Flat Racing Master Review 2023 – Winning Tipster Series

Flat Racing Master Review by Everytip

The Flat Racing Master is a pro tipping service that focuses on horse racing, and majors on flat rating. This service was started in 2015 under Betting Gods, but the chap behind the tips is known as Matt. 

This tipping service has banked over a staggering £8000 to £10 stakes since its inception. In a good month, it earns its subscribers over £230. This is the reason why it is included in our best horse racing tipster list.


Over the past 3 years, Flat Racing Masters have posted a remarkable success for its punters. Its initial bank is estimated to have grown with over 800%. These are impressive returns for punters who did not jump ship during a couple of bad runs.

Punters minimize their workload with this tipping service as they need just 20 minutes to skim through the tips and place their bets. Each tip has an explanation behind it. So, you’ll not be backing various selections blindly.

Although not all bets win, Matt has done a great job ensuring that most picks win. You may go for over 7 bets without a win, but all is not lost as their selections also have a long winning streak. So, even if you may not make a substantial profit in just a few weeks, you will surely gain in the long run. If you follow this tipping service, it should be for the long haul. 

Flat Racing Master Key Stats

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What does the product offer?

The Flat Racing Master offers the best horse racing betting tips to interested punters regularly. The predictions are well researched, meaning that punters who stick to the plan have a greater chance of earning more profits. You not only get tips, but also insightful advice on the selections.

How does it work?

This tipping service sends several selections to its subscribers every evening. The bets are mostly ‘win only,’ with at least 2 points. It is advised that you place £10 on each selection.

The tips are sent to punters beforehand so that they can be used the following day. If they are not sent the evening before, you can expect them the next morning. 

To get these tips, you need to first subscribe to the service. Here is his winning graph trend line since inception. As always with Betting Gods stable of tipsters, they are proofed for 6 months before being open to the public.

Flat Racing Master Winning Graph

Tips frequency

The Flat Racing Raster provides tips 7 days a week. You get one email every day, not unless there are other important updates.

Odds availability

Odds are made available so long as horse races are taking place. You can expect tips for every race that takes place all year long.

How many selections do you get? 

With Flat Racing Master, you get 2-3 selections daily. This averages to around 80 selections a month.

How are the selections sent?

The selections are sent to subscribers through email. You can access them on your android or iOS phone. You get them every evening, but if the evening passes before you receive them, there is no reason to panic as they will be sent to you the following day before 10 am.

Customer service quality

The Flat Racing Master has a responsive and efficient customer care team. It is keen to answer any queries that you may have as well as address your concerns.

What starting bank is required?

The Flat Racing Master recommends that you start with 100 points. For each selection, punters are required to place a £10 stake. The bank required for 100 points is £1000. Also, £2000 for £20 a point seems to work great if you are targeting a higher profit.

You may, however, choose to start with more or less. This means that you could even start at £250- that’s £2.50 stake per point.

What types of bets are provided?

The Flat Racing Master specialises in flat racing bets and all-weather racing bets. Mostly, this tipping service provides win only bets.

By flat racing, we are referring to the races held on level ground. There are no obstacles, so winning is dependent on the stamina of the horses.

Flat Racing Master’s refund policy

Most people wonder what happens if the selections provided fail to win. The good news is that there is a 30 days refund policy. So, if all the predictions provided by the Flat Racing Master fail, you can decide to get your money back within 30 days.

Once in a while, you will be hit by a losing streak, but it doesn’t last long. If you remain patient and continue betting, you will soon recover from the losing streak.


  • The Flat Racing Master is a reputable and well-established tipping service that has been operational since 2015
  • It provides selections that earn long-term profits
  • Provides high reasonably, well researched high odds
  • It is a reliable service that provides predictions daily
  • Offers a 30-days money-back option
  • It is managed by the Betting Gods, which is a renowned professional gambling establishment


  • Taking early prices may lead to your account being flagged         

Is the Flat Racing Master right for you?

Whether this tipping service is right for you depends on how patient you are. If you want to make some really fast money, then this is probably not your best option. Also, once in a while, you will have to deal with turbulent times. These are the times when some of the predictions will lose. To come out victorious, you need to have a stomach for it. 

With that being said, the best way to find out if the Flat Racing Master is right for you is through subscribing. After placing a few bets on horse racing, you will undoubtedly know if you can make some good profit with it.

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