Inform Racing Review – 50% Strike Rate & Best Race Cards

If you are a horse racing enthusiast and prefer to pick out your own bets, then you will appreciate this review of Inform Racing.

15 years ago when I first started to read horse racing form, it would take me over one hour to analyse a race using the racing post website. Even after that, I sometimes would not be able to find a suitable bet! Fast forward to today and we have a plethora of tools available to help us read horse racing form.

What You Will Find in the Following Post:

  • A brief review of Inform Racing
  • A beginner tip to using Inform Racing to find winners straight away
  • Real user testimonials of Inform Racing
  • A video over-viewing what I consider to be the most useful parts of Inform Racing’s race cards
  • A free Back To Lay Method using Inform Racing race cards
  • A video showing you how to use the Back To Lay Method

Time to Throw Out the Racing Post:

As I am old school, I prefer to analyse a race using form reading. I also have access to software that helps me back-check systems over tens of thousands of races but I still prefer to look at 2-5 races a day and analyse using my form reading skills that I have developed over the years. This is where comes to the fore. It now takes me less than 5 minutes to analyse a race using compared to over 60 minutes using the website.

Our in-depth analysis

What informracing racecards provide is the following:

  • Racecards that you can read at a glance that contains all the information you would spend hours trying to formulate using the racing post or the Sporting Life website
  • Speed ratings that are so accurate that the top-rated wins 25% of the time and the top 3 rated win 50% of the time
  • Racecards are published at 7 pm the night before racing so you can analyse a race and get your bets on early

Beginners Tip To Using Inform Racing For Profit

If you are a beginner and you want to learn how to read form, then all you have to do is concentrate on the top 3 master speed rated and then analyse using the race cards to see if they have proven themselves on today’s racing conditions. It really is that simple and the video below will explain how you can do this.

Free Bonus System Using Inform Racing racecards – Profit if the horse wins or loses!

Further down the page, you will also find a video explaining how you can use to back horses the night before, or the morning of racing and lay off just before the race or in the running to lock in a guaranteed profit.

Before you look at the video, check out some of the real user testimonials. You can also add me to the fan base as I have been a member for more than 5 months now and use this every day to find winners.

Here Are Some Real User Testimonials

“An e-mail to say that I find your set-up really helpful, very easy to use and full of information and this saves me a lot of time sorting out my selections. I have had plenty of big-price winners and a good number of multiples. I have not bought a racing post paper since I joined so this alone more than pays for my yearly subscription, so I`m in profit even without the winners!! I am enjoying your extras (blogs) so thanks for the service and the obvious hard work that you put in.” Gaz 07/03/2016

“Ian, I’m speechless for a change, ok I’ve only been with you for a couple of weeks but let’s put it this way I’ve been around the punting block a few times over the last 4 decades, and I’m doing my best to keep a calm level head about your ratings. In a nutshell, I’m mighty impressed thank you.” Neil 04/03/2016

“I have already paid for the year’s subscription after the first day with two small £10 win bets so well done.” Ashley 16/02/2016

“It just goes to show what an accurate guide Inform Racing figures are when Off The Pulse won, joint top rated, top weight, also top M+A, and won at a nice 7/1. It really gives me confidence in the figures. If you take the time and study a little, the winners are there.” Keith 09/02/2016

“The user-friendliness of the cards + info. tables is comfortably the best on the market.” Robert 04/02/2016

“I use IR (Inform Racing) stats every day and base my betting regime around the LTO figures which have proved profitable over the year for me.” Mark 30/01/2016

“I love your ratings as I am finally making a profit from my betting. I started with £20 using £2 stakes on Betfair and am currently up to £789 having increased my stakes when I had 100 points to play with. Keep up the good work”. Keith 28/01/2016

“May I say what a wonderful and informative site this is.” Paul 27/01/2016

“I’m a long-term subscriber anyway (and will continue to be so) but had to say I loved the free e-book (Winning With Speed). Excellent. Especially delighted to hear that you create the ratings manually as I manually handicap as well (thank heaven for Excel!) with speed ratings being an integral part of my rating. Keep up the great work, and thanks for all the effort you put in for your subscribers.” Terry 20/01/2016

You can find hundreds of more testimonials on the website

Check out the video below which is an overview of the features and benefits of using ratings and race cards. I recommend watching this video in full screen and giving it 5 seconds to focus correctly. Don’t forget to check out the free Back To Lay Method below as well – It is pure gold in my opinion!

If you want to check out informracing website, you can click on the link here.

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Free Back To Lay Method Using Race Cards

In the following section, you will learn a simple method where you can win gradually small amounts daily in UK flat horse racing.

This free horse racing system/method requires the following:

  • The horse’s predominant run style as displayed in Inform Racing racecards
  • Horses run style AND finishing position in their previous race
  • A Betfair Account
  • Our free spreadsheet below to calculate your lay stake amount and the lay odds to place the lay bet

Video Tutorial on How to Use the InformRacing Back to Lay Method

Please watch the video in full screen to view this in its highest quality.

If you were impressed by this free Back To Lay method then please sign up to Inform Racing by clicking on the following link.

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Once you have signed up to, please email us at and we will send you our free Back To Lay Method Stake Calculator as an added bonus.

“You’ve made racing very easy for me.” Bill (Inform Racing Testimonial!)

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