How To Win £500+ Per Month Using Professional Tipsters

How To Make £500+ Per Month From Pro Tipster Services

Would you like to join a horse racing tipster service knowing that if you follow their tips, you will have the best possible chance of making a profit (after the subscription fee) every 90 days?

There are thousands of horse racing tipster sites out there, and 90% of them are in fact useless.

The reasons for this are plentiful and here are some that come to mind:

  1. Scam tipsters who try to rob you of your money promising to end all your problems
  2. Tipsters who use a system or method  that becomes outdated
  3. Tipsters who are utterly delusional about their tipping skills
  4. Tipsters who lack the discipline to deal with downturns

We also must factor in that some punters will not make money from actual winning tipsters because of the following reasons

  • The give up after a few losing tips even though the tipster has a proven long-term track record
  • They do not follow the starting bank requirements
  • They are too lazy to open an account with a bookmaker that offers the best price available on the selection
  • They do not use best odds guaranteed bookmakers
  • They are not disciplined with their betting and go broke betting on other sports
  • They do not get bets on as soon as they are received and miss some value

The Number 1 Reason Many People Make No Money From Professional Tipster Services

We know that most recreational punters fail to win money because they stop following the tipster after a run of losing tips.

To overcome this problem, we advise dipping your toe into the world of professional tipsters by subscribing first to tipsters with good strike rate (greater than 20%) & a good return on investment (greater than 15%). Why do this?

  • Smaller losing runs, so your confidence remains high with the service
  • Lots of good winning runs
  • Smaller starting bankroll required
  • Use the tipster to build your bankroll 5x the size of your current bankroll and then reinvest in an another tipster with a lower strike rate, but that offers a higher return on investment
  • Keep doing this until you have a stable of 5-10 tipsters and you are consistently bashing the bookie and acquiring wealth passively!

How we know a tipster is a long term profitable winning tipster and deserves your subscription

We look at three main factors

Longevity Rating

When we analyse a tipster, we first look to see if it has a proven record over the long term. To pass this, the tipster must have a consistent upward curve.

Recent Form Rating

We then look at the current form to ensure the growth rate of the last 90 days is similar to the growth rate of the previous 90 days.

Trust Rating

Finally, we look to see if real people have reviewed the website and if the owner is trustworthy. We do this by finding real testimonials, having actual interviews with the tipster or by running case studies on their service.

Imagine Paying For a Holiday With Your Bookmaker’s Money


If you are a loyal reader of our website, you would have seen our tipster portfolio case study. The aim is to make £500 per month net profit from professional tipster services to £10 stakes. We wanted three tipping services that matched the criteria mentioned above.

By having three proven pro tipsters in the portfolio, we can protect ourselves against big downturns which as stated above is the number 1 reason why people do not make money from paid tipsters

In our case study, we liked to label our three tipsters low risk, medium risk and high risk. Our medium and high-risk tipsters were our best and consistent performers (Tip of the hat to Lucky 7 Naps & Fantastic 8s!) however our profit rate was hindered by our low rate tipster.

We ended up trialling three low-risk tipsters in year 1 of our case study giving each tipster 90 days minimum to prove they were worthy of inclusion in our tipster portfolio. Ultimately, we lost money with our low-risk tipsters however we CRUSHED it with our medium and high-risk tipsters

In year 1, to just £10 stakes, we made £3,211.33 net profit. That’s an all-inclusive holiday paid for right there. Here is exactly how our tipster portfolio performed in year 1.

Year 1 horse racing tipster portfolio everytip 700


Now before you get carried away, we did, in fact, fail in our goal to make £500 per month to £10 stakes. However, we did make £267.61 per month net profit which puts us ahead of 98% of punters.

Due to the success of year 1, we continued the case study in August 2016. We had to sort out our low-risk tipster issue. We had been paper trialling a service which met all our criteria as mentioned above, so we started with Quentin Frank Racing in August 2016.

We have now concluded year 2 and you can check out these results for yourself.

Year 2 pro horse racing tipster portfolio everytip 700

As you can see it has been an amazing year two. To recap here are the results broken down by year.

Everytips 2 year tipster portfolio results 700

Obviously, we could have made more money if we reinvested the profits into our betting bank and increased our stake size.

We are now exceptionally happy with our current portfolio of tipsters, and we think we can continue the average net profit of £500 per month in year three of this case study.

Here are our list of current winning professional tipsters from our tipster portfolio

Quentin Frank Racing

  • 23.79% Strike Rate
  • 21.51% Return On Investment
  • 1000 points profit since July 2014 (£10,061 profit to £10 stakes)
  • 70-90 Bets Per Month

Longevity Rating:  A+

The service has been in operation since July 2014. Look at the latest growth graph.

Quentin Frank racing tips Results alltime 700

As you can see, Quentin Franks has shown an outstanding ability to tip winners and make his subscribers money.

But look at the period between February 2015 and July 2015. Franks had a downswing and barely broke even at this time. Imagine if you had signed up in February 2015 and saw no profit for four months! You would have probably quit and decided he was an awful tipster.

Understanding that these downswings, or horizontal periods, will always take place is key to betting successfully. You will also see periods of extreme profitability. Look how well Franks did between June 2016 and November 2016. When you get to grips with variance and bankroll management, you become a winning punter. It is as simple as that.

Recent Form Rating: A+

Quentin Frank Racing has made £166 in the past 90 days to £10 bets. In the previous 90 days, he made £117 to £10 bets. He is definitely having a dry run but you can also see he had a similar dry run between Jan and Aug 2015 and he recovered as expected. As long as he is covering the cost of the subscription, we are happy to wait for the big months which are sure to come.

Trust Rating: A+

We give Quentin Frank Racing a trust value of A+ for the following reasons;

  • Part of the Betting Gods Tipping Stable who are the most trustworthy tipping network in the UK and has been reviewed in national newspapers.
  • This service has multiple real person reviews as can be seen on his sales page
  • Independently proofed in our Tipster Portfolio Case Study
  • Full results updated daily on his website
  • Also, offers a £1 first-month trial

Overall Rating: A+++

We rate Quentin Frank Racing as an A+++ tipster service.

Check Out Quentin Franks Racing Now

Lucky 7 Naps

  • 25.59% Strike Rate
  • 23.45% Return On Investment
  • 1484.58 points profit (level stakes) since July 2014 (£14,845.80 profit to £10 stakes)
  • 150 Bets Per Month

Longevity Rating:  A+

The service has been in operation since March 2014. Look at the latest growth graph to level stakes profit as it is a true representative of the tipster’s ability.

lucky 7 naps updated results 2017 700


Recent Form Rating: A+

Lucky 7 Naps has made £1,252.80 in the past 90 days to £10 bets. In the previous 90 days, he made £1522.80 to £10 bets. From the graph, you can see that this guy is the most consistent tipster on the planet and he is on fire for the past 12 months (not just 6)!

Trust Rating: A+

We give Lucky 7 Naps a trust value of A+ for the following reasons;

  • Part of the Betfan Tipping Stable who only employ the best horse racing tipsters and independently proof their results.
  • This service has multiple real person reviews which you can find out here
  • Independently proofed in our Tipster Portfolio Case Study
  • We interviewed Michael the owner here
  • They have also given us a 1 months access for the price of 1 week

Overall Rating: A+++

We currently rate Lucky 7 Naps as an A+++ tipster service and delighted to have him as part of our Pro Tipster Portfolio.

Check Out Lucky 7 Naps Now

Fantastic 8s 

  • 18% Strike Rate
  • 23% Return On Investment
  • 813.3 points profit since March 2015 (£8,133.00 profit to £10 stakes)
  • 110 Bets Per Month

Longevity Rating:  A+

The service has been in operation since March 2015 and therefore scores an A+. Look at the latest growth graph to level stakes profit as it is a true representative of the tipster’s ability.

Fantastic 8s results 2017 700

Recent Form Rating: A+

Fantastic 8s has made £177.70 in the past 90 days to £10 bets. In the previous 90 days, he made £905.90 to £10 bets. You can  tell that he is in a small downturn at the moment but still profitable, and historically he comes out of these strongly. The smaller strike rate naturally lends itself to higher variance.

Trust Rating: A+

We give Fantastic 8’s a trust value of A+ for the following reasons;

  • Part of the Bet Fan Plus tipping network who independently proof his results
  • Independently proofed in our Tipster Portfolio Case Study
  • Frankie, man behind Fantastic 8s, took part in an interview with EveryTip which you can read in full here

Overall Rating: A

We rate Fantastic 8s as an A+++ tipster service and duly qualifies for our pro tipster portfolio.

Sign Up To Fantastic 8’s Tipping Service Now


It is possible to make money betting even if you could not tell the difference between a horse’s head or backside, by using professional tipster services.

The main thing to do is to pick at least three proven trustworthy tipsters to help reduce downturns and to be disciplined with placing all the advised bets quickly and getting the best price possible each time.

We have proven it is possible with our Pro Tipster Portfolio Case Study, so if we can do it, so can you.

Here Are Our Top 3 Recommended Tipsters Once More.

Quentin Frank Racing – Trial it out for one month for just £1

Lucky 7 Naps – Get your first 28 days for £28.50 (current special offer)

Fantastic 8s – £44 per month