How To Win Football Accumulators in 2024

How To Win Football Accumulators

If you frequently bet on the various football leagues, you have probably tried your luck with accumulators. Moreover, you may have encountered some lucky punters online who have made a killing on accumulators. In most cases, their bet slips are meticulously displayed by the betting sites to show you how they won thousands of dollars with just 8-15 teams football accumulator.

As much as motivating that is, winning on football accumulators isn’t as easy as the bookies make us believe. In fact, a majority of punters are constantly trying to win with these kinds of bets only to fall short with one or more teams. If you are tired of always missing out on massive wins when it comes to football accumulators, perhaps it’s time to change your betting strategy. Besides that, accas can be extremely profitable, especially if you find a strategy that works. Fortunately, this article seeks to give you more insight into how to win football accumulators.

Set a clear Acca Strategy

When placing any football accumulator, the ultimate intent should be to always win. With that in mind, a clear betting strategy is of the essence. Establishing and following a practicable acca betting strategy is a challenge for most punters. Some bettors almost get it right only to sabotage their original plan by adding an extra team to boost their winnings.

This is a common pitfall among punters, but also one that you can avoid. Developing a clear strategy should entail setting targets in terms of odds. For example, if your target is 30/1, you can now have a direction while looking for the right teams for the accumulator. This makes the whole process less complicated and increases your chances of success.

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Now that you already know the kind of odds that would work for you, let us look into some of the steps that can make your football accumulators pay off.

Step 1: find and open the key data to narrow your shortlist

Research is tremendously important with every acca bet that you intend to place. Further to that, it should be thorough. You also do not want to conduct extensive research on 5 out your 6 teams, then lazily throw in a 6th team that ends losing and spoiling your possible win.

Given the enormous number of football leagues that exist in the world, there is plenty of information to process and numerous teams to analyze. This is why you should focus on a bare minimum. Whatever you do, make sure that you don’t over analyze. Most bettors are caught up in too much analysis that makes them alter the right decisions and fail. Put all your focus on the key data and only do more when you have major doubts on a particular team.

Step 2: look for value picks

Now that you have the key data ready, it is time to identify your value picks. These are simply the kind of fixtures where the likelihood of a certain outcome is much bigger than what the odds offered to reflect. In your football accumulator, look for the matches where the top teams are taking on the bottom-placed teams. You will realise that the odds are quite good, especially if the top team is playing away from home.

Apart from that, you can also go for the team that has recently been in a formidable form. The select team should be facing a team whose form has dipped over for some time. If you look keenly, you will be surprised by the number of value picks that exist on a good day. List these teams, settle down and narrow down your list by removing the ones you may have doubts about. You can achieve this by carrying out further research.

Step 3: Supplement your value picks with solid selections

Value picks are awesome, but they probably won’t add up to your desired odds just by themselves. In addition, you can’t just bet on value picks only because you need to minimise the risks of losing. This is where solid selections are crucial. By solid selections, we mean the strong home teams with a reasonable odd. The odds should at least be between 1.5 and 2.  These teams will contribute significantly to increase your odds as well as your overall win.

Remember to research methodically and remove any solid bets that you feel could ruin your football accumulator. Once you are confident with your picks, include them in your final bet.

Step 4: Avoid short-priced favourites

One of the horrendous mistakes that punters make is including short-priced favourites on their football accumulators. This is a bad idea because there are always a huge number of these matches available.  Therefore, it is quite easy to pick a lot of short-priced matches and mess the potential of your accumulator.

As much as many of these fixtures seem to guarantee a win, it is important to mitigate risks and aim higher on your accumulator. Moreover, it’s easier to arrive at a superior odd with lesser number of teams. This is what you should focus on.

Step 5: Avoid backing big odds not unless you really like them

An odd of 2.8 going forward is appealing. It can catapult your possible win tremendously. However, these odds carry the highest risks. You shouldn’t have many of those in your accumulator if you really want to win. More so, the bookie is hardly wrong on such outcomes.

Nonetheless, if you’ve been following certain league teams, which always deliver even when the bookie thinks otherwise, then it is fine to back them.

Step 6: Don’t try to win the impossible

It is tempting to try different tricks on football accumulators. Whatever you do, don’t try to win the impossible. Once in a while, a lowly placed team in a certain league beats a team on top of the league. However, this is a rare occurrence and if you keep adding such matches to your accumulator, you will keep losing.

In addition, if you really have a high-risk affinity to try the impossible, stake the lowest amount possible that will not hurt your pocket when you lose.

Step 7: Add other sports you are knowledgeable in on slow football days

If you place bets on football games avidly all year long, you must have noticed that sometimes the games dry up. This happens when the popular leagues are on an international break and when the respective seasons end. When this happens, you will barely get enough fixtures to make up a decent accumulator bet.

During such times, you have to contend with fewer and probably less known leagues. It helps if you have enough knowledge of other games which may include tennis and basketball. With such familiarity, the advantage is yours because you can add some of these games to an accumulator bet and win something solid.

Step 8: Make sure you win the maximum possible from your bet

No matter how good you are at betting, winning streaks come and go. You will want to take full advantage of such times. Furthermore, some of the days have a very good combination of games. This makes missing out on betting during such days unimaginable.

These are the days that you are supposed to be armed with your stake ready to make a kill on your favourite teams. As you do so, make sure that you are taking the maximum wins from every possible accumulator. How do you do this? While selecting your teams, choose the solid fixtures with the best odds and add a few value picks to get the best outcome possible. Stake considerably, and adhere to your strategy.

Top additional tips on how to structure winning accumulators

Concentrate on home wins

If you were to closely analyse most of the football fixtures, you will find that most teams perform well while playing at home. Downplaying the home team advantage can be disastrous. A team playing from home is familiar with the playground. Besides that, their motivation is usually high and the home fans are usually zealously cheering them to win.

These factors increase the chances of the home team becoming triumphant in the fixture. The home team advantage applies to teams that are close to each other in terms of league conditions. Moreover, a team that’s not very strong can still hold a strong team to a draw result when playing from home.

Look for alternative markets for the sport to find value

Different football betting sites may offer varying odds for the same fixtures. For example, while one betting site is offering 1.28 for a Sevilla win in Sevilla vs Rayo Vallecano fixture, the other one could be offering 1.35. This could make a difference in your accumulator, especially if you intend to bet on 4-6 legs.

Avoid draws in multiples

Draws undoubtedly have mouth watering odds. Nevertheless, they are very unpredictable. This is because goals will almost certainly be scored in a football match. Despite the strengths of the teams, penalties and all manner of goals can be conceded. So, if your accumulator has several draw predictions, you are likely to lose.

Always keep an eye on a bookie’s bonus offer

Some bookie bonuses are incredible. You might even get a 30% bonus on a 10 leg accumulator bet. If you happened to have played your cards right on such day, you stand to win some good money. Therefore, you should always be on the lookout for such offers.

Don’t back your own side

Most punters are also ardent football fans. The one mistake that you can make as a bettor is backing your own side. There is a good chance that you will lean towards your own side, and if they lose, you lose. Enjoy watching your side, but do not always back them to win.

Understand football accumulators rules as some terms vary

Some football accumulators rules differ quite significantly, and if you don’t understand them, there is a high chance of losing money. Always read through the terms and conditions of the bookies before you place a bet on a site that is new to you.

Football Accumulator FAQs

What is a football accumulator?

This is a typical football bet which entails two or more selections in a single bet. In this kind of bet, you only win if the outcome in all the legs turn out as you had predicted.

What is a “fold”?

This is an accumulator bet that consists of four or more selections. A fold accumulator may be made of different matches and it only wins if all the selections in the wager are successful.

How does a football accumulator work?

A football accumulator works in a pretty simple manner. All you need to do is log into your betting account and select 2 or more fixtures of your favorite teams. These can be from different leagues and consist of different betting variations. For example, while you bet for the home team in one leg, you can predict that both teams score in another leg on the same accumulator. If the outcome in all games match your prediction, then you win.

What markets can be included in an accumulator?

Normally, the majority of betting markets can be included in a football accumulator so long as it is within the stipulated terms and conditions by the bookie.

Why do people love to bet on footy accumulators?

A footy accumulator provides some of the best odds in the market. This makes it appealing to people because they can make a good return on their stake if they bet wisely.

How to calculate Footy accumulator odds

If an odd stands at 10/4, the easiest way to calculate it is by adding both numbers 6+4=10, then dividing the outcome by the second number. In this case, if you divide 10 by 4 you will get 2.5. Now that the answer is in decimal form, you can multiply it with your stake to see what your returns would be.

What is a correlated market?

This is a betting market, which is to some extent is affected by other outcomes. Typically, one bet is tied onto the other one in such a way that if one bet wins, it increases the chances of the other bet winning. Most sportsbooks don’t accept this kind of a bet.

How to ‘’CASH OUT” your accumulator bet

Sometimes, you place a bet with ten legs. If six legs have already played out and your bet is already successful at that point, you can opt to forfeit the bet and take the amount offered on the 6 games. The Cash out amount is usually lower than your original possible win. However, you get some return on your bet even if you were to lose in one of the remaining 4 legs.