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If you did not know already, horse racing is a global sport and people are in love with it all over the planet. In fact, many of the most prestigious races take place overseas. The status of these races is backed-up by enormous purses that are often on offer, especially in Asia.

RaceBets’ global outlook on horse racing means that they are very much a 24-hour operation and races are taking place around the clock. Many punters get frustrated with the fact that horse racing in their own country takes place while they are at work. By looking at a wider range of markets, you can find races that take place during your leisure time. It does not matter at all if you login to your RaceBets account at four o’clock in the afternoon or four o’clock in the morning – a horse race will be starting in any minute!

Let us make this clear – UK and Irish markets are of huge importance to RaceBets and they take them very seriously. Many of their British and Irish customers choose only to bet on these races. Overseas racing isn’t for everybody, especially if you have spent a long time studying the horses and racecourse conditions close to home.

You won’t miss a single race that is taking place in Great Britain and Ireland. Not only that, they often offer some terrific head-to-head markets that you can bet on in these races. With head-to-head betting, you only need to focus on two horses in the race. RaceBets will offer odds on either horse finishing ahead of the other. It makes no difference if neither horse wins the race – you just need to place your bet on the horse that finishes the race first out of those two!

At RaceBets, you can bet on both flat racing and National Hunt racing. These are the only two types of professional races that take place in Great Britain and Ireland. However, you will find other variations of the sport in mainland Europe. In Scandinavia, for example, trotting (or harness racing) is very popular. You can also bet on this, when you open a RaceBets account.

Take a look around RaceBets website and you will soon get an idea of just how many different markets there are on offer. You will find that this is the most comprehensive race betting experience that is available online. Click here to open your account and claim your £50 matched-deposit welcome bonus.

Understanding Betting Odds

A lot of people have trouble understanding betting odds. Unless you have a good head for figures, they can be a little confusing. However, almost anyone is capable of understanding how betting odds work. Here is our simple guide.

Bookmakers use odds to inform the customer how much they will be paid out, if their horse wins a race. Odds are also used for betting on all manner of sports. You might see a horse which the bookmaker has priced at 5/1. What does that mean and how much can you win?

The odds don’t mean anything, until the stake has been determined. Your stake is the amount you have bet on a certain outcome (a horse winning a race, for example). We will assume that your stake is ten pounds – a ten pounds win-only bet.

Now let’s go back to that figure of 5/1. The method of calculating your winnings is actually very simple. You multiply your stake by the first number. The you divide your answer, by the second number. Ten multiplied by five equals fifty. Fifty divided by one is still fifty. That means that your winnings would be fifty pounds.

However, if you made this bet (and your horse won the race), when you checked your account you would have found that sixty pounds had been added. Where did the extra ten pounds come from?

The extra ten pounds is your returned stake. When you make a bet with traditional odds (like 5/1), you always need to add on the amount you bet. Obviously, if the horse loses, your stake will not be returned!

Betting odds that have a number one, after the slash, are quite easy to calculate. Not all odds are like this, though. Let’s take the example of 6/4. Your calculation method is still the same. Ten pounds multiplied by six is sixty pounds. Divide that by four and you reach the figure of fifteen. Fifteen pounds would be your winnings. Add on your ten pounds returned stake and your total return is twenty five pounds. Are you getting the hang of it, now?

Even if you are still struggling, a bit, there is an easier way to work out odds. With decimal odds, all you need to do is multiply your bet-amount by the decimal figure. So, if the odds are 6.0 (and you have bet ten pounds), it is easy to work out your whole return (sixty pounds). There is no need to add on your returned stake, as it is included in the decimal price.

You will find decimal odds come in very handy with shorter-priced horses. For example, if the price is 1.56, your total return would be fifteen pounds and sixty pence (if you had bet ten pounds).

What Is A Treble Bet?

A treble bet involves picking three horses in three different races. It is an accumulation bet and all three of your horses would need to win, for the bet to be successful.

Here is a simple example of a treble bet. In each of these races, the horse we have backed is priced at even money. The digital equivalent of this price is 2.0.


Race 1 – Jar Of Pickles

Race 2 – Science Experiment

Race 3 – Molly The Maid

10 pounds treble bet

As you can see, we have backed horses in the first three races at Cheltenham. A treble bet can be on races from different meetings and even different days, if you prefer.

Let’s say that all three horses win. How do we calculate the return on this bet?

Our ten pounds first goes on Jar Of Pickles. That wins and returns twenty pounds. This twenty pounds goes on Science Experiment. When that horse also wins, we have forty pounds going on Molly The Maid. This means we get back eighty pounds, when Molly The Maid wins and completes our treble.

Now let’s assume that the odds were much higher. When Jar of Pickles wins at odds of 4.0, we have forty pounds going on to Science Experiment. When this horse also wins at odds of 6.0, we have two-hundred and forty pounds going on to Molly The Maid. Molly the Maid is priced at 10.0, so our return is a whopping two-thousand four hundred pounds!

Not many people would want to make a treble bet on three horses that were priced so highly, though. They might be tempted to back the horses in an each-way treble. How much would we get back if we did that and all of the horses placed? We will assume that all races paid out placed horses at a quarter of the odds.

The bet would now cost twenty pounds, rather than ten pounds. Ten pounds is bet as a win treble and ten pounds is bet as a place treble. The win bet is a loss. The place bet returns one hundred and twenty-seven pounds and ninety-seven pence, so we still return a nice profit.

Work Out My Bet

We often get emails from customers asking ‘how can I work out my bet?’. Your bet will be worked out automatically, by us, if it is a winner. When you make your bet, you will be shown how much the projected win is, before you click confirm. This will only be the case if you are making your treble bet at fixed-odds. Obviously, if your bet is at starting-prices then we cannot give you a projected win-figure.

Free Bets Calculator

There are a number of free bet calculators available. We would recommend visiting as it is very well laid-out and easy to use. It gives you the option of working out complicated combination bets, such as Goliaths, Union Jacks and Alphabets, as well as simple accumulators.