduced to more than you need to get started successfully on greyhound betting. While our winner is Bet365, the other sites are worth your time as well. Taking advantage of different odds in different betting sites will ensure that you always get the best prices. If you want, you can have multiple accounts for this reason.

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