Betting Gods Review 2024

Everytip's Review of the Betting Gods

If you are new to betting, you are probably overwhelmed by the sea of options available. What company do you choose? What makes a company unique? Are the claims valid or are they just marketing gimmicks?

Well, first, calm down. Second, it’s great that you are asking all these questions. It’s a sign that you are looking to have the best betting site by your side. While we may not answer all the questions, you might have, we will do you one better; we will do a Betting Gods review for you, one of the top tipster companies in the industry. This will give you a feel of what to expect and the reasons why people have fallen in love with it.

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Inform Betting Gods Tipsters Rating Strike Rate Avg Monthly Profit (£10 Bets) Go To Site
Quentin Franks Racing
22.67% £241.49 Visit Quentin Franks Racing
Bookie's Enemy
18.94% £209.71 Visit Bookie's Enemy
Flat Racing Master
26.27% £206.52 Visit Flat Racing Master

What is Betting Gods?

Let’s start from the basics. Betting Gods is a tipster management company. What this means is that it doesn’t produce its own betting tips and predictions. Instead, it uses professional tipsters in the industry.

As a tipster, being on their roster infers that the predictions you make (tips) will be distributed to individuals who have subscribed to your service. The compensation is great.

And as a client, you only get to pay for services that you’ve subscribed to. This means that you don’t get unlimited access to all tips from their tipsters at the point of registration.

Betting Gods Sports & Most Popular Tipsters

Top Football Tipster

Betting Gods gives tips on football games. You’ll have 1 or 2 tips sent to you daily. According to the Betting Gods stats, this service makes an average monthly profit of £170.29 and has a strike rate of 67.75%.

Quentin Franks Racing

This is one of the most popular horse racing tipsters that have been active since 2014. It has a high reputation and a long track record, which gives it an edge over other tipsters. According to Betting Gods, Quentin Franks makes an average monthly profit of £241.49 and has a strike rate of 22.67%.

Golf Betting Expert

Betting Gods has an average monthly profit of £283.11 and a strike rate of 9.13%. However, the service requires some bit of patience as it involves betting on long odds.

top horse racing tipsters found at betting gods, home of the best racing tipsters - compare all services here

Betting Gods Positives Review

  • Betting Gods tipsters are subject to a recurring audit
  • Excellent proofing protocol
  • The tipsters are thoroughly vetted and are professional
  • They have 30-day money back guarantee

A Reputable Company

Betting Gods has built a name for itself over time by working hard to earn the trust of its customers. Below are some of the reasons it’s considered to be one of the most reputable in the industry:

Real Company Run in a Transparent Way

First, Betting Gods is a real company. It has been in existence for 5 years, has an online trail and a huge following. Unlike most tipster companies, it goes out of its way to conduct its business transparently. It has made countless articles in publications like The Guardian, The Racing Post and Malta Today.

Owner Darren Moore

Betting Gods was started back in 2014 by Darren Moore. Prior to setting up Betting Gods, Darren Moore had worked as a police officer and then as an affiliate manager for a tipster network. He later partnered with a friend to launch Tipster Warehouse. But after a while, they couldn’t agree on the direction to take. As a result, they parted ways, and Darren formed Betting Gods, which has since become a huge success.

Trust Pilot Rave Reviews

Trust Pilot is an online platform committed to getting consumer reviews about different companies. They purpose to get feedback on what consumers liked or didn’t like about a product or service.

Betting Gods have gotten lots of positive Trust Pilot reviews over the 5 years. So we can confidently say that they know what they are doing.

Transparent Tipster Recruitment Policy

Before they take you in as a tipster, you have to pass their 16-week recruitment process. Betting Gods thrives on the success of tipsters and that of consumers. As such, the 16 week trial period is thorough.

During this period, tipsters know what is required of them and try to work to meet the goals. Records of the tips made are recorded, and after the 16 weeks, the proofing team decides whether the tipster service is ready to launch or not. These records are also made public.

Great Customer Service

This is the backbone of any service and business. Betting Gods have got this covered in the following ways:

£1 Trial Period To Test The Waters

It’s true many tipster services are scams. This makes it hard to trust them. However, rather than making empty promises you can’t verify, Betting Gods give you the opportunity to test their platform for £1. This way, you get to see if the service is for you or not.

Betting Gods Money Back Guarantee

Betting Gods has a 30-day money back guarantee. If they don’t deliver on their promises, they refund the £1.

Same-Day Response Customer Service

It’s easy for a business to claim that they respond to queries immediately. And while we all know this is virtually impossible (especially for an established business), we tend to believe it. Betting Gods doesn’t promise immediate customer service responses. However, it promises to sort you out within the day. This is more factual and reliable than what other businesses promise.


Tipsters are encouraged to share their reasoning behind their bet tips.

You see, tipsters do not make lucky guesses. They research and evaluate teams, players, and participants before they give their tips. For transparency, Betting Gods encourages its tipsters to share their research, line of thoughts and calculated risk pertaining to their bets.

One of the best betting blogs

Betting Gods has a betting blog. On this blog, it shares information that you need to hear and learn about, but that you will not get anywhere else. And even if the information is available elsewhere, it’s not delivered in a manner that’s easy to understand. The topics are informative and clearly written by a professional.

Beautifully designed website

Betting Gods clearly spent some pretty money working on the design and creation of their website. The navigation is simple, straightforward and easy to find what you are looking for in seconds. Moreover, the website loads fast.

Long Term Results With Betting Gods

Stable Consistent Tipsters, Some Going Back Over 6 Years

Betting Gods are continuously adding to their list of competent tipsters under their wing. Some of these tipsters have worked with them since they opened their doors to the public. You can view the records of each tipster since they joined the team.

Betting Gods Negatives Review

  • Betting Gods may not be great for users who can’t stomach and deal with periods of inevitable losing streaks
  • Price acquisition is steep for some popular tipster services

In Form Or Tipsters Advised Prices Go Fast, So You Need To Act Fast

First, it’s important to point out that tipster services are not a get-rich-quick scheme. On the contrary, you need to be patient since no bet is 100% guaranteed. Also, you need to be strategic about your bets.

With that said, prices tend to move pretty fast. As such, you need to view a tipster’s graph and act fast based on what you know and see on the ‘growth graph.’

You May Get Your Betting Account Closed or Limited

At face value, this sounds like a bad thing, right? Well, for the most part, it’s not. Think about it. The closure and limitations of the accounts strengthen the claims that Betting Gods makes you profit. This is the reason why accounts are actively shut down.

You Have To Pay For Tips

You didn’t think the service was free, did you? Once the £1 month trial elapses, you’ll need to pay for the Betting Gods tips. You will choose the tipster you prefer subscribing to.

Though they each have varied prices, Betting Gods recommends that they charge anything between £20 and £40 per month. You can sign up to as many tipsters you prefer. Just remember to put in sufficient amounts to cover for the tipping costs and the wagers.

Tips for Using Betting Gods Service

  • Give them time to prove themselves (90 days). Even with the help of tipsters, you need to give it time to realize profits
  • Place bets in small amounts using various bookmakers to avoid account closure – when you make huge wins with the same bookmaker, you risk account closure. The best way to avoid detection is to use different bookmakers and place small bets. Don’t forget bookmakers are there to make money. If they are continually paying out cash, they will be making losses, and they can’t have that. This tip will help you beat the system
  • Consider using Betfair Exchange if your accounts are limited
  • Understand that services with higher strike rates will have long losing runs
  • Use BOG bookmakers with regular promos to help level out the variance
  • Pick a tipster with a proven long-term record to start – check Betting Gods graph before committing to any tipster

Punters are making money and having fun with Betting Gods. As you can see from the above review, you can consider Betting Gods seriously if you want to get into betting full-time, They are reputable, transparent and above all, profitable

Inform Betting Gods Tipsters Rating Strike Rate Avg Monthly Profit (£10 Bets) Go To Site
Quentin Franks Racing
22.67% £241.49 Visit Quentin Franks Racing
Bookie's Enemy
18.94% £209.71 Visit Bookie's Enemy
Flat Racing Master
26.27% £206.52 Visit Flat Racing Master