ACCA Insurance Explained & Where To Find The Best Offer

Betting is extremely exciting, especially when you are on a winning streak. If you are a passionate bettor, you have probably placed an accumulator bet multiple times. Once in a while, your select teams seem to be doing everything right making you more confident about your impending win. Unfortunately, during the final minutes of the game, something dramatic happens and your team loses. Your meticulously selected accumulator goes down to the drain, leaving you hurt and frustrated.

Fortunately, with acca insurance, all is not lost. This insurance helps you recoup some of your stakes if you fail to win your accumulator bet by just one leg. In this article, we are going to shed a light on what acca insurance is all about as well as what it can do for you. By the end, you will have learned to safeguard your hard-earned stake.

What is an ACCA insurance offer?

This a type of insurance offered on a football accumulator bet with a sole purpose of offering you some money back when a single leg of the accumulator bet lets you down. Typically, the money back is offered as a free bet, though sometimes it’s given back as cash.

You can opt to use acca insurance when trying a new bookmaker. It is also a brilliant risk mitigation strategy for anyone who takes betting seriously.

Best UK accumulator insurance offers

For UK based punters, there is a host of accumulator insurance offers that you can choose from depending on your bookie. Let’s look at some of the best accumulator insurance offers across the UK.

William Hill

One of the most popular accumulator insurance offers from William Hill is the Acca Five Insurance.  This is whereby William Hill offers to reimburse your total stake if one team in your accumulator bet fails to win. To qualify, your football accumulator bet must consist of more than 5 legs. Your total stake is not, however, returned in the form of cash, rather as a free bet.

In addition, this superb William Hill acca insurance offer is applicable to all sports. All you need to do is to ensure that every accumulator is priced at 1/5 with the exception of a predetermined football league.

The maximum Acca free insurance bet is currently at £ 20 and is available for each customer, once every day. This option is restricted to cashed in bets as well as live bets.


Betfred offers a great acca insurance offering up to £10 for anyone losing a footy accumulator. The requirement is that your accumulator should have more than 5 picks, with only one team losing. If this happens to you, you are eligible to get back your stake in the form of a free bet.

Once you qualify for the Betfred acca insurance, your stake will be credited in 24 hours. If you win with the free bet, your winnings are paid minus the value of your free bet stake.

Terms: 18+. min 5 selections with odds of 1/3 or greater per leg. selected leagues only. max free bet £10. free bet valid for 7 days. promotion valid until 31/12/2018. T&C’s apply.

Betfair sportsbook (Acca edge)

This is an incredible acca insurance. Unlike the commonly offered accumulator insurance that stipulates one should pick five or more teams. Betfair acca insurance (acca edge) requires the accumulator to consist of 3 selections or more. There are no limitations in terms of the kind of sports that should make up the accumulator. This means that you can mix up the sports by including football, tennis, basketball and so on. If one team lets you down, Betfair offers part of your stake back in the form of cash. The cash refunded is determined by the calculations which take into considerations the true price of the bet if a single team failed to win.

What makes the Betfair acca edge stand out from other insurance offers is that you are not limited in terms of the type of sports or the refundable stake. There are also no specified odd targets that you have to attain.


Bet365 offers massive bonuses on accumulator bets. Unlike the others, you are given an extra cash bonus if your accumulator wins. Normally, you get 5% for trebles, 10% for 4 folds, 20% for 6 folds, and 30 % for 7 folds and so on. The best part is that you can get up to 100%bonus.

If you visit their site, you will get to know more about the bonuses available and how you can benefit from them.

Paddy Power

With Paddy Power acca insurance, you are guaranteed of up to £10 stake back where your accumulator has 4 football selections or more. You qualify for the stake back when one of the legs in your accumulator bet fails. This offer is available in most of the prominent football leagues in the world, including the premier league, La Liga, German Bundesliga, Serie A, and the French League one, just to name a few.

Paddy power has simplified the football leagues that are eligible for the acca insurance by categorizing them clearly so that you don’t have to waste time trying to find them. This is done through the exclusive “Acca Insurance Coupon.”


Betway has one of the most appealing acca insurance. This offer is provided both on their site and mobile app. If you want to qualify for this acca insurance, all you need to do is place 5 wins/draw/win accumulator bet during the weekend. If one team lets you down, Betway refunds you in form of a free bet, which can go up to £ 25.

The additional requirements for the insurance require staking a minimum of £ 5. Bets placed through mobile emulators are not eligible. Your accumulator has to add up to at least 4 odds.

If you would like to benefit from Betway acca insurance, we recommend that you visit their website to understand the terms better as they are subject to change from time to time.


888sport acca insurance offer concentrates on American sports only. Place a minimum accumulator bet of 5 legs in qualifying sports markets and if one leg lets you down, you will receive a matched bet refund up to a maximum of £/€25. 

How do I claim an Acca Insurance offer?

Claiming an acca insurance offer is quite easy. All you need to do is log in to your account and place an accumulator bet strictly following the terms and conditions of your bookie. When your accumulator fails with just a single team out of the five, the bookie will automatically credit your account. You may either get your full stake back or some of it.

When Does My Bet Qualify For a Refund?

Your accumulator bet will qualify for a refund when one of the selected teams lets you down. However, you must place your bet in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated by your bookie.

Acca Insurance Examples (How Does It Work Exactly)

Winning accumulator

Fixture                                your pick   results

Leg 1                                          2                2                     won

Leg 2                                          2                2                     won

Leg 3                                          2                2                     won

Leg 4                                          x                 x                     won

Leg 5                                          1                 1                     won

In this situation, all your bets win, so your bet wins. Acca insurance does not apply on this occasion.

Acca Loses by one leg Fixture

Your pick   results

Leg 1                                          2                2                     won

Leg 2                                          2                2                     won

Leg 3                                          2                2                     won

Leg 4                                          1                 x                     lost

Leg 5                                          1                 1                     won

If you had staked £5 on this accumulator, you stand to get the £5 back from your bookie either in cash or as a free bet.

Acca loses by more than one leg

Your pick   results

Leg 1                                          1               2                     lost

Leg 2                                          2                2                     won

Leg 3                                          x                2                     lost

Leg 4                                          1                 x                     lost

Leg 5                                          1                 1                     won


On this accumulator, the punter has lost with more than one leg. Therefore, they don’t qualify for the stake back.

How To Determine A Good Acca Insurance Offer

Minimum selections

Most acca insurances set their selection limit at 5 or more legs. If any other bookie offers the minimum selection at 3 or 4 legs, then their acca insurance is more favorable to you as a punter.

Minimum Odds

The acca insurance you choose should have fewer limits in terms of the number of the odds as well as the teams required to qualify. If the odd limit offer stands at 20, you may fall short with more than one team losing your entire stake in the process.

Sports Selection

An ideal acca insurance will not limit you to pick your accumulator from one sport. It should allow you to combine tennis, horse racing, football, basketball and so on. This increases your winning probability since you get to pick the best teams in every sport available.

Refund Shelf Life

A longer refund shelf definitely signifies a great acca insurance offer. The shorter the shelf of your refund, the more disadvantaged you are because you have to use it within the shortest time possible.

Free Bet Refund Value

The free bet refund values are one of the major determinants of whether an acca insurance offer is worthwhile. A full refund upon qualification is certainly much better than a partial refund. In addition, if a bookie offers up to £50 refund while another one offers a maximum of £10, the one offering more is better.

Wrapping Up – Why Using An Acca Insurance Offer Makes Sense

If you only prefer to place your money on accumulators frequently, then you should safeguard your stake by taking advantage of the acca insurance so that you get better returns.