UK Bookmakers That Offer Virtual Horse Racing

With there being no horse racing throughout the UK many punters are turning to Virtual Horse Racing to fulfill their needs.

There are many firms that offer this facility to their customers and I have put a small synopsis of some of those below. Also a write up on how the system works and what are your chances of winning.


This company looks ahead of some others, superb graphics. They offer virtual Horse Racing as well as a host of other virtual options; Soccer, Cycling, Greyhounds, Motor Racing, Speedway and Trotting.


This firm claims to have the best graphics on its VirtualSports website. They currently offer Football, Tennis, Horse Races, Greyhounds, Speedway, Motor Racing, Cycling, Trotting.


They offer three types of Horse Racing; Flat, Jumps and Sprint. Club Football and World Cup.Greyhounds and Motor Racing.

William Hill

As one of the biggest names in the gambling industry, you would expect first-class graphics and choices, but they were very similar to all the other companies on offer. They showed Horseracing; Flat, Jumps and Sprints. Greyhounds; Flat, Jumps and Sprints. Football and Motor Racing.


This site covers world racing but not virtual racing so you can still find some real horse racing action to bet on daily.

Paddy Power

Similar graphics to the William Hill site and covers Horse Racing; Flat, Jumps and Sprints. World Cup and Super League Football. Greyhounds and Motor Sports.


Excellent graphics on this site which offers Dash Horses, Horse Racing, Greyhounds, Football and Darts.


Really nice graphics here too and they offer a choice of 4 sports Football, Basketball, Greyhounds and of course Virtual horse racing. The software provider is Betradar.


Very similar graphics to the other main sites, their offerings are also very similar. The content includes Flat Racing, NH Racing, Grand National, Greyhounds, Football, Motor Racing and Speedway.

How does Virtual Horse Race Betting Work?

Virtual Racing and Sports use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to pick the winner of any match or race.

This means it is purely virtual so there are no facts to analyse. THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS ARE THE ODDS.

Forget any form offered, forget any going, forget any jockey, forget if it’s night or day, none of these factors come into how the winner is decided the only criteria that decide the winner is the ODDS.

To try to explain this simply let us imagine you have 4 runners in a race priced at ; Evens, 3/1, 5/1, 11/1. The lowest common denominator for these prices is 12 and I have shown them below represented with coloured hearts.

Evens 1/1=12 divided by 2 = 6 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
3/1=12 divided by 4 = 3 💛💛💛
5/1=12 divided by 6 = 2 💙💙
11/1=12 divided by 12=1 💚

Now if we put these into a clock face and imagine that as a ‘Wheel Of Fortune’, that is exactly how an RNG works. The computer spins the wheel and you can see from the above the chances of each particular coloured heart coming up. Also what is factored into this is the bookmakers take which can be anything between 8 - 20% of the total pot.

So as we can see the lower the odds the more ‘hearts’ in the draw the horse will have than a horse with higher odds and as each colour can only be drawn once as the same selection cannot come first and second perhaps the punter could consider each-way betting.

The races are run as short as 3 minutes apart at all hours of the day or night, they are easy to play and require absolutely no previous knowledge of horse racing such as the form, going, rider, trainer, weight, age, gender or conditions so anyone can get involved.