BoyleSports Cash Out Feature Explained

If you dream of winning big in sports betting, the truth is that you can only do so with an accumulator bet. However, it is not the easiest bet to put together because it revolves around several selections under one bet slip. And for you to win, you need to get all your predictions right. The worst part is that you may get the right outcome in almost all your matches, only for one team to let you down. This is where the cash out feature comes in. It helps you to salvage your winnings before the last matches on your bet slip play out. Being one of the most renowned sports bookmakers, BoyleSports boasts of having one of the best cash out features and makes the list of one of the 5 best cash out betting sites in the UK and Ireland. 

What does the BoyleSports cash out feature entail?

While betting with BoyleSports cash out feature, you get to prematurely set your multiple and single bets with the utmost ease. This is only applicable to eligible markets, including cricket, football, rugby, darts, ice hockey, and baseball matches.

BoyleSports cash out types

With BoyleSports cash out, you have several options.

Prematch cash out

When betting, you can make a mistake or change your mind right after you place your bet. BoyleSports cash out feature allows you to recover your entire stake if the odds have not changed. For ACCA bets, you need to cash out before the first match kicks off. 

So, how does this work? Let us say you wagered £20 on an odd of 2, then you change your mind before the match starts. All you need is to proceed to your bet slip and hit the cash out button and you will have your £20 credited back to your betting account. 

In-play cash out

As a punter, you may want to bet on live matches. These are matches that have already kicked off. If you follow such matches carefully, you may have an edge at predicting the outcome since you are aware of the proceedings at the pitch. 

BoyleSports cash out option is applicable for select live matches. This means that you can always take advantage and pocket a profit when your team is on top. 

Partial cash out

The partial cash out is the most common across the board. This explains why BoyleSports offers it. It entails cashing out your bet prematurely to minimize the risk of losing your stake. 

How quick is their cash out?

The ultimate price in sports betting is seeing your winnings credited to your betting account. Most punters will get uneasy if they have won a bet but the bookmaker is taking too long to settle it. With BoyleSports cash out, you get your winnings instantly. Everything happens in real-time so long as the cash out is available. But if the match proceedings get suspended while you are in the process of cashing out, it may be unsuccessful. 

How to cash out with BoyleSports

The BoyleSports cash out feature offers tremendous convenience to all punters. For instance, you don’t need to log into your account through a computer to cash out. You can do it through a mobile phone or desktop. It is available on Windows, Android, and Mac platforms.

Cashing out on mobile

When betting with BoyleSports, cashing out on mobile is super easy. Once you log in, you will see the cash tab on the left corner of your screen. Click on the “Full Cash out feature” and the funds will be credited to your betting account instantly.

Cashing out on desktop

You can also cash out on your laptop or desktop, but the procedure is slightly different. When you log into your BoyleSports betting account on your computer, head to the in-play betting section. Tap on the cash out tab and your money will reflect on your account instantly.

Eligible matches for BoyleSports cash out

If you are an avid punter, you probably know that not all sports and matches are eligible for cash out. It is not different with Boylesport as they have a list of the cash out eligible matches. 

So, how do you know the eligible matches? If you are using your desktop or laptop, look out for the cash out icon on the available matches. If you see it on any fixture, then that match is eligible and you can proceed to bet on it. 

On the mobile phone, it works differently. Instead of the cash out icon, they indicate Cash Out wherever it is applicable. 

What happens to your bet when you cash out?

When you decide to cash out on an active bet, you forego relinquish your original winnings. Although this may sound like a bad thing, it is not. Why? If your bet slip consists of 6 matches, and you have already won the first 5, there is always that risk of losing the last one. With BoyleSports cash out, you pocket part of your winnings and avoid losing it all. 

Once you cash out on BoyleSports, the bet will no longer be visible. If you want to see it, you will find it in your Account History. 

Circumstances where BoyleSports cash out is unavailable

Like with other reputable bookies, the BoyleSports cash out is not available all times. Here are some of the times when this feature is likely to be unavailable;

  •       When you have wagered on each-way bets
  •       When you have used a free bet
  •       When you have placed a bet using funds from a promotion or bonus
  •       When you place bets using funds that cannot be withdrawn 

The Boylesport cash out feature is arguably one of the most competitive. As a punter, you could learn how to use it and gain a lot more control in your betting strategy. But before that, you need to read and understand the Boylesport cash out feature terms and conditions. After doing so, you can embark on sports betting adventure diligently. And trigger your cash up whenever you suspect that a team you backed may lose the match. 

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