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Professional Tipster Portfolio Results
If you have ever signed up to a professional horse racing tipster service, you probably had a mixed bag of results. There are a number of reasons for this and we fully explain why this happens in our in-depth guide “How To Win £500+ Per Month Using Professional Tipsters“.

This post however is to give a summary of results of our two years following the tips by our selected pro tipsters in our horse racing tipster portfolio to £10 level stake bets.

Year 1 Results

Year 1 had a few ups and downs but we still came away with a nice profit. As you can see from the image below, we struggled to find a profitable low risk tipster (one with a high strike rate) and we ended up trying three different tipsters and all were sub par. We followed our rules and gave each tipster at least 3 months to prove themselves. Our medium risk tipster had a great year with 8 winning months from 12 and our high risk tipster also did well, producing 7 winning months from 12.  Overall, taking results from all three tipster risk levels, we had 8 profitable months and 4 losing months, resulting in a yearly net profit of £3,211.33 to £10 bets at level stakes. Our goal was to make £500 per month, so we did fall short but I do not think we could complain too much.

Here is how we fared.

Year 1 horse racing tipster portfolio everytip 700

Year 2 Results

Year 2 turned out to be an amazing year and this is down to finally finding a low risk tipster who consistently brought in winning months. Therefore for all of year 2, we had the same tipster portfolio. Our low risk tipster had 10 winning months from 12. Our Medium risk tipster produced 11 winning months from 12 and our high risk tipster recorded 8 winning months from 12. Overall, the portfolio made a net profit of £7,526.01 to £10 betting stakes with only 1 negative month out of 12.  You can view the full results below.

Year 2 pro horse racing tipster portfolio everytip 700v2

Most importantly of all, we made our goal of making £500 per month on average in Year 2. In fact,we made £627.17 per month as you can see from the graphic below.

Everytips 2 year tipster portfolio results 700

Year 3

August 2017 was the beginning of year 3. We see no reason to change a winning portfolio, so all tipsters remain the same. We will of course continue to monitor each tipster’s performance over a 90 day period to ensure they are still on track.

year 3 tipster portfolio everytip 700

For those of you interested in joining these services, you can find out more information on their respective websites by clicking on the links below.

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