Boku Betting Sites UK – Top Options For 2024

UK Betting Sites That Allow Boku Deposits through Neteller

Betting has come a long way. Ever since the advent of the internet, the betting industry has blown through the roof. It has spread to every corner of the world and millions of people want to be a part of it. The thought of being an instant millionaire is all too alluring.

With the increased demand, entrepreneurs have moved to create more betting sites. This has led to stiff competition in the industry. And in a bid to stay ahead of the competition betting sites and bookmakers are constantly looking for ways to make their services more accessible and easier to use for potential users. To achieve this, investors have focused on creating Boku betting sites for sports enthusiasts.

What is Boku Betting?

If you are reading this piece, you probably came across or heard of the existence of Boku betting sites and wondered what Boku is all about and which bookmakers have incorporated it into their platforms. Well, regardless of your reason, we’ve got you covered. Below is a comprehensive guide on the betting sites that support Boku and a quick explanation of what it is.

To start us off,  let’s have a look at what Boku is. The simplest explanation is; Boku is a mobile payment platform that allows users to pay for services rendered online using their mobile phone bill/number.

This type of payment is commonly referred to as carrier billing. It simply adds the cost of the service rendered to the monthly telephone bill. So essentially, you pay for the online services like you would additional data spent during the month.

When we talk about Boku betting sites in this article, we refer to the bookmakers that support making payments through Boku.

Best Boku Betting Sites

BoyleSports Betting Site and Boku

BoyleSports is one of the best Boku betting sites and a great UK-licensed betting bookmaker that also accepts players from all over the world with a few exceptions. It promotes Boku as a reliable and fast mobile payment system.

Using Boku on BoyleSports means that you get instant deposits without incurring extra fees. The process is also smooth and without a learning curve. The minimum deposit you can make on BoyleSports using Boku is £10. You can also use Boku to claim bonuses offered by BoyleSports.

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NetBet Betting Site and Boku

NetBet is another of the top Boku betting sites. The casino has a simple, yet super-effective website. You’ll enjoy browsing through the different markets and placing bets.

Even better, the site is licensed and regulated. It’s owned and operated by a large company – Cosmo Gaming Company Limited and is based in Malta.  They have great bonuses and regular promotions running every week. To get started on the platform, you need to make a deposit.

NetBet offers a myriad of payment options, including Boku. With Boku, the payments are made directly from the mobile phone. You don’t need a bank account or a bank card to complete the transaction. Unfortunately, the payment method is only available to players in the UK.

NetBet requires you to deposit a minimum of £10 and a maximum of £5000.

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William Hill: A Premier Choice for Boku Betting

William Hill stands out as one of the leading Boku betting sites in the UK. It is renowned for its broad selection of payment methods, including the innovative option to use Boku through Neteller for deposits. This flexibility makes William Hill a top pick for those seeking convenience without compromising on choice. The platform offers an impressive array of features, exceptional live streaming, and In-Play betting options, and covers a vast range of sports, making it a go-to destination for bettors.

While historically, some may have found William Hill’s odds slightly less competitive, recent improvements, particularly in soccer betting markets, have significantly enhanced the value on offer. This commitment to offering better odds underscores William Hill’s dedication to providing a superior betting experience. Although navigating odds may require a bit of comparison, the overall offerings, especially for Boku customers, make William Hill a highly recommended choice.

888Sport: Excellence in Boku Betting

888Sport emerges as a standout option when it comes to Boku betting sites. Known primarily for its robust poker and casino offerings, 888Sport also delivers a top-tier sports betting experience. The site boasts a wide variety of bets, strong In-Play betting capabilities, and an extensive selection of payment methods, ensuring a comprehensive betting environment.

888Sport excels in offering competitive odds across various markets, enhancing the betting value for users. While it may lack in providing extensive stats and live streaming services compared to some competitors, its strengths in odds value and market variety make it an excellent choice for bettors interested in a diverse and financially advantageous betting experience.

Betfred: Your Go-To for Boku Betting

Betfred offers a unique betting experience, combining the convenience of Boku via Neteller with a range of enticing promotions and the distinctive personality of its founder, Fred Done. The site is notable for its generous starter bonuses, free-to-play promotions with real cash prizes, and consistently competitive odds, especially in soccer betting.

While Betfred’s website design might feel slightly outdated and not the most user-friendly, the site’s betting options and soccer-specific promotions more than compensate for any navigational challenges. For those primarily interested in soccer betting and looking for additional value through promotions, Betfred is an excellent choice. Its focus on offering great odds and unique promotions makes it a compelling option for those looking for the best Boku betting sites.

Using Neteller to Deposit and Betting Using Phone Bill Credit/Boku

Boku to Neteller

Although Boku is making huge ripples in the sports betting industry owing to its convenience, ease of use and simplicity, we should point out that it’s relatively new. Boku betting sites aren’t as many yet.

However, the fact that it’s not supported as a deposit option in many sports betting sites doesn’t mean that you can’t use it altogether. Below is a nifty trick that you can use to circumvent its absence as a deposit method on most sites.

  • Use Neteller (a popular e-wallet service)

Neteller has been around for quite some time and is accepted by many (if not all) sports betting sites. So what you do is deposit your cash from Boku to Neteller and then transfer it to your betting platform account. And luckily, the process is easy. To make deposits to 

  • Choose Boku from the Neteller ‘Money In’ section
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit and follow it up with your mobile phone number. Click continue when you are done
  • Confirm the deposit details by clicking continue
  • You will be redirected to Boku’s site. To complete the process, confirm your number
  • You will receive an SMS sent to you. Reply with a ‘Y’ to confirm the deposit. Note that you only have 24 hours to confirm the deposit
  • Once you reply with the ‘Y’ you’ll be informed that the deposit has been successful

Neteller to Betting sites (Including Those that Support Boku)

Depositing cash using Neteller is easy. All you need to do is log into your betting site account and scroll to the Neteller option. Select it as the deposit option and enter the 16-digit account number from Neteller, followed by the amount you want to deposit. They will then prompt you to enter a secure ID (if you can’t remember it, enter the e-wallet account and get it from there).

If you have the cash, your funds will be in the account instantly.

Our top recommended online betting sites to deposit via Neteller are

Boku betting websites advantages and disadvantages

Why Use Boku Betting Sites?

Boku betting sites make the process of depositing funds pretty simple as you don’t have to use debit and credit cards. The payments are secure, especially because you don’t have to enter your banking details. You use the mobile phone provider for everything. The deposit amount you need is taken from the phone bill account, which you pay on the next bill.

Boku betting sites can help you to keep your betting under control. This is because you can limit the amount of money available for deposit through your phone bill every week. However, if the restrictions are too harsh and you can afford to spend more, then you can use Neteller and PayPal through Boku.

Advantages of Boku Betting Sites

Here are some advantages of betting with Boku betting sites;

  • You only need a mobile phone to use it – this makes it super convenient. It also gets rid of the need to provide the site with your debit and credit card details or any other sensitive financial details.
  • Boku deposits are safe and fast – the process of sending cash from Boku to your betting site account or Neteller is simple and fast. From start to finish, it’ll take a couple of minutes. The fact that you are not required to share any financial information makes it one of the safest payment methods available
  • Play now pay later – Boku charges you on the next phone bill – this is quite handy. The billing process allows you to play and bet even if you don’t have cash at the moment. You will pay the money deposited later on in the week.
  • No fees when depositing with Boku – Yes, you heard that right. You don’t incur transaction fees with Boku. The Money deposited into your account is the same you’ll pay along with your next phone bill
  • Available with a monthly plan as well as a prepaid SIM – These are payment plans designed to increase the convenience of working with Boku. You don’t have to be subscribed to a mobile provider with these plans

Disadvantages of  Betting Sites that Allow Boku

Even though making payments with Boku to your preferred betting sites  seems to be the new kid on the block, it doesn’t come without its downsides like the below;

  • No withdrawals via Boku – you have to set a different withdrawal method such as an e-wallet
  • Not recommended for high rollers – Boku has a daily limit of £30. This makes it perfect for small deposits, but not high rollers
  • With Boku you can’t insert a custom deposit amount – This is because the options offered are usually £5, £10 and £20. If you want to deposit £30, you have to go through the process twice

How to Make a Deposit to a Betting Site with Boku

The process is quite simple;

  1. Log into your betting site account
  2. Go to the deposit options
  3. Select Boku from the deposit options provided and click on ‘Add’
  4. On the screen that pops up, select the product you wish to deposit cash. In your case, it’s ‘Sportsbook’. Enter the amount and your password before clicking ‘Deposit Now’
  5. Once you click ‘ok’ on the pop-up window, you’ll be redirected to
  6. Enter your mobile number in and press Buy
  7. You will receive an SMS prompting you to reply with a ‘Y’ to confirm the deposit

Boku Betting Sites Deposit Times/Fees/Limits

Deposits through Boku are instant. The best bit is that there aren’t any fees charged for the transactions. This makes the platform super-efficient and fast. The only inconvenience is the £30 daily limit.

Betting SiteDeposit SpeedFeeLimits Min/Max

How safe is Boku in Betting?

First and foremost, Boku isn’t linked to your bank account. This gives it a huge plus since your card and bank details aren’t compromised. You don’t have to supply the information to the casino. Boku simply charges you through your phone bill. In addition to this, the text confirmation adds an extra layer of security. A hacker will need to have your phone to complete the transaction. Also, you only lose £30 if your phone falls into the wrong hands. And last but not least, mobile carriers use their security to protect their clients. With all these security levels, Boku is more than safe.

Our Final Thoughts on Boku

And there you have it, everything you need to know about Boku betting sites. Remember, Boku isn’t available as a withdrawal option but it can save you a lot of time and cash as a deposit option. The Boku betting sites we recommend are a perfect start.

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