Lucky 7 Naps Review, + 6431.59 Points Profit

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Lucky 7 Naps Review – We don’t often promote new horse racing tipsters on Everytip. Usually because we either do not know the person behind the service or we think they are misleading.

However every tipster proofing website we see lately rates this service as the top performer, so we decided to investigate. It is called Lucky 7 Naps. In this review we hope to cover the following

  • Why Lucky 7 Naps has gained such a great reputation
  • What starting bank is required given their strike-rate
  • The negatives of the service
  • Real customer reviews
  • Interview with the man behind Lucky 7 Naps

Why Lucky 7 Naps are making a big name for themselves?

Lucky 7 Naps has made 6431 points profit to advised stakes and prices using Best Odds Guaranteed Bookmakers since launch in February 2014. It seems quite staggering when you think about it. If you put £10 per unit stake advised, you would now have made £64,310 in clear profit (tax free as well!).

His staking advise ranges from 1 – 5 units per bet depending on how strong the selection is fancied. If you were to back all his selections to just 1 single unit, then you would see a profit of 1354 points (i.e. £13,540 to £10 stakes).

See the impressive graph below which charts the profit growth since the launched and started proofing results (since 1st February 2014) to Betfan, one of UK’s leading tipster networks.

lucky 7 naps 2018

The other great main positive about this service is the consistent strike rate in the low to mid 20s. This is mainly down to the fact that Michael, the creator of the service, only concentrates on races with 7 or less runners.

However we don’t mind how he consistently is able to get 23% strike rate as long as he continues to do so and we get on the advised prices!

So what type of betting bank is required?

By having a 23% strike rate, we know exactly that the longest losing-run should be no more than 31 races.

To stay on the safe side we like to use a betting bank 5 times the maximum losing run. Some people may think that is super-cautious, but this is how we can sleep easy at night – knowing that we can withstand a horrible run of results 5 times over!

Therefore you need a bank of 155 units. As this is win only betting service, you will use 1 unit per bet. If you are betting with £5 per unit, you will need a starting bank of £475 (if you cannot afford that, then just start with smaller bets).

Once your bank exceeds £775, you will divide the new higher bank by 95 and that will become your new unit stake per bet.

For example, if after day 1 of using the service, you make a small profit and reach a new bankroll figure of £800 then you divide the new bankroll by 155 to get £5.16 as the new  betting stake.

If your bank then falls below £800, you will continue to bet £5.16 until the bank exceeds £800 and then  increase your stake again by 1/115th of the new higher betting bank. It is important that you do not lower your betting stake, when you incur losses.

What are the main drawbacks of this service?

This service sounds too good to be true so what are the main drawbacks.

  1. The selections get sent out by email early in the morning and you must act reasonably quickly to get on at the advised prices.
  2. There are only 13 best odds guaranteed (BOG) bookmakers and some may eventually limit your bet sizing, when they work out that you are a winning punter. This will take some time though. Bookmakers know that most winning punters are just getting lucky and they want to win that money back!

Regarding point 1, we would recommend placing the bets before you go to work or latest before Midday. It only takes 10 minutes to do so. Even if you do not get on at the advised prices, you will still make money if you take the mid-morning shows.

If you are only going to place the bets 5 minutes before the off, then this service is not for you. You cannot make money backing at SP, with bookmakers.

The results of the Lucky 7 Naps service have been proofed by two independent tipster proofers, namely Raceadvisor and Betkudos.

Here are some real customer testimonials of the service. To be honest I have never seen testimonials this good for a tipping service.

Lucky 7 Naps Testimonials

lucky 7 naps testimonial 1


lucky 7 naps testimonial 2 2016


lucky 7 naps testimonial 3 2016


lucky 7 naps testimonial 4 2016


lucky 7 naps testimonial 5 2016


lucky 7 naps testimonial 6 2016

More Testimonials

Here are some further testimonials from 2014 & 2015 which shows you the true consistency of this tipping service













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Interview with Michael,  the creator of Lucky 7 Naps

How were you introduced to betting and when did you decide to take it seriously?

I ventured into betting after the stock market crash in 2008 and I like many tried lots of different systems and tipster which where then prevalent on the net. I have to admit though that very few were either very good or profitable.

What do you think is the key ingredient to your success?

I have always tried to pick horses which have value. These may not always win but I have found that if you can consistently beat the SP then in the long term you will make a profit. This combined with small fields which improve my strike rate has over the last 4 years produced a steady 2nd income for me.

Can you remember some of the big mistakes you made in the past when you first started betting?

 I made more mistakes at the start to list here but the biggest and probably my breaking point was laying outsiders on a very wet august bank holiday Monday and they kept winning costing me over a 1000 pounds trying to chase my losses.

Do you specialize in specific races/race conditions. If so, can you explain why?

Lucky7naps focuses on races with 7 horses or less. I find this will give me an average of 5 runners per race which if I were to bet randomly would give me a win strike rate of 20% or 1 in 5.
I then combine this with a formula which gives me value when my selections are made which over the last 4 years have produced average winners at odds of 9-2 or  5.5.
I have also improved the random strike rate from 20% to 25%.
I apologize now for getting over complicated but by getting a strike rate of 1 in 4 I only need an average winner at 3-1 [4]  to break even so any average odds above this will generate a profit.

Why are you selling your tips if you can make money backing the horses yourself?

I have always been disappointed by the quality of horse racing tipsters that advertise on the net so my first thoughts when I first developed this method was to try and make it available to everyone. So I then set up a website and started proofing my selections on proofing index which went great for a couple of months but took too much of my time to administrate so when Tipster Planet offered me a chance to proof with them I jumped at the chance to share my success.

Do you think you need to be exceptionally talented to be successful at betting or can it be learned?

Most sites you go to will say only 2% of punters make a profit with their betting. I personally think that any profitable method needs discipline and bank control alongside good record keeping to be successful.

What’s the most rewarding thing about running your own tipping service?

It always touches me when I receive feedback from subscribers making profits from the selections I have emailed, especially when they have previously had bad experiences following tipsters.

How much work do you put into horse racing every day?

On average I spend 4 hours a day making my selections and analyzing the results.

We know that one of the biggest problems with winning bettors is keeping your bookmaker accounts open. Any advice on how not to get your bookmaker accounts closed down?

This probably one of the questions I get asked the most and one of the most difficult to answer. All bookmakers will close your account if you use then exclusively and make a profit. FACT. The best thing to do is open lots of accounts and spread your stakes across these accounts. Its important not to get greedy as my method as worked over 4 years so get rich slowly not quickly as they will limit you accordingly.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself?

Lol. Not sure this everyone’s fun but I love to unwind cooking fuelled with a bottle of Rioja.


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2 thoughts on “Lucky 7 Naps Review, + 6431.59 Points Profit”

  1. Does this service differentiate between jumps and flat, aw, distance of race, age of horse, type of race, maidens, sellers, etc. also, quality of race, meeting(s), jockeys, weather, going, etc.? Do any of these other factors influence, ” 7 naps review ” besides 7 or less runners?

    • We have contacted the Tipster Directly and here is his response

      “Hi. The service will focus primary on small fields. The time of year is not relevant although results show mid to late season is the most profitable and successful mainly due to the form of the selections becoming more reliable. There will be selections for AW and Maidens but I will avoid these type of races unless I think there is a good margin of value to be gained. The key to the success of the service lies in the value gained when the horses are selected. My strategy has always been to select horses which have a great chance of winning but also in my opinion have been priced wrong by the bookmakers. This in its self is why most of my selection get backed during the day and although we don’t win with all the selections 90% of the time we will have a good chunk of value on our side.”

      I hope that answers your question.


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