Betfred Cash Out Feature explained

As an avid punter, the chances are that you like to try your luck on football accumulators. With such bets, you stand a chance to win big. Unfortunately, the risks are always high. At times, everything seems to be going well, and then one team loses and your stake goes down the drain. This is where the Betfred cash out feature comes in. This option allows you to collect your winnings before all the fixtures have played out.  Betfred is one of the best cash out betting sites online.

What is Betfred cash out?

The Betfred cash out option is a feature available to sports bettors. The best part is that it doesn’t apply to only a few select football matches, but also golf, and racing markets. And while using it, you don’t have to wait for all the matches on your bet slip to play out.

When you accrue some profit on several early kicks off matches, you can hit the cash out button and pocket your winning. By doing so, you forfeit the total winnings you could have earned from the accumulator bet.

On the bright side, you get your early winnings and don’t have to worry about one game ruining the bet.

How Betfred cash out works

The Betfred cash out option is no different than those offered by other renowned players in the sports betting industry.  As a customer, you only need to register an account with them, place your ACCA bet, and hit the cash out button to collect your early winnings whenever the need arises.

Using this feature is as straightforward as it can get. And it is an option that keeps in the game for the larger part of the bet. However, it requires you to keep monitoring your bets and take advantage when you can.

Cashing out on mobile

Betfred provides a mobile application for its punters. They have a version for android phones as well as iOS. 

When you place your bet through your mobile phone, go to the open bet section, and you will see your cash out value. On this tab, you can see the bet that you’d like to cash out on, the bet type, the total stake as well as the total returns.

Cashing out on the website

If you want to cash out your bets on the Betfred website, go to their site and click on the cash out statement page. You will see a list of games that are eligible for the cash out option. The cash out prices for various matches are displayed on this page. Please note that these amounts may fluctuate according to the proceedings of the ongoing matches.

Underneath these details, you will see the cash out button and the current market value, which is always subject to fluctuations. For instance, one of your team may be leading with a goal before half-time. This means that the cash out value reflecting on your active bet will be higher than your stake. But if the other team concedes a penalty or gets a red card, the cash out value may either be unavailable or reduce significantly.

An example of Betfred cash out

The Betfred cash out feature works straightforwardly. For example, you may place an ACCA bet backing Sevilla, Chelsea, Valencia, and Tottenham to will in their respective matches. The cash out option will be active as soon as the first game in your bet slip kicks off.

In this case, let’s assume that Chelsea has an early kick-off at 12:00 and Sevilla at 3:00. And that they both win their matches. At this point, your stake will have earned some profit. And you can opt to hit the cash out button and pocket the winnings if you suspect Tottenham will not win its match later on.

You need to understand that if the Tottenham game starts before you cash out, it may not be possible to cash out at every point of the game. Taking your winnings early is always a great idea, especially when you suspect that the last match will not result in your favour.

When you have an active bet, and you want to cash out at some point, you need to follow the steps keenly and press the button when the value is its highest point.

Matches to use the Betfred cash out on

The cash out feature on Betfred isn’t available for all matches. You need to go to the cash out page and find the list of matches to cash out on. If you pick four matches that have the cash out and then add a fifth that doesn’t, you cannot cash out. That said, always ensure that your bet slip consists of cash out eligible matches only.

Circumstances where Betfred cash out is unavailable

Betfred does not guarantee cash out offers at all times in all ACCA bets. First off, all markets are not eligible for cash out. Therefore, if you include a match that is not eligible, you cannot cash out on that bet. 

In sports betting, matches are suspended for one reason or another. If a game that you have included on the bet slip is suspended, then the cash app option becomes unavailable.

Sometimes, Betfred will offer you free bets for various reasons. When you use a free bet, the cash out feature is unavailable. Additionally, cash out is not available if none of the matches on the accumulator bet has started.

The Betfred cash out option is faultless as long as you follow all the guidelines. They understand that it is quite disappointing to lose out on a bet because one team let you down.  When selecting matches to bet on, start with the teams that are most likely to win. Target the easy early kick-off matches and finish with the touch ones that kick off late. This will give you a chance to pocket your winnings before it is too late.

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