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Please scroll down to see our under and over 1.5 goals predictions for today, tomorrow, and this weekend in the English Premier League, Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga, French La Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, Scottish Premiership, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League  & other top European & International league games. We also cover international matches during the international breaks.

We analyse the statistics to determine the most likely outcome of the following top-class upcoming games.

With Over/Under 1.5 goal bets, you have to predict whether or not the match will end with at least two goals. Usually, over 70% of football matches end with 2+ goals, depending on the league and the teams playing. Therefore, you need updated statistics on the teams with the highest percentage of Over/Under 1.5 goals to have a better chance of winning.

Under/Over 1.5 goals selections

These are our strongest available predictions on over and under 1.5 goals.

Main European & International Top Tier Leagues

DateTimeCountryLeagueHome TeamAway Team1.5 Goals TipOdds
May 24 20245:00 PMTurkeySüper LigAlanyasporAntalyasporOVER1.19
May 24 20247:00 PMRepublic of IrelandPremier DivisionShamrock RoversShelbourneOVER1.4
May 25 20241:00 PMTurkeySüper LigFatih KaragümrükSamsunsporOVER1.25
May 25 20243:30 PMPolandEkstraklasaRaków CzęstochowaŚląsk WrocławOVER1.24
May 25 20244:00 PMTurkeySüper LigSivassporKayserisporOVER1.25
May 25 20243:30 PMSwedenAllsvenskanMjällbyDjurgårdenOVER1.33
May 25 20244:30 PMSpainLa LigaAlmeríaCádizOVER1.25
May 25 20244:00 PMEuropeUEFA Women's Champions LeagueBarcelona WOlympique Lyonnais WomenOVER1.18
May 25 20244:55 AMJapanJ2 LeagueEhimeTochigiOVER1.28
May 25 20244:30 PMSpainLa LigaRayo VallecanoAthletic Club BilbaoOVER1.3
May 25 20245:00 AMJapanJ1 LeagueJubilo IwataShonan BellmareOVER1.33
May 25 20246:30 PMBelgiumPro LeagueOH LeuvenKVC WesterloOVER1.17
May 25 20246:00 PMArgentinaPrimera DivisiónArgentinos JuniorsRiver PlateOVER1.36
May 25 20246:30 PMBelgiumPro LeagueKV MechelenStandard LiègeOVER1.2
May 25 20246:30 PMItalySerie BCremoneseCatanzaroOVER1.17
May 25 20247:00 PMChilePrimera DivisiónDeportes IquiqueColo-ColoOVER1.23
May 25 20247:00 PMFranceCoupe de FranceOlympique LyonnaisPSGOVER1.2
May 25 20249:30 PMChilePrimera DivisiónUniversidad CatólicaCobreloaOVER1.23
May 25 20249:45 AMAustraliaA-LeagueCentral Coast MarinersMelbourne Victory FCOVER1.33
May 26 20241:00 PMSwedenSuperettanGefleÖrebroOVER1.3
May 26 20241:30 AMUSAMLSColorado RapidsMinnesota UnitedOVER1.18
May 26 202412:00 PMSwedenAllsvenskanHammarbySiriusOVER1.22
May 26 202412:30 AMUSAMLSFC DallasReal Salt LakeOVER1.28
May 26 202412:30 AMUSAMLSSt. Louis CitySeattle SoundersOVER1.28
May 26 20242:30 AMUSAMLSVancouver WhitecapsInter MiamiOVER1.13
May 26 20242:00 PMEnglandChampionshipLeeds UnitedSouthamptonOVER1.25
May 26 20242:15 PMSpainLa LigaUD Las PalmasDeportivo AlavésOVER1.36
May 26 20242:30 AMUSAMLSPortland TimbersSporting KCOVER1.18
May 26 20242:30 AMUSAMLSLA GalaxyHouston DynamoOVER1.2
May 26 20244:00 PMTurkeySüper LigHataysporRizesporOVER1.17
May 26 20242:30 PMSwedenAllsvenskanVästerås SKBrommapojkarnaOVER1.28
May 26 20244:00 PMItalySerie ANapoliLecceOVER1.16
May 26 20243:00 PMDenmarkSuperligaBrøndbyAGFOVER1.2
May 26 20244:00 PMTurkeySüper LigPendiksporGazişehir GaziantepOVER1.16
May 26 20242:00 PMSwedenSuperettanHelsingborgLandskronaOVER1.3
May 26 20244:00 PMTurkeySüper LigTrabzonsporAnkaragücüOVER1.21
May 26 20244:00 PMTurkeySüper LigAdana Demirsporİstanbul BaşakşehirOVER1.15
May 26 20244:30 PMBelgiumPro LeagueRoyal Antwerp FCRSC AnderlechtOVER1.22
May 26 20244:30 PMBelgiumPro LeagueUnion Saint-GilloiseKRC GenkOVER1.16
May 26 20247:00 PMChilePrimera DivisiónCopiapóAudax ItalianoOVER1.2
May 26 20249:30 PMChilePrimera DivisiónUniversidad ChileÑublenseOVER1.22
May 26 20246:45 PMItalySerie AFrosinoneUdineseOVER1.32
May 26 202411:00 AMSwedenSuperettanSkövde AIKÖsterUNDER4.2
May 26 20241:00 PMSwedenSuperettanOddevoldÖstersunds FKUNDER3.4

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Our Selection at Everytip.co.uk

There is a lot of action in the football world to keep track of everything. Luckily, we provide expert predictions and tips for over/under 1.5 goals for all major games, including the Bundesliga, Premier League, Ligue 1, and Serie A, to improve your chances of winning.

Over 1.5 Goals and Under 1.5 Goals Market Explained

Football is one of the sports that has a range of markets for bettors to explore. Unfortunately, we know that 1 x 2 betting markets don’t always have the best value, so bettors are forced to look to other places.

Over or Under 1.5 goals is one market that you can run to. For your bet to pass, the game has to end with more than 1.5 goals (ie two or more goals). On the other hand, under 1.5 goals means the scoreboard should read 0 or 1 goal.

While you might think this is easy and many games end in more goals, it’s shocking how many end in even fewer goals.

Are There Any Rules I Need to Be Aware of?

Yes, there are. Some betting sites have clauses that the goals only count during the 90 minutes of play plus injury time. If a team scores after the final whistle, the goal doesn’t count towards your bet results. For instance, if a goal is scored during extra time or shootouts, it doesn’t count.

Our Over/Under 1.5 Goals Tips

Our team offers daily tips on over/under 1.5 goals when we feel games have good value. Our experienced team handpicks them after thorough research. All of our predictions in this market are shared on our main page.

Betting Strategies Using Our Under/Over 1.5 Goals Tips

Developing a robust betting strategy is crucial when engaging in sports betting, particularly in football tips focusing on the Under/Over 1.5 goals markets. This section will provide expert advice, insights, and techniques to enhance your betting experience using our Over/Under 1.5 goals tips. You can make more informed decisions and identify the best over or under 1.5 goals by considering various factors such as team performance, predictability, and scoring games.

Understanding the Goals Prediction and Performance Factors

A deep understanding of goal prediction is the cornerstone of any betting strategy in the goals markets. This involves analyzing team performance, both in home and away games. Look at the scoring history of the teams involved, focusing on their recent matches to gauge their current form. Teams with a high scoring rate are generally good candidates for Over 1.5 goals betting.

Utilising Expert Advice and Insights

Leverage the insights and expert advice available on our platform. Our 1.5 goals tips are not just random predictions but are based on thorough analysis and prognosis approaches. Using these insights lets you develop a more nuanced understanding of the betting landscape.

Exploring Betting Options and Handicap Markets

Don’t limit yourself to standard Over/Under betting. Explore other options like handicap betting, which can offer better value in certain scenarios. For instance, if a strong team plays a weaker opponent, the Over 1.5 goals market might offer low odds, but a handicap bet could be more lucrative.

Developing a Tailored Betting Strategy

Your betting strategy should align with your overall sports betting goals and risk tolerance. Some bettors prefer a conservative approach, focusing on games with high predictability, while others might seek higher-risk, higher-reward opportunities. Assess your betting style and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Considering the Impact of External Factors

External factors such as weather conditions, player injuries, and team morale can significantly impact a game’s outcome. Stay updated on these elements, as they can provide critical insights, especially in tightly contested matches where one goal can make a difference.

Enhancing Your Wagering Techniques

Diversify your wagering techniques. Consider spreading your bets across multiple matches instead of placing a large bet on a single game. This approach can help mitigate risks and increase the chances of a positive overall outcome.

Embracing the Predictability in Scoring Games

Some leagues and teams are known for their predictability in scoring games. Use this to your advantage by focusing on these leagues and teams when placing your bets. Historical data and current season statistics are invaluable in identifying these patterns.

Applying a Prognosis Approach to Betting Strategies

Adopt a prognosis approach by analyzing upcoming fixtures, team news, and head-to-head records. This comprehensive analysis can provide a clearer picture and help you make more informed betting decisions.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

Finally, the world of sports betting is ever-evolving. Continuously learn from your experiences, adapt your strategies, and stay informed about the latest trends and techniques in football betting.

Incorporating these strategies and tips into your betting routine can enhance your chances of success in the Under/Over 1.5 goals markets. Responsible betting is key, so always wager within your means and enjoy the process.

Statistical Data and Models

Statistical data and models are indispensable in sports betting, particularly when predicting Over/Under 1.5 goals in football matches. This section delves into how various forms of data, patterns, and statistical models can be utilised to enhance your betting strategies.

Harnessing Goals Statistics and Patterns

The foundation of any statistical approach in football betting lies in understanding goal statistics. This involves analyzing goal totals and patterns in previous matches. You can identify trends likely to repeat in future games by researching goal averages. For instance, certain leagues or teams may consistently have high-scoring games, making them prime candidates for Over 1.5 goals bets.

Developing Predictive Models

Utilising statistical models can significantly improve the accuracy of your predictions. These models often incorporate various data points, including team and player statistics, to calculate the probability of different outcomes. These models can offer a more nuanced view of potential match outcomes by analysing past performances and current forms.

In-depth Team and Player Analysis

Beyond general team statistics, delving into specific player statistics can provide valuable insights. For example, the absence or presence of a key striker can greatly affect a team’s scoring ability. Similarly, understanding teams’ defensive strengths and weaknesses can help predict whether a match will be high- or low-scoring.

Utilising Probability in Betting Decisions

Probability plays a central role in sports betting. By analyzing statistical data, you can estimate the likelihood of a match ending with over or under 1.5 goals. This probabilistic approach helps make more informed betting decisions, balancing risk and reward effectively.

Applying Statistical Analysis to Enhance Predictions

Statistical analysis involves more than just looking at past scores. It includes examining team form, head-to-head records, playing conditions, and psychological aspects like team morale. A comprehensive analysis provides a more accurate picture of what to expect in a forthcoming match.

Continuous Data Updating and Model Refinement

Football is dynamic, with continuous changes in team form, player conditions, and other variables. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep your data and models updated. Regular refinement of your models with the latest data ensures that your predictions remain relevant and accurate.

Integrating these statistical approaches into your betting strategy can enhance your understanding of the Under/Over 1.5 goals market. While statistics provide a solid foundation for making predictions, they should be used with other factors and insights for the best results.

Betting Markets and Options

In sports betting, particularly football, understanding the various betting markets and options available is crucial for a successful betting strategy. This section will explore different types of bets and how they can be utilised, especially with Over/Under 1.5 goals predictions.

Exploring Different Bet Types

There are several bet types that punters can consider:

  1. Singles: These are straightforward bets on a single match outcome, such as Over or Under 1.5 goals in a specific game
  2. Accumulator Bets (Accas): Accumulators combine multiple selections into one bet. Goals accumulators, for instance, involve picking several matches where you predict there will be Over or Under 1.5 goals
  3. Bet Builders: This option allows bettors to create a customised bet on a single game, combining various markets like goals, corners, and bookings

Utilising Goals Accumulators

Goals accumulators, or ‘Goals Acca’, are particularly popular in football betting. They involve selecting several matches where you predict the total goals will be over or under 1.5. The odds for each selection are multiplied together, offering the potential for higher returns compared to single bets.

Navigating Football Accumulator Markets

Football accumulator markets offer a range of options. You can build an acca with selections from different leagues and competitions, mixing Over 1.5 goals bets with other types of markets. This diversification can spread your risk and increase the potential for profitable outcomes.

Understanding Set Markets and Market Level

Set markets in football betting refer to predefined categories like Over/Under 1.5 goals, Both Teams to Score, or Correct Score markets. Each market level has its dynamics and odds, varying based on team statistics, league trends, and other factors.

Managing Your Betslip and Bet Tokens

Your betslip is where you manage your selected bets before placing them. Some bookmakers also offer bet tokens, which can be used to place bets without using your deposited funds. These tokens can be useful for trying new betting strategies without risking your money.

Making the Most of Acca Bets

When creating acca bets, balancing the potential high returns with the increased risk is important. Each additional selection in an accumulator increases the odds and the bet’s chance of not winning. Therefore, careful selection and research are key.

Choosing the Right Option for Your Betting Style

Whether you prefer the simplicity of single bets or the higher-risk, higher-reward nature of accumulator bets, choosing the option that best fits your betting style and risk tolerance is important. Consider diversifying your betting approach to balance risk and potential returns.

By understanding and effectively utilising the various betting markets and options available, bettors can enhance their strategies and increase their chances of success in the Over/Under 1.5 goals market. Remember, responsible betting and informed decision-making are crucial in sports betting.

Betting Events and Leagues

The diversity of leagues and events worldwide offers many opportunities for sports betting enthusiasts, especially in football. This section will explore various football leagues and events, highlighting their significance in betting Over/Under 1.5 goals.

Major European Leagues

  • Premier League (England): Known for its competitive nature and global following, it offers a wide range of betting opportunities, including Over/Under 1.5 goals.
  • La Liga (Spain): Featuring technical play and top-tier teams, La Liga is a popular choice for goals-based betting.
  • Serie A (Italy): Its tactical gameplay provides interesting scenarios for Over/Under 1.5 goals bets.
  • Bundesliga (Germany): Known for high-scoring games, the Bundesliga is often a go-to for Over 1.5 goals bets.
  • Ligue 1 (France) and Ligue 2: Both leagues offer high and low-scoring games, suitable for varied betting strategies.

Other European Competitions

  • UEFA Champions League: This prestigious club competition brings together Europe’s elite, offering high-profile betting opportunities.
  • UEFA Europa League: With a wide range of teams, the Europa League presents diverse betting scenarios.
  • Süper Lig (Turkey): The Süper Lig offers a unique blend of talent and competitive matches, ideal for Over/Under 1.5 goal markets.

Domestic Cup Competitions

  • FA Cup (England): Known for its surprises and upsets, it can be unpredictable, offering exciting betting options.
  • Carabao Cup (England): This knockout tournament provides opportunities to bet on matches involving both Premier League and lower-tier teams.
  • Copa America: As a continental championship, it features South American national teams and is known for its passionate and high-scoring games.

International Competitions and Qualifiers

  • World Cup Qualifiers: These matches determine who will play in the FIFA World Cup, offering various betting options across continents.
  • European Championship Qualifiers: Similar to World Cup qualifiers, these games can be unpredictable, providing various betting opportunities.

Lower-Tier Leagues and Conference League

Championship (England): The second tier of English football, known for its competitiveness and unpredictability.
Conference League: A newer European competition offering a platform for lesser-known clubs to compete internationally.

Exploring World Leagues

Beyond Europe, leagues worldwide, such as the MLS in the United States or the A-League in Australia, offer unique betting experiences. These leagues often have different playing styles and can be lucrative for informed bettors.

The Role of League Tables in Betting

Understanding league tables is crucial in betting. They provide insights into team performance, goal differences, and overall standings, essential for making informed bets in the Over/Under 1.5 goals market.

By exploring these diverse leagues and events, bettors can find numerous betting opportunities. Each league and competition has characteristics that can influence the outcome of Over/Under 1.5 goals bets. Staying informed and adapting your betting strategy to the specifics of each league is key to successful sports betting.

1.5 Goals Stats

EPL Stats (Full season 2021/2022)

TeamOver 1.5 Goals %HomeAway
Leicester City87%74%100%
Norwich City84%84%84%
Leeds United82%84%79%
Brighton & Hove Albion82%79%84%
Newcastle United79%74%84%
Aston Villa79%89%68%
Manchester United76%74%79%
Manchester City76%84%68%
Crystal Palace74%68%79%
Tottenham Hotspur74%79%68%
West Ham United74%84%63%
Wolverhampton Wanderers55%63%47%

Italian Serie A Stats (Full Season 2021/2022)

TeamOver 1.5 Goals %HomeAway
Inter Milan89%95%84%
Hellas Verona87%84%89%
AC Milan71%63%79%

Spanish La Liga Stats (Full-season 2021/2022)

TeamOver 1.5 Goals %HomeAway
Levante UD84%84%84%
Valencia CF76%84%68%
Atlético Madrid76%68%84%
Real Betis76%84%68%
Granada CF74%74%74%
CA Osasuna71%68%74%
Real Madrid71%68%74%
FC Barcelona71%74%68%
Rayo Vallecano68%68%68%
Elche CF68%74%63%
RCD Espanyol68%68%68%
Celta de Vigo66%74%58%
RCD Mallorca66%58%74%
Deportivo Alavés66%53%79%
Sevilla FC63%74%53%
Athletic Club Bilbao61%79%42%
Real Sociedad58%32%84%
Getafe CF58%47%68%

German Bundesliga Stats (Full-season 2021/2022)

TeamOver 1.5 Goals %HomeAway
Bayern München91%88%94%
Borussia Dortmund91%94%88%
Hertha BSC91%94%88%
Borussia M'gladbach91%94%88%
RB Leipzig85%94%76%
Bayer Leverkusen85%76%94%
Eintracht Frankfurt82%76%88%
Greuther Fürth79%71%88%
Mainz 0579%71%88%
Arminia Bielefeld76%76%76%
Union Berlin76%76%76%

What leagues or competitions do we cover?

Our Over/Under 1.5 Goal tips take into account the largest football competitions. These include the European leagues, but we turn to other countries and leagues.

Our predictions cover various leagues, including the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Champions League, Europa League, La Ligue 1, Premiership and Bundesliga.

Choosing the best odds

Given that there are too many bookmakers, it can be not easy to land the best tips for your Over/Under 1.5 bets. Luckily, our tips are automatically compared and show you all the prices from the top bookmakers. You can choose any odds from the system after calculating your potential returns.

After finding a good bookmaker that offers a great price, add it to your bet slip directly from the bookmaker’s site. This will save you the hassle of hunting down the bet yourself.

Are Your Tips Free?

Yes, all our Over/Under betting tips are free. You don’t have to pay anything to get them.

How do I place an Over/Under Goals Market Bet?

The process is relatively easy. First, scroll through our tips. Once you find a bet that catches your eye, go to your betting account, add it to your bet slip and place it.

How to Maximise Total Winnings Using Our Predictions

Our predictions are classed as 1, 2 or 3 stars, depending on the confidence of the bet. The confidence level is based on the over or under 1.5 goal statistics of both teams in the current season, therefore ensuring the prediction is based on recent form and not outdated stats,

How to Find Great Over/Under Bets

The market may not have the best odds, so finding the best isn’t always easy. Over 1.5 Goal bets are usually more appealing to punters as they run for the entire game, whereas Under 1.5 Goals could bust any time and affect the accumulator.

You can use the valuable form tab to find the teams with the most appealing streaks in the market. Sometimes, these markets may not be highly-priced but have great value.

Build your Over/Under 1.5 Goals Accumulator

Over/Under 1.5 goal bets are perfect for accumulator bets. The low odds of individual selections make them ideal for building large or medium accumulators.  You can only have a small under 1.5 goal accumulator bet or mix them with over 1.5 goal bets. Typical odds for 1.5 bets range from 2:1 to 3:1, slightly more than the WDW market.

Who are the Best Teams for these types of bets?

There are great teams across different leagues and countries. Some of the best for Over 1.5 games include:

  • River Plate
  • Pyunik
  • Avan Academy
  • Rapid Vienna
  • Wolfsberger
  • Austria Klagenfurt
  • Eupen
  • SK Sturm Graz

1.5 Goals Frequently Asked Questions

Do Both Teams Have to Score to qualify for a payout?

No. Both teams don’t have to score for a game to end with an Over 1.5 goal score. One team can score two goals, or they could score one each for your bet to win.

What Percentage of Games End with Over 1.5 Goals?

Between 70 and 80% of all football games end in Over 1.5 goals. However, this percentage varies by team and league.

How do you Predict Over 1.5 Goals?

Here are some indicators that you can use to predict Over 1.5 Goals

  • Last five games- if a particular team has posted a good number of goals in the past five games, that’s a good candidate for over 1.5 goals
  • Home and away form- football teams perform better at home than away. If a particular team is playing from home with a considerably weak one, then you can expect over 1.5 goals
  • Strikers on the pitch- usually, the designated strikers put their team on the scoreboards. Always consider the team’s lineup before picking a bet. If there is a good striker on the starting lineup, but they haven’t scored in the past five games, then there could be a high chance of over 1.5 goals
  • Pressure- in any given match, a team is always under pressure. Take a look at the different variables that contribute to the pressure, as this will determine the manager’s decision to either play conservatively or aggressively

In conclusion, our detailed analysis and predictions provide a solid foundation for your betting strategies, especially in the Under and Over markets. With a focus on Over 1.5 goals, we aim to enhance your betting experience by offering valuable insights and well-researched tips. Remember, success in betting requires not only understanding the statistics but also applying informed strategies. Stay updated with our latest Over and Under 1.5 goals tips and make informed decisions to maximize your chances of winning.