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Would you like to bet on the big American sports markets, but feel that your lack of knowledge prevents you from having any realistic chance of actually winning?

The American markets are where the really big money can change hands. Punters can get extremely big bets on NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB matches, because bookmakers know that these games are always straight. It is impossible to throw these matches, due to the number of players involved and the amount of cameras that are trained on every part of the playing area.

What’s more, the players are all rich individuals, with little incentive to risk their careers by deliberately worsening their own team’s chances of success. They are already millionaires and getting into the first team, simply by playing their A-game, is difficult enough. Like the English Premier League, the US major-league sports are seen as beyond reproach when it comes to basic integrity. Many millions of dollars are bet on every single game.

The Sports Betting Whale has wagered over $500 million on US sports, during his long career as one of the most-feared and successful pro-bettors. Over the years, he’s made tens of millions of dollars and also has one of the biggest subscriber lists of any tipster.

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The whale picks USA betting Advisory Service - Good or bad

What sets him apart is the ability to discount meaningless data and pinpoint the patterns that others do not see. Read how he turned $7,340 into $134,280.36, in less than a week and view photos of the actual betting slips.

To make money from his tips, you won’t need to watch the games, follow the news, pore over stats, analyse trends or even know the rules of the game. All of the work is done for you and your only job is to actually put the bets on at the prices that have been advised.

This is key. Unless you are strict enough with yourself to leave alone any bets, where the advised odds are no longer available, you are not going to be successful. Be patient and act decisively when you can get your bet on at the odds advised (or better).

You will also need to practice sound bankroll management. This means always betting the correct percentage of your current bankroll. Failure to do this will inevitably lead to failure. For a gambler to complain about variance is like a sailor moaning about the sea! It will always be there and you’ll be sunk if you don’t respect it and size your bets accordingly. All of this is comprehensively explained to subscribers, when they sign-up. Just do exactly as he says and you’ll be a winning punter. It’s as simple as that.

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the whale picks review