Each Way Leader Review 2023 – Winning Tipster Series

Each Way Leader Review by Everytip

Each Way Leader is a leading tipster service in the UK that has been in existence since 2017. It provides various predictions and tips in horse racing and is offered under the Betting Gods platform. Since its inception, it has posted a return on investment of 34.4% and is included on our best horse racing tipster list.

Who is behind Each Way Leader?

The chap behind Each Way Leader tips and predictions is known as Jim, but the tipping service is run by the Betting Gods network. Jim is already tested and approved through a mandatory 16 weeks vetting protocol. So, he is qualified for the job.

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What does the product offer?

Each Way Leader offers a unique product as it concentrates on high priced horse racing predictions. This means that you are likely to make significant profits during a good run. It offers at least one bet daily. Therefore, the workload only takes a few minutes of your time.

How does the product work?

You need to pay a subscription fee for this service to access the horse racing tips and insights. After a successful subscription, you receive an average of one bet per day. This is usually a high priced bet, and you can place a £ 10 stake on each prediction. The tips are sent out a day before the actual racing day (usually in the evenings).

What is the cost of a subscription to the Each Way Leader?

Each Way Leader has a 10-day trial option that goes for £ 1. If you like the results during the trial, you can upgrade to a monthly subscription, which costs £ 30.

To save money, you can opt for the quarterly option that costs £ 60 or just buy a one-year subscription at £ 180.

What is the rate of return?

Each Way Leader has an impressive strike rate during a good run. The hit rate can be as high as 48%. This is more than a comfortable strike rate and should earn you a profit. It helps to strike a good balance between the good and the bad runs.

Another metric that makes Each Way Leader a great tipping service is its ROI, which ranges between 20 and 30% in most cases.

Will you win every day?

 If you have been betting for a while, then you have a clue of how it works. There are winning and losing streaks. The same applies to the Each Way Leader prediction. However, this tipping service is run by professional tipsters, meaning that you will undoubtedly win more than you ever could without the help of a tipster.

We can confidently tell you that you will not win every day, but when you look at the history of this tipster, you can rest assured that you will make a good profit.

What’s the refund policy?

You must be wondering what will happen if all the tipster’s predictions fail. First of all, that is highly unlikely. Apart from that, Each Way Leader offers 30 days money back guarantee. This means that if all their predictions go sour, you can get a full refund in the first 30 days.

As you can see, you will not be taking a risk blindly. You can look at the money back as insurance against a bad run.

What can you expect?

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When you decide to work with a tipster, you have some expectations; you aim to make a good return from your stake. So, what can you expect from Each Way Leaders?

A good balance between SR and ROI

The tipster provides each way predictions only. This means that its strike rate (SR) is not as scary. Most of the time, it is predictably stable, which evens out the variance brought about by a winning and losing streaks. As this happens, you don’t necessarily have to give up on a good ROI. Currently, the Each Way Leader ROI averages at 28.5 %. And from a punters perspective, such an ROI is quite healthy.

Sensible staking

When you place bets through guesswork, you are likely to incur loses continuously. Each Way Leaders helps you to avoid placing such dangerous bets. They provide you with well-researched bets and advice you to stake sensibly. Staking £ 10 per bet is quite reasonable and the chances of winning are high.

Bets with an edge

You can expect bets with an edge with this tipster service. The man behind the tips focuses on high price bets. He has currently recorded a win rate of 36.4 %.


  • Each Way Leader helps you minimize the risk involved in horse racing betting
  • Strikes a reasonable balance between the strike rate and ROI
  • Offers 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Offers a trial for as low as £ 1
  • Emphasizes on sensible betting


  • It may not work with betting exchanges
  • It can lead to account restrictions

Further Points To Note

Before getting your subscription, you might want to examine the following points;

Risking your betting account

For most punters, overnight prices are tremendously desirable. The problem is that taking these prices may endanger your account, which can lead to a restriction by the betting company. Bookmakers are wary of punters who are always targeting early prices.

It may not work with betting exchanges

It is extremely difficult to take advantage of horse racing services that tips both ways on the day before racing. Betting exchanges just don’t seem to pay off. You will realize that it’s almost impossible to get matched. In most cases, you will encounter prices that can barely make you a profit.

Betting on horse racing can be a lucrative venture, but it has to be done strategically. Otherwise, you will keep losing, which is quite heartbreaking. Fortunately, you can subscribe to Each Way Leader tipping services and you will undoubtedly fair well in your betting endeavors. The tipster will minimize your losses and help you earn a substantial profit. If it doesn’t work for you, you can always opt-out after the 10-day trial.

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