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Was it a penalty, was it not a penalty…? who cares if you are an English fan! They deserve to be in the final but Italy has been the stand out performer of this tournament and it promises to be an epic game on Sunday. A proud John Newsome gives us his correct score prediction for the final along with his trademark commentary. 

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Sunday 11th July 2021

20.00 in England

England v Italy

Wembley Stadium, London

Bet 365 offer England at 8/5, the draw at 21/10 and 9/5 for Italy to proceed to the Final.

England Win 2-0

This wasn’t planned but John Newsome wanted to add an extra few words on England progressing to the Euro 2020 Final. For an Englishman, this week is and will be an emotional time. Not necessarily because of one specific thing but ultimately because England have reached a major final for the first time since 1966.

As a 51-year old the basic Math says that John Newsome wasn’t born in 1966, meaning there have been 55-years of hurt, not 30 as Skinner, Baddiel and the Lightning Seeds proclaimed. On Wednesday the 7th of July 2021, England made the Final of Euro 2020, the 1st-major final since 1966.

This EveryTip column has detailed England’s, Gareth and the player’s progress to the Final with Mr Southgate knowing exactly what he’s doing. There are still those who don’t believe. When watching a game of football it’s not FIFA’21 where a button is pressed to choose the team on stats, it’s about the here and now.

England struggled in periods against Denmark and the detractors jumped on the ‘England are rubbish’ bandwagon! Yet so were Denmark, England conceded a tame free-kick that lead to the Danes opener, yet immediately replied.

When Raheem Sterling was fouled in the box late on in proceedings, a lot of so-called England fan’s questioned whether it was a foul? Yet if the opposition, over the years, Germany, Germany or Croatia had done the same, England would be outraged!

Why is it because Raheem earns a penalty that puts England into a final, is questioned, yet if Germany had done it, nothing?

It was a foul on Mr Sterling on any part of the pitch, yet because it’s a penalty, to England, oh no! That’s not allowed!

This is a story about 1996, an emotional tale of whoa. On the 26th of June 1996, just over 25-years ago, Germany beat England in the Semi-Final of the Euro’96.

At the time, aged 26, John Newsome worked at an M1, motorway services, called Woolley Edge, situated between Junction 38 and 39 on the M1 motorway in England.

England faced Germany in the Euro’96 Semi-Final at Wembley, after Alan Shearer scored first, a German player called Stefan Kuntz equalised. Now as an Englishman, that could bring up so many things, however, time moves on and Stefan is just a name.

When Andreas Moller scored the penalty that knocked out England, John put his Motorway Services uniform on and had to go to work. Ten minutes after the final whistle at 23.00 hours. Eight hours in a motorway service station, after witnessing the nations hopes being dashed.

A miss by Paul Gascoigne, late on in the game where the legend lads studs, on his boots, couldn’t make contact with the ball to convert. The game went to penalties and Alan Shearer, David Platt, Stuart Pearce, Teddy Sheringham and Paul Gascoigne, all scored yet a certain Gareth Southgate missed. England was out, again!

John Newsome went to work and was subjected to abuse from certain customers who whilst living in England, laughed at England, it was 25-years ago and different times but the hurt never fades. John was a different person back then, 26, young and scared, now, John, aged 51, weathered and weary, would have dealt with the abusers differently.

John has a daughter who wasn’t even in his thoughts back in 1996. My daughter turns 24 in August, in June 1996, there was no thought of a little girl on the horizon, no thought of becoming a dad, just looking after a little dog that was now 15 and coming towards the end of his days.

However, Macca Doobs, the dog was an England fan too and although didn’t last much longer after June 1996, was with John Newsome throughout Spain 1982, Mexico 1986, Italia 1990 and Euro 1996. The lad is with me now, 25-years later and is barking his head off at the thought of England being in the Final on Sunday 11th of July 2021, at Wembley.

Macca Doobs died on 18th October 1996, aged 15, John Newsome got him on September 29th 1981, aged 12. John was 27 when Mac died, Doobs is still with him now 24-years later and is cheering on Gareth’s Boys! Nine months after Mac died, John had a daughter, who’s now 24, look at that as what you want or will.

England has been the form team of these Euros, granted, not at times the best. However, it’s a tournament and John Newsome believes in his boys, as he has done from the start.

On Sunday 11th of July, 2021
England take on Italy for the Euro 2020,
John Newsome believes in England

England Win 2-1

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