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Are you a talented writer, who would love the opportunity to write a regular editorial column which included your tips for upcoming sports events?

How would you like the opportunity to have your opinions read by the thousands of people, who visit EveryTip each day?

We are looking for new contributors in all areas (racing, football, cricket, greyhounds, tennis, golf and other sports). While this work will be unpaid, you will be able to include your own affiliate or blog link (subject to clearance) in every post. EveryTip now receives in excess of 400,000 page-views per month. It’s an excellent opportunity to make a name for yourself, build a following and establish a foothold in sports journalism.

You do not need to be experienced, but we demand a high level of written English. We are very busy and do not have time to edit poorly written content. We are looking for contributors who are prepared to submit articles of at least 500 words, at least once per week. We want people we can rely on and particularly welcome submissions from those of you who are retired. Good writing is a dying art, sadly and it is older people who tend to do it best.

If this interests you, send us a 500-word preview of any upcoming sporting event/meeting along with your tips. You won’t be penalised if your tips go down in flames! The most important thing is that you can write interestingly and correctly. If you can do this, on a regular basis, then we will happily welcome you to the EveryTip team and help to get you established (with prominent links to your posts from our most-viewed pages).

If you want to also publish an Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheets, recording your results in a profit/loss table, then we can also link to this from all of your posts.

Show us what you can do!

Get in touch now!

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself
  2. Write your 500-word preview, along with your tips (preferably with advised minimum odds)
  3. Send both the above to info @ everytip.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you. We will respond within 24 hours to each and every applicant.

EveryTip Team