Why Punters Always Lose

Why Bettors Always Lose- Everytip.co.uk

OK, so you’ve devised this clever system. On Saturday morning, you visit EveryTip and check out Templegate, Goodfellow, Marlborough, Sporting Life, Greg Wood, Steve Mullen, and the Naps table.

When you see a horse selected by most of the tipsters, or spot one selected by one or more newspaper tipsters in the Naps table, you bet on it.

It’s like crowd-sourcing the experts, right? If several tipsters agree, then the horse must have more chance of winning, surely?

None of this matters. All horses in every race are worth betting on if the prices are good. None of the horses are worth betting on if the prices are bad. In many races, the price is bad for every horse running—not by much, but enough to keep the bookies in champagne and Ferraris. They usually get it spot on, but crucially, not always.

One of the least-known and most useful online resources for punters is the Racing Post Challenge table. It records every daily pick from every top newspaper tipster, and you can see how well they are doing to level stakes over a long period.

As you can see, they are virtually all losing heavily. Over a bigger sample size of races, all would be unprofitable. Why is this?

These tipsters are not mugs. They are all capable of betting profitably, both on Betfair and with bookmakers. However, their editors are asking them to produce tips for the printed edition of the newspapers. That means they cannot advise on the correct fixed odds to take.

Without advised prices, all betting tips are meaningless. A horse can be terrific at 5/2, yet poor at 9/4. Knowing the correct odds to take is fundamental if you want to be a winning punter. You cannot bet at bookies’ starting prices and win, over any significant number of bets.

You probably found EveryTip by typing something like ‘Templegate tips’ or ‘Morning Line Tips’ into a search engine such as Google. If you did this, you are likely a losing recreational punter who has never made a long-term profit with your betting.

Most of the work at EveryTip involves constantly assessing the top pro subscription services, offered by the best racing tipsters in the business. We are only interested in tipsters that offer advised fixed odds. They must also have proven that they can offer profitable tips over a significant sample size. That means many hundreds (or thousands) of races.

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It goes one step ahead of other tipsters, and you’ll receive clear, coherent, up-to-the-minute staking advice and tips on the bookies with the best available odds for the chosen races.

Quentin Franks Racing also offers occasional special tips, including ante-post bets and festival selections, which are sent directly to you via email. With decades of experience earning profits as a horse racing bettor, Quentin Franks offers daily insights into the thought process of one of the best and most successful tipsters around.

By utilising Quentin Franks’ years of experience and knowledge of the Horse Race betting scene, you can earn profits on your racing bets on a regular basis.

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Are These Fixed-Odds Tips
Yes. You will always be advised which odds to take.

Do I Need a Betfair Account?
No. You will be betting with Best Odds Guaranteed bookmakers.

What Starting Bank is Required?
It is recommended that you have a starting bank of 100pts when following this service. While Quentin Franks has never experienced anything close to a 100pt negative swing, he takes a conservative approach to bankroll management.

When are the Selections Sent?
Selections are emailed Monday to Sunday From 9.00 am.

What Type of Bets are Provided?
This service provides its members with winning bets.

How much is a Subscription?
With this service, you can join monthly at £39.95 or quarterly at £99.95.

How much Money Should I Start with?
Only bet with money you can afford. Then, divide this money by the recommended starting bank provided by the tipster, in this case, 100 pts, to calculate the value of a 1pt bet.

What Stakes are Recommended?
For these selections, bets are advised at 1 – 5pt stakes.

How many Selections are Sent?
There are an average of 70-90 selections every month.

Can I get a Refund?
Yes. If you are unhappy with the service, you have up to 60 days to claim a no-questions-asked refund.

What payment methods are accepted?
You can pay for the 30-day trial with Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, or Maestro. If you choose a full subscription, you can pay the monthly fee in the same way.

Won’t the bookie ban me if I start winning, or limit my bet size to less than a pound?
The major bookmakers don’t care about a small percentage of their customers finding a bit of value when the early-bird prices are available. Early betting is essential to help them firm up their markets. That enables them to be ready for when the serious betting starts, shortly before each race.

Bookmakers are concerned about arbitrage betting—bettors who consistently make bets when the bookie offers a slightly better price than the exchanges (Betfair). The bookmaker can easily spot punters who are doing this and will quickly limit/close the account. If they did not do this, they wouldn’t survive. Forget about arbitrage betting. It is completely dead in the water.

Getting bets of £10-50 with major bookies should not be a problem if you don’t make arbitrage bets.

Of course, occasionally, you will bet at what may be considered an arbitrage price without meaning to. The bookies know this is going to happen now and again. They don’t like consistent arbitrage betting. Arbitrage spots are rare and are usually only available for a few seconds. Just bet as you are advised, and you’ll be fine.

Does Every Subscriber Win?
No! Being a winning professional bettor requires discipline, which most gamblers lack. You will win money if you only bet on Quentin Franks’ tips at the advised odds.

Be honest with yourself, though. Can you trust yourself to do this? Many people can’t, as they enjoy betting on every race and can’t resist having a punt even if the advised odds are no longer available.

If you don’t think you have the discipline to bet strictly as advised, then it’s best not to bother signing up.

There is nothing wrong with being just a recreational punter, so long as you keep your bets small. If you are only betting 50p a race and enjoy watching the action, then that’s reasonably good value for money as far as entertainment goes. Every few weeks, you’ll need to make a small deposit to your bookmaker and you can carry on having fun.

The horses recommended by the likes of Templegate can be expected to run a competitive race. On some days, you can back all of them at SP and make a profit.

EveryTip will always offer plenty of good free tips for the recreational punter. Tips that are proven to make money over a significant sample size require a small investment, though.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you. If you want to become a winning punter, click here to grab the 30-day trial, for just £1 and start to see the difference. If you are happy to remain a recreational bettor, then click here to view Templegate’s tips for today.

factors that lead to losses in betting

Factors that lead to losses in betting

Have you ever wondered why betting often ends with a bit of heartache? It turns out that whether you’re into sports betting or horse racing, there’s a lot more going on than just bad luck. From the savvy tricks up a bookmaker’s sleeve to the little quirks in our own thinking, the deck is often stacked against us. Let’s peel back the curtain to see why winning consistently at betting is tougher than it looks!

The basics of betting

Let’s start with the basics of betting. When you put money on a bet, you’re essentially making a prediction about what will happen in a game or race. But here’s the catch: bookies (the people you’re betting with) always ensure they have a slight advantage. It’s like playing a game where the other player has a head start.

This advantage is called the “house edge.”It makes winning a bit trickier. But don’t worry, understanding this helps you make smarter bets in the long run. So, when you’re betting, remember that you’re not just up against luck—you’re also up against the house’s advantage.

Psychological factors

Betting is not all about the numbers; our minds play a big part too. Here’s how our psychology can trip us up:


It’s easy to think we know more than we actually do, especially after a few wins. This overconfidence can lead us to make bigger or riskier bets, thinking we’ve got it all figured out. But often, this is when luck tends to turn the other way.

Gambler’s fallacy

This is when we believe that if something happens more frequently than normal during some period, it will happen less frequently in the future, or vice versa. For example, if a coin flips ‘heads’ ten times, we might think ‘tails’ is “due” to come up next. In betting, this means we might base our bets on what we think is likely to happen, rather than what’s statistically probable.

Addiction and compulsive gambling

Betting can be thrilling, and for some people, this thrill can lead to addiction. When betting becomes compulsive, it’s no longer about making calculated decisions. It’s about the emotional rush. Unfortunately, this often leads to decisions not based on sound reasoning, exacerbating losses.

Lack of information and misinformation

Navigating the betting world isn’t just about dodging psychological traps; it’s also about dealing with the right and wrong information. Here’s what often trips up punters:

Inadequate research

Without digging deeper, many bettors jump into bets based on hunches or superficial knowledge. Successful betting requires understanding the game’s nuances, conditions, competitors, and historical performance. Without this comprehensive insight, bets are less informed and more likely to fail.

Insider information

On the flip side, some people have access to information that isn’t available to the public—like a team’s strategy changes or a player’s undisclosed injury. This insider knowledge can give them an unfair advantage, making the betting field uneven and harder for the average punter to win.

Misleading systems

The internet is rife with systems and strategies promising guaranteed returns on bets. However, these systems often fall short of their lofty promises. They can be based on flawed logic or incomplete data, leading bettors astray. Evaluating these systems critically and relying on proven transparent methods is crucial.

Punters financial mismanagement

Effective money management is crucial in betting, yet many punters overlook or poorly execute it. Here’s how poor financial practices contribute to losses:

Poor bankroll management

One of the fundamental principles of successful betting is managing your bankroll wisely. This means setting limits on how much you bet per game or event and sticking to these limits regardless of wins or losses. Without this discipline, it’s easy to make impulsive bets that can quickly deplete your funds.

Chasing losses

After losing, some bettors try to immediately win back their losses by placing larger bets or betting more frequently. This strategy often backfires, leading to even greater losses. The key is maintaining a steady approach, accepting losses as part of the game and sticking to a predetermined betting plan.

High-risk bets

Some punters are drawn to bets with high odds but low probabilities of success in an attempt to win big. While these can offer large payouts, they’re generally not a sustainable strategy for making money over time. Focusing instead on more calculated, lower-risk bets yields better long-term results.

Market saturation and competition

The betting industry’s rapid growth has led to an overwhelming array of choices for punters, which can both be a blessing and a curse. Here’s how market saturation and intense competition impact bettors:

Overwhelming choices

With more bookmakers entering the market, punters face an ever-increasing number of betting options and markets. The sheer volume of choices can make it challenging to make informed decisions, leading to confusion and less strategic betting.

Sharpened bookmaker practices

Increased competition among bookmakers means they are continually refining their strategies to attract and retain customers. This includes adjusting odds more frequently and sharply, which can disadvantage bettors who aren’t constantly monitoring these changes.

Professional betting syndicates

The rise of professional betting syndicates has also intensified the competition. These groups use sophisticated algorithms and strategies to place bets, often shifting the odds before individual punters can react. This makes it harder for the casual bettor to find good value bets.

Bookmakers’ tactics

Understanding bookmakers’ strategies to maintain their edge is crucial for anyone involved in betting. Here’s how bookmakers tailor their tactics to ensure they often come out on top:

Dynamic odds adjustment

Bookmakers continuously adjust odds based on the volume of bets and changing circumstances in an event. This means the odds when you place your bet might not be as favourable as when the lines were first set. These adjustments are calculated to balance the bookmaker’s liability and protect their profits.

Promotional enticements

Bookmakers frequently offer promotions and bonuses to attract new customers and keep existing ones betting. While these may seem like great deals, they often come with conditions favouring the bookmaker, such as minimum bet requirements or restricted odds. Bettors can be drawn into making bets they wouldn’t normally consider.

Limiting and banning successful bettors

Perhaps one of the more controversial tactics is how bookmakers handle over successful bettors. Some bookmakers limit the maximum stake or even close the accounts of bettors who consistently win, arguing that they disrupt the market dynamics or might be using insider information. This practice ensures that those who might outsmart the system too frequently cannot do so indefinitely.

Navigating the odds to lose less

While the allure of betting comes with the thrill of potential wins, it’s essential to approach this activity with a clear understanding of its complexities and challenges. Betting is not just a test of luck but a confrontation with a well-oiled industry skilled at ensuring its own profitability.

As you navigate through this intricate world, remember to bet responsibly, acknowledging the risks involved. The true win in betting isn’t just to gain a financial reward but to enjoy the experience without letting it adversely affect your financial health or personal well-being.