Bet365 Maximum Bet Limit

Many people ask us what is the Bet365 maximum bet limit. Bet365 are the world’s biggest online bookmakers and have a fully deserved reputation for not being afraid to take big bets, from their customers. Please note that all views expressed in this article are our own.

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If you want to bet for high stakes, then Bet365 is the site for you. However, there are things you need to bear in mind and measures that you should take when using the site for the first time.

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Gaining Trust

Like any betting company, Bet365 have to be vigilant in looking out for customers that are just looking to abuse the welcome bonus.

Bonus abuse is much harder to get away with now, than in the early days of online bookie bonuses. A few years ago, it was easy enough for abusers to spot opportunities where a bookmakers price was more generous than the price offered on the Betfair Exchange. This meant that the abuser could bet with the bookmaker and lay off the bet on Betfair and guarantee a small profit. If they kept on doing this, they would eventually be guaranteed to have reached the wagering requirements needed in order to withdraw their bonus as cash.

This meant that the bookmaker was guaranteed to lose at least the bonus amount to customers such as these. Now imagine this person setting up accounts in the names of all their friends and relatives, as well! It soon reached a point where the majority of new accounts that were created with online bookmakers were WINNING accounts! Obviously, this was unsustainable and the bookies have cracked down hard on it.

Now whenever you make a bet with a bookmaker, at odds that are higher than Betfair’s, this will flag up on your betting account immediately. If it happens a few times and at a high frequency, your maximum bet will be limited – often to less than £1. They don’t want your custom and their traders are likely to tell their friends who work for other bookmakers to watch out for you as you are a bad customer. This is called arbitrage betting and you MUST NOT DO IT. The ship has long-since sailed on arbing and you have missed the boat!

Size Matters

OK, so now that we have made that clear the next thing you want to think about is the sport that you want to bet on. All sports were not created equally, when it comes to betting!

Let’s look at 2 sporting events…

Event 1: Man Utd are playing Everton in a Premier League match, in the middle of the season.

Event 2: The first horse race on the card at Huntingdon, on a Tuesday afternoon.

In event 1, you have 2 teams packed full of multi-millionaires playing an important match in the richest competition in world sport. While it’s hard to put a price on what 3 points would be worth to either club, a figure of £3-5 million would probably not be too far wide of the mark. Both teams are going to be doing their upmost to win. Even if one player wanted to cheat (because he was part of a betting coup), it would be very hard for him to affect the match result on his own. There will be around 30-40 live cameras trained on the action. Nothing will be missed. Bookmakers would look upon this fixture as being beyond reproach, in terms of integrity. That means they would be happy to take a very large bet – perhaps as much as £100,000 on either side to win.

In event 2, it’s a very different story. There may only be 5 or 6 horses in a race where the prize for coming first is around £4000. The jockey may well be getting less than £100 for the ride. There will only be a few cameras and they won’t be taking close-up high-definition images. Visibility may well be poor, as you often get bet fog over racecourses. Despite this, millions of pounds may still be wagered on this race when you combine online betting with bets being made on course and in high street bookies. It is a situation that is ripe for corruption and bookies know that they must tread carefully. You might well struggle to get a bet on of more than £100,  if you are a new customer (established customers can expect to get bets on for moch more money, even in a weak race like this, once trust has been established). Customers will complain about this, but try to see it from the bookies’ point of view. The temptations for a badly paid jockey to take a bung and make the best horse lose are considerable.

Event Value

This doesn’t mean that you can only bet big on football and that racing is just for small stakes. If the football match was a Seria C encounter in Italy and the horse race was the Epsom Derby, the situation would be reversed. Now the footballers are playing for a few hundred quid and the horse race is being contested by owners who are oil-Shiekhs and jockeys who are rich and famous. It just shows that you need to think about the value of the sporting event, when choosing your bet size. Most people want to bet big on football. If you stick with fixtures in the Premier League, Bundesliga and La Liga, then you’ll be able to bet as much as you like, within reason. These are events that bookies want to take big bets on and that includes Bet365.

You’re Good!

It really is as simple as that. Follow the advice on this page and you will soon develop a great relationship with Bet365 and be a valued customer – even if you are a big winner. Bet365 are not going to limit your account just because your bets are winning a lot and you are showing a profit. They will back themselves to in that money back from you, over the long-term! This is how it should be – the punter and the bookie taking each other on and playing on a relatively level playing field.

Good luck with your bets!

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