Poker Cash Game Tips for 2017

Professional poker cash game tips are available from Outstanding Poker, the world’s leading online no limit holdem training site in 2014. Get winning strategies for 2nl (1c/2c), 5nl (2c/5c), 10nl (5c/10c), 20nl (10c/20c), 25nl (10c/25c), 50nl (25c/50c), 100nl (50c/$1), or even higher. Learn how to be a winning player at 6-max, full-ring, or heads-up and how to beat Zoom, Rush and Speed poker.

This includes bankroll management, table selection, using a HUD, value betting, bluffing and how to play with both short and deep stacks. It will quickly become apparent that you weren’t just getting unlucky and that you had virtually no chance of winning, because you have been playing in a way that simply does not make sense.

You will learn how your position relative to the dealer button, along with the size of the stacks in play, can make a huge difference in terms of which hands you should choose to play pre-flop. They explain why re-raising (3-betting) is often better than calling, even without a premium hand. Find out why limping, rather than raising, before the flop is almost always the worst of the two options.

Outstanding Poker will teach you how to interpret board textures and quickly realise which are the most profitable to bet on – even if the flop wasn’t great for your hand. Learn how to play a flopped set, two-pair hand, or a flush-draw and when you can make an easy fold with top-pair or even an overpair. These are the hands you often want your opponents to get stacked with, unless they are crazily aggressive.

However, controlled aggression is vital, in terms of becoming a winning poker player. You make your money by betting in this game. The key is to know when to bet and how much, as well as knowing what you should do when your opponents respond with aggression themselves.

Most small stakes online and live poker players simply do not understand the fundamentals of being a solid winning player. You will quickly be able to spot those players and isolate them – plus you will learn which players you should avoid playing pots with, unless you have position on them or a very strong hand.

Did you know that the vast majority of winning online regulars are using a HUD (Heads Up Display) application? This is an extremely powerful piece of software that stores data from every hand played at the tables you are sitting at – even the hands you are not involved with. The HUD makes it easy to find profitable betting situations and gives you the information you need to know when you should fold.

For example, let’s say you raise pre-flop and get called. The flop is pretty ugly for your hand, but your HUD tells you that your opponent folds 80% of the time to a continuation bet. You can now make a profitable two-thirds pot size bet with any two cards and just give up on the hand if your opponent calls or re-raises – unless of course you have an extremely strong hand yourself!

Being a winning cash game poker player is like being a successful stocks trader. The only difference is you are just looking for the right circumstances to bet/fold, rather than buy/sell. The best poker players are not gambling. They know that they are going to make money over an extended period and do not get affected by the bad beats that will always happen in poker. Nor do they get carried away when they go on a winning-streak. Short-term variance is inevitable, but the best players always make money over the long-term.

We have barely scratched the surface here, but do not be intimidated. You can make your living playing poker. It doesn’t matter if you are 18 years of age or enjoying your retirement. Outstanding Poker can turn you into a winning player in less than a week.

Click here, if you are tired of redepositing and are ready to start making your living as a professional online or live cash game poker player.