GO Racing Review – Horse Racing Tipping Service

GO Racing Review – Horse Racing Tipping Service

Go Racing Review

Go Racing Review – Many of our readers contact us with requests for tips that are risk-free. There is no betting strategy that does not involve some degree of risk, but some strategies are much less risky than others!

Go Racing is the number one tipping service, for those that want to bet profitably with the minimum level of risk. It is the brainchild of Gareth Owen, who is an established jockeys’ agent with almost 20 years of experience. His job is to find winning rides for jockeys. Owen is not a data nerd, he is a proper racing man with connections across the industry. This means he gets real information, straight from the yards.

In this short review, we will look at the following…

  • Why Go Racing has gained such a great reputation
  • What starting bank is required given their strike-rate
  • The negatives of the service
  • Interview with Gareth Owen, the man behind the service


Here’s why Go Racing has gained such a great reputation.

What punters find so appealing about Go Racing, is their incredibly high strike-rate. 47% of their tips are winners! While the odds are rarely very exciting, this means that variance is kept to a low level. You will not have to endure long losing-streaks with Go Racing.

From the graph below you can see that it has made 299.36 points to recommended stakes. If you bet to just flat stakes, you would have made 103.30 points profit using BOG bookmakers.

go racing graph 2

What starting bank is required given their strike-rate?

We suggest a bankroll of just 33 units, for those who want to back Go Racing’s tips. This means that you only need a starting bankroll of 330, if you want to make individual bets of 10. If you have a smaller starting bankroll, then that is no problem. You can begin with bets of 2.00, with a starting bankroll of just 66.00. This means that the service is accessible to just about every punter!

The negatives of the service.

The service has now been live for 8 months and their tips have provided members with a 35% return on investment (ROI). We feel this is fairly high, for a service that is achieving a strike rate of 47%. We would expect it to be slightly lower, over a longer sample size, although not massively so. You will almost certainly make money with Go Racing, you just need to be prepared to make a large number of bets on short-priced runners.

Interview with Gareth Owen, creator of GO Racing

How were you introduced to betting and when did you decide to take it seriously?
I started betting while at University. I developed a computer program in my spare time. It got me and a few flat mates hooked on racing.
After working a normal job for a few years, my real involvement in racing started when I became a full time jockeys agent. Over the years
I have looked after many well known names incl. Kieren Fallon, Silvestre de Sousa, Martin Dwyer, Darryll Holland, Seb Sanders and Harry Bentley
What do you think is the key ingredient to your success?
Experience of working for over 20 years speaking to jockeys, trainers and owners etc. in my work as a UK jockeys agent.
I watch most of the racing each day and use my own ratings methods which are using some computer software I designed and had written for me.
Can you remember some of the big mistakes you made in the past when you first started betting?
1. Thinking it was too easy after backing a couple of winners.
2. Not considering (or realising) how important the ‘going’ is.
Do you specialise in specific races/race conditions. If so, can you explain why?
I look at every race on each day to come up with a short list of possible bets. I then go into each race in a lot more detail if I see a potential bet. In a similar way to when I was a jockeys agent looking for the best rides.
Why are you selling your tips if you can make money backing the horses yourself?
I only recently finished as a Jockeys Agent and when BetFan approached me I decided “why not” as I had already been making money for a good while with my betting.
Do you think you need to be exceptionally talented to be successful at betting or can it be learned?
It can be learned, but it takes a lot of learning and a lot of heart-ache. You need to understand what can and does go wrong in a race to excuse or make allowances for some form. I can assure you I’ve heard all sorts of excuses from jockeys over the years!!
What’s the most rewarding thing about running your own tipping service?
Hopefully providing good value to my members. It is also very good for me to keep focussed on my betting.
How much work do you put into horse racing every day?
A lot! I watch the racing on TV or at the track every day (7 days a week) and spend 3-4 hours every morning on the form and on the phone to people.
We know that one of the biggest problems with winning bettors is keeping your bookmaker accounts open. Any advice on how not to get your bookmaker accounts closed down.
There are literally hundreds of different ways to get a bet on these days. Spread your bets around, which I always do by backing where the best value is available.
Tell us a fun fact about yourself
A racing story, rather than a fact. When I just started as a Jockeys Agent a friend owed me £300. I was pretty skint at the time so I agreed to meet him at Epsom racecourse to collect the money. We agreed to meet in the grandstand at the Winning Post. He turned up, paid me my £300 and we decided to watch the next race before going for a beer. It was a close finish but as I was on the winning I could see for sure which horse had won. A quick glace at the bookmakers and they were betting on the photo!! Oh yes, I thought, especially when I saw 1 bookmaker mark up 1-3 about the horse I had seen with my own eyes pass the post clearly in front. I ran over, whacked my £300 on at 1-3, thinking “that’s an easy hundred quid!”. Then 2 seconds later, the claxon sounded announcing a Stewards Enquiry! The winner was thrown out after apparently nearly knocking over the second horse at the furlong pole.!!! My £300 was lost as the bookmaker was betting on the “Official Result”, not the “first past the post”. I was gutted and drove home skint.

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