The Bookies Enemy Review 2024 – Winning Tipster Series

Professional Tipster review of The Bookies Enemy by Everytip

The Bookies Enemy is a popular tipster service that has been active for several years. They operate on their website as well as other renowned tipster platforms. The Bookies Enemy has built quite an impressive reputation by helping subscribers to place bets that return a profit and is rightly included in our best horse racing tipster list this year.

Who is Gary Poole?

Gary Poole is an established independent horse racing tipster. Before he got into tipping services, he was a flight engineer. He first quit his job to earn a living through betting. Upon realising that he was quite good at it, he decided to venture in horse racing tipping services. He now provides the Bookies Enemy services.

This top tipster has won many punters through sending out winning predictions to their email addresses.

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How does Bookies Enemy work?

The Bookies Enemy works by predicting the outcome of a particular sporting event. The tips are sent to subscribers through email.

The tips are sent between 5 pm and 6 pm daily so that they can be used the next day.

What is the cost of a subscription to the Bookies Enemy?

The cost of a subscription to the Bookies Enemy starts at £ 1 for the first 10 days. From there, subscribers pay up to £ 40 per month. Quarterly, it could be as low as £ 80.

What’s the refund policy?

Bookies Enemy tipping services has a 30-days money-back guarantee. This is given back if the Bookies Enemy predictions don’t work.

What to expect from Bookies Enemy

View his results since he started his service. After passing the 6 month trial period, the service was officially launched on 1st January 2018, and the upward winning trend has continued since then.

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Big priced winners

The Bookies Enemy looks for value in all his selections and focuses on mid to high priced bets. Therefore you can expect big priced winners if you stay long term with this service.

Consistent profits

Betting can be a risky venture, and making profits consistently isn’t always guaranteed. However, the Bookies Enemy has a reputation for minting profits for their subscribers consistently. Unlike doing it alone, relying on the Bookies Enemy is more lucrative.

High ROI

With a Bookies Enemy service, you stand a chance to reap more profits from a small stakes due to its consistent ROI. Keep compounding your profits to gradually increase your bank size and overall profits.

High strike rates

A strike rate refers to the rate at which the Bookies Enemy gets their predictions right. If they get 55 out of 100 predictions right, that’s a strike rate of 55%. The Bookies Enemy undoubtedly has a high strike rate therefore your losing streaks tend to be shorter.

Tips selection justifications

Bookies Enemy does a lot of research to come up with the best predictions. They can always justify their tip selections. There is a criteria behind every prediction. Besides that, the Bookies Enemy has a good track record. Each selection comes with a detailed analysis that shows how the Bookies Enemy arrived at a particular conclusion.

Pros of the Bookies Enemy

  • Consistent profits
  • Bookies Enemy run by renowned tipsters such as Gary Poole have a lot of positive reviews
  • Their selections are justified by a detailed analysis
  • Bookies Enemy are run by established tipsters who have an outstanding success record
  • In case the Bookies Enemy services fail to give accurate predictions, subscribers can get their money back in 30 days


  • You might get banned for taking early prices
  • Price acquisition isn’t always straightforward

Is the Bookies Enemy right for you?

If you have been actively betting on horse racing without much success, you may want to rethink your strategy. You can consider working with a reputable Bookie Enemy. Gary Poole is the number 1 Bookie Enemy in the UK. He has been predicting outcomes with a substantial success rate from 2003 and the truth is that working with his tipping services will bring you more success.

You may not have the time to conduct an extensive analysis before placing a bet. A Bookie Enemy helps you to save time by providing you with the much-needed selections. In fact, the objective of this Bookies Enemy review is to shed some light on what you should expect in case you decide to subscribe to a tipping service.

Losing your stake over and over can be frustrating. If this is your current predicament, there is a need to turn your fortunes around and this could be your best bet. Moreover, if they give wrong predictions you will get your money back.

The answer to the question as to whether the Bookies Enemy is right for you depends on your current betting experience. The one thing that you need to know is that no one can guarantee you 100 % success. However, you can earn a profit regularly if you decide to work with a tipping service.

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