Best Telephone Betting Bookmakers UK (2019)

The online gambling and betting industry has been experiencing exponential growth in the past couple of years. To date, its growth curve is on the up and up. Since the advent of the internet, the gambling scene has transformed.

Before online betting and gambling, players had to visit licensed betting shops and casinos to indulge in the games. But today, they can do it wherever and whenever they please from the comfort of their internet-enabled devices.

However, in the past couple of years, there has been an increasing concern over internet privacy. This has caused a significant number of potential players to shy away from the industry as a whole. In response to this, different online betting companies have responded by launching telephone betting services. This has made it convenient for players and puts their worries to rest, enough for them to continue betting.

But despite the valiant efforts of bookmakers to spread the gospel of this ‘new’ method of betting, many are still unaware of its existence. And those that are aware of it are unsure of the benefits it holds.

To help get you up to speed, we’ve taken the responsibility of laying it all bare. In this piece, we’ll discuss what telephone betting is, its benefits and some of the best telephone betting bookmakers you should get involved with.

Editors Quick Pick – Top 3 Telephone Betting Bookies In the UK 2019

best telephone betting bookmakers

What is telephone betting?

To a newbie, this might sound like a reinvention of the betting industry. Well, it’s not. Actually, there’s nothing new about it aside from the mode of placing bets and the benefits you stand to reap using it.

Telephone betting is merely the process of placing bets with a betting bookmaker of your preferred company through your phone. Most betting companies have dedicated numbers and phone operators ready to attend to you all day long. Usually, the number provided is toll-free.

And here’s the best part. Registering for the telephone betting service is a breeze. The application is completed remotely through the phone or on an online form. Once registration is complete, you are assigned a unique membership ID for identification.

Although the process is remote, you will have to find time to drop a copy of your passport or driving license within seven days (could be more or less) of opening the account. There’s also the possibility of scanning and sending the document via email or post.

You can use the telephone betting service in several sports. However, most companies may have some restrictions. You’ll need to be aware of this before you jump in. Moreover, most companies use Oddschecker to price their markets so they provide you with great value.

Benefits of Telephone Betting

Here are some reasons why telephone betting is growing in popularity super fast:

  • There are no issues withdrawing money
  • Some companies have the option of same-day payouts
  • A lot of bets are accepted – in some companies, more than betting through your online account
  • Most companies will offer the best price on Oddschecker when placing your bets
  • The deposits are made directly into your account.

Types of Phone Betting Accounts

Debit Account

With this account, you’ll pay for the bets using your debit card. The benefits of making payments using your debit card are that the transactions are free and withdrawals and deposits come and go directly through the bank account.

Credit Account

With this account, you’ll make deposits using your credit card. People prefer these accounts as they believe they are the safest. But this is just an assumption.
When using these accounts, do note that while your betting company won’t charge you for the transactions, your credit card company might.

Hedge Account

Hedge betting confuses many. For this reason, not many people use it. But once you take some time to understand it, you’ll appreciate its strategic value.
To help you understand, think of it as a type of insurance. The basic idea is to protect the existing bets against the losses that you might incur. Players do this by betting on outcomes that are opposite to the primary wager. So, say you bet on an underdog to win, on the other side you will bet for the favourite team to win.

How to Choose a Telephone Betting Site

The process of choosing a telephone betting site is not easy mainly because information about telephone betting sites is available in tiny rationed bits. Nonetheless, we feel that the below three tips will help guide you to the best site:

Good reputation

All companies with reputations that precede them are great. A good reputation means that the company is loved and is an authority. Additionally, it means that it is doing something right to command respect in the online betting industry.

Licenses by UK Gambling Commission

Before you settle on any company, ensure that they are licensed to provide you with betting services. If a company is not, avoid it like a plague. The chances of things going south are significantly high.

Top Class Customer Service

Unfortunately, regardless of how much planning is done, or how great a betting company is, problems will always arise. When this happens, you want the company to solve your problem in a timely, fashionable and with great professionalism. For this reason, always ensure that the customer care of the company you choose is excellent. They should be courteous, timely and super helpful. If they are not, you’ll be frustrated.

Top 5 Telephone Betting Bookies in the UK

Star Sports

Star Sports launched back in 1999 as Star Racing. Shortly after, it acquired other bookies which led to its exponential growth. Today, Star Sports focuses on Debit, Credit and Hedge betting. It is a luxury bookie that offers the UK market new services coupled with exemplary customer service.


  • It’s easy to use
  • Focuses on horse racing
  • as powerful data tracking

William Hill

William Hill is a renowned bookie in the UK that has a long history of exemplary betting services. It made its entry into the London Stock Exchange back in 2002. Since then, it has grown into a formidable force in the online betting industry with more than 2300 betting shops in the UK.


  • Wide market coverage
  • Innovative and lucrative horse racing offers
  • £30 bonus for new Accounts


You surely must’ve seen a Bet365 ad somewhere – either online or on TV. Its marketing has made it a renowned company the world over. Sure, it is not a perfect website, but there are a couple of things that make it a favourite for many. At the top of the list is the fact that Bet365 offers sports betting, casino, poker, Esports betting, sports betting, Bingo, and horse racing betting.


  • Low minimum deposits
  • Easy withdrawal
  • Available across multiple platforms

Paddy Power ‘Dial-a-bet’

This is an Irish bookie that has built a reputation for itself over a couple of years using competitive odds. However, the reason behind consumer love for this company is the ‘money-back’ promotion plan they have going on. These promotions offer you real value and low risk. The promotions are all year round, and the bookie offers lots of betting tips for you to take advantage of.


  • Runs on OpenBet, a reliable bookie software
  • It is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission
  • Compatible with mobile devices

Betfred Telephone Betting

This is one of the oldest bookies in the industry that was formed back in 1967 by Fred Done and Peter. Currently, the company has over 1300 betting shops spread out in the UK alone. They also offer their services to other countries (English and Spanish speaking countries). The company is licensed and regulated by the Gibraltar Licensing Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.


  • Impressive football payout
  • Has a quality mobile application
  • High winnings

There you have it; everything you need to know about bookies. We hope this information is sufficient to guide you through the choosing process. Also, remember to exercise patience and to read reviews during this exercise.