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Betfred has a reputation for giving its customers the best value. This is the reason they dubbed themselves ‘The Bonus King.’ However, its Goals Galore (GG) coupons have taken the sports betting world by storm in the recent past. The coupons have been a great success that other bookmakers are copying and adopting the feature into their sites.

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Let’s take a deep dive into what this site’s GG entails and why it’s such a big deal.

What is Betfred’s Goals Galore?

Goals Galore is a fixed odd football bet, where the two selected teams have to score. The punter chooses the matches they anticipate both teams will score. The bet doesn’t matter on the match’s results, provided both teams score at least a goal. However, you should bet on three or more matches, and the bet should work like a fixed odd accumulator. Betfred allows a maximum of 15 matches in an accumulator. The games are pre-chosen and you get enhanced prices on your bet for availing of this “special” coupon bet.

How does it work?

The GG promotions are pretty alluring. However, there are rules to adhere to. These include:

  • You have to make 3+ selections
  • If one fixture (or more) is abandoned or postponed, your bet results will be calculated at odds available for the valid selections remaining
  • Every bet is settled within 90 minutes, which includes injury time
  • You cannot combine this offer with other offers

Why Bet on Betfred Goals Galore?

The main reason punters are attracted to Goals Galore is the high odds Betfred offers. Some odds can go up to 250000/1, which is impressive. But aside from this, another reason its GG is gaining popularity is that it keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the match. Even if one team is yet to score, with ten minutes left, there’s still a possibility to win.

One might wonder, what prevents punters from placing multiple small bets? Well, nothing. The chances of winning a GG bet aren’t very high; however, the allure of getting £225,000 from £1 is strong, despite there being a slim chance.

Betfred’s variants of this promotion

The three Goals Galore variants include:

Goals Galore Standard

This is the original variant that has been around the longest. With GG Standard, you simply need each team to score to win. This variant is further split into Bonus List and Long List coupons.

GG- No Draw

For this GG variant, you need to select fixtures where the teams not only score but also result in a draw. The odds for this variant on Betfred can be 6/1 for two games and as high as 25000/1 for ten games.

GG- 1st Half/2nd Half

Under this variant, you should select whether both teams will make their goals in the first or second half. Here, the odds are divided into first-half and second-half odds.

In the first half, the odds can vary between 20/1 for two games and 175000/1 for 8 games. In the second half, the odds can be between 11/1 for two games and 22500/1 for eight games.

3 different coupons on offer

Over the years, Betfred’s GG promotion has grown and now has three types of  coupons:

GG Long List

Betfred’s coupons are weighted depending on how likely Both Teams to Score outcome is. The more likely outcome is found in the Long List.

Punters receive several fixtures daily with several fixed odds of BTTS at 3/1. You can make your pick in several days, and if you pick four matches, the odds spike to 11/2. These odds can increase to 1350 on Long List accumulators of 15+ games.

On Long List coupons, you will likely find heavy goalscoring teams across European and English competitions. Overall, you’ll have ample knowledge of players and their forms. But if you are unaware, you can always look to football predictions.

BTTS & Match Result Coupon

With BTTS & Match Result Coupon, things are slightly different; you need to predict games where both teams will score plus select a winner. Because of the increased risk, the odds are significantly higher. And since there are several possible outcomes, the matches don’t have fixed odds.

For instance, if Betfred offers Manchester United vs. Crystal Palace under the BTTS & Match Result Coupon, the odds of Manchester United winning under BTTS will be considerably lower than it would be for Crystal Palace to win.

However, you’ll get enhanced odds on each possibility, and there’ll be a lot of games to pick every day. Although it’s a tough coupon to predict, you’ll earn large sums if you get things right.

Betfred GG bonus coupon list

The bonus list features games that are less likely to prevail but still have lots of goals available. This coupon will always contain games in the lower leagues of the Europa and English football leagues. Generally, the games where the markets are less predictable and popular.

Studying team forms will allow you to choose enhanced 9/2 fixed odds. This coupon has a minimum of three selections and can be across three coupons. If you choose four games from the coupon, your odds will increase to 9/1. With a 15-fold accumulator, the odds will rise to 5,000/1.

For bonus and long list coupons, you don’t have to choose a winner. All you need is to bet on the game where you feel both teams will score (the final match outcome doesn’t matter, provided they both score.)

GG Bonus odds

Although you don’t have to predict the winning teams on bonus and long list coupons, the odds differ greatly, with bonus coupons having better odds.

Long List 3/1 11/2 10/1 16/1 28/1 45/1 70/1 120/1
Bonus List 9/2 9/1 16/1 28/1 50/1 100/1 175/1 300/1


Which markets qualify for the bonus?

The Both Teams to Score market qualifies for this bonus coupon. In these matches, punters should predict teams that will both score within 90 minutes.

Qualifying leagues & competitions

Betfred’s Goal Galore bonus coupon includes matches from several top competitions and leagues from Europe. These include top divisions in Spain, England, Italy, and Germany. It also includes top European competitions, including Europa and Champions League.

What is Betfred’s Goals Galore Extra?

This provides punters with a selection of fixtures from the day’s action with boosted odds. You get three coupons to pick from, with each having different outcomes. All you need to do is place your bet and wait for the goals to stream in.

This provides better odds on BTTS markets when one creates a three-team accumulator. It covers many markets, including Premier League betting, Champions League, the Championship, Ligue 1, and more.

How to Play Betfred’s “Extra” Version

Playing GG Extra is simple. All you need to do is sign up to Betfred and create your account. Once you are in, navigate to the Goals Galore promotion section and make your selections. You need to pick at least three games you think each team will both score. And for BTTS & Match Result coupons, you’ll have to pick a winner. Once you’ve placed your bet, wait for the action to take its course.

If you love betting on BTTS, these Goal Galore offers will appeal to you. While Betfred goes out of its way to ensure they give the best odds, we cannot guarantee you’ll be paid more than another bookmaker would. As such, you should always shop around for the best odds.

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