Which Bookies Are Paying 5 Places Each Way (Or More)?

Which Bookies are paying 5 places each way or more in today’s televised races is one of the best questions a punter should be asking themselves. If you are a fan of each-way horse racing betting, then you are likely among those who are constantly in search of bookies that not only offer each-way bets but pay extra places.

Scroll down to see today’s extra place races on all meetings covered on ITV Racing and in Ireland today. 

Contrary to most of the betting sites where the winner takes all, extra places ensure that you can still win something despite your horse selection not finishing in the more traditional place payout positions.

The following article informs you of the best bookmakers that consistently offer extra places to bettors. We also look at the upcoming horse racing events and list the ones that bookmakers are paying enhanced place terms.

Consistently best extra place bookies

  1. Bet365 – See latest sign-up offer here
  2. Betfred – See latest sign-up offer here
  3. William Hill – See latest sign-up offer here
  4. Boylesports – See latest sign-up offer here
  5. 888sport – See latest sign up offer here
  6. Quinnbet – See latest sign-up offer here

This Week’s Enhanced Place Races on ITV Racing and Ireland

Saturday – 18/05/2024 

Newmarket 2.05 (7 runners)

Newmarket 2.40 (15 runners)

Newmarket 4.25 (12 runners)

Newbury 2.25 (14 runners)

Newbury 3.00 (13 runners)

Newbury 4.10 (11 runners)

Newbury 4.45 (12 runners)

Navan 1.35 (16 runners)

Navan 3.05 (15 runners)

Navan 4.15 (15 runners)

Navan 4.50 (14 runners)

Wexford 2.15 (15 runners)

Wexford 2.50 (15 runners)

Wexford 3.25 (15 runners)

Wexford 4.00 (14 runners)

Wexford 5.10 (15 runners)

You can view all the sign up offers for all the aforementioned bookmakers here or simply click on the links above.

Betfred Extra Places Today + Super Extra Places

Get Extra Places at Betfred Today 

Saturday 18th May

3 Places (1/5 Odds) instead of 2

  • 14:05 Newmarket
  • 16:20 Thirsk
  • 18:30 & 19:30 Delaware Park
  • 19:18 Monmouth
  • 19:35 Lone Star
  • 20:06 Belmont
  • 20:12 & 21:47 Gulfstream Park

4 Places (1/5 Odds) instead of 3

  • 13:33, 16:07 & 16:42 Auteuil
  • 14:15, 14:50, 15:25 & 16:00 Wexford
  • 14:25, 15:00 & 16:45 Newbury
  • 14:40 & 16:25 Newmarket
  • 15:05, 16:15 & 16:50 Navan
  • 15:07, 17:30 & 18:00 Lyon-Parilly
  • 15:10 Thirsk
  • 17:05 Bangor on Dee
  • 18:30, 19:33 & 20:33 Uttoxeter
  • 20:20 Doncaster

5 Places (1/5 Odds) instead of 4

  • 13:55 Navan
  • 15:25 & 16:42 Auteuil
  • 17:30 & 18:02 Thirsk
  • 20:50 Doncaster

Sunday 19th May

3 Places (1/5 Odds) instead of 2

  • 15:15 Ripon
  • 17:50 Monmouth Park
  • 18:43 Churchill Downs
  • 18:46 Woodbine
  • 22:03 Santa Anita

4 Places (1/5 Odds) instead of 3

  • 13:45 & 16:25 Ripon
  • 16:30 & 17:00 Naas
  • 17:15 Newmarket

5 Places (1/5 Odds) instead of 4

  • 12:23, 14:15, 17:30 & 18:00 Auteuil
  • 18:45 Newmarket

Get Extra Places at Betfred Today 

BoyleSports are offering Extra Places in these races today

Get Extra Place at Boylesports Today 

  • 4 Places on the
  • 5 Places on the
  • 6 Places on
  • 12+ must run for 4 places, 16+ must run for 5 places, 20+ must run for 6 places.

Get Extra Place at Boylesports Today

Bookmakers With Enhanced Places For 2023 Aintree Grand National

6 Places with 1/5 odds at Betfred 

6 Places with 1/5 odds at William Hill

6 Place with 1/5 odds at Boylesports

6 Places with 1/5 odds at 888sport

6 Places with 1/5 odds at 10Bet

6 Places with 1/5 odds at Bet365

6 Places with 1/5 odds at 10Bet

Which Bookies Are Paying 5 Places Each Way Most Often?

Different bookmakers often pay extra places, 5 or more, on various races or events. In horse events, some online bookmakers even pay for up to the 6th place. The reason for this is that majority of these events are very popular for recreational punters and it is used as a marketing tool to attract new sign ups or indeed repeat business from lapsed customers. Extra places ensure the bookies have higher turnover on the race. It is a slight gamble on their behalf, but they are ok to pay out more in the hope of attracting customers and therefore assign the cost to the marketing budget.

However, the following  bookies are known to pay out on extra place positions (4, 5, 6 places) most often:

Place or Each Way Bet Payout Rules In Horse Racing Betting

The regular place payout positions are based on the following in horse racing betting:

  • Handicaps Races 16 or more runners – 1/4 odds, first four places
  • Handicaps Races 12-15 runners – 1/4 odds, first three places
  • All other races eight runners plus (handicaps 8-11 runners, sellers, claimers, grade, group and other non-handicap races) – 1/5 odds, first three places
  • All races 5-7 runners – 1/4 odds, first two places
  • All races 2 – 4 runners – place money goes on to win

Therefore, if you bet doesn’t finish top of the pack or top 3 to 4 dependent on the race rules, you can win still should your horse grab the additional place position.

Given this advantage, it is our responsibility to let you know of not just these bookies which offer five places each way but also the events involved. We will also look at bookies and events that offer six places each way. So, what are they?

Upcoming 5 Places Each Way Races This Weekend


Haydock R7 – 16.50  – 4 Places with 1/5 odds at Betfred 

Sandown R1 – 13.50 – 6 Places with 1/5 odds at William Hill

Sandown R6 – 16.40 – 4 Place with 1/5 odds at Betfred

Ripon R3 – 14.55 – 4 Places with 1/5 odds at Betfred 

Ripon R5 – 16.00 – 3 Places with 1/5 odds at Betfred 

Leicster R5 – 15.55 – 5 Places with 1/5 odds at Betfred

Which Bookies Pay 5 Places Each Way?

What Does Extra Place Mean?

Placing an each way bet splits your stake in half. That is, one-half backs the win selection while the other backs the place selection.

It is determined not only by the number of places a bookmaker pays but the total number of horses competing in the race. If your horse finishes 4th in the entire race and the bookmaker pays four extra places, you will still be paid despite not winning the match. Or your horse takes the 5th position, and the bookmaker pays up to the fifth place. You will still get paid for that position on the place part of the wager only.

So it does not matter what position your bet takes in the race. All that matters is the number of extra places a particular bookmark is paying for. Simply put, extra places make the difference between awinning bet and a losing one. Hence, it is recommended you that you check the bookies that pay five places before you can place your bet.

Grand National 2021: The Best UK Bookies for Each Way Bets

The Grand National is an annual National Horse Race held at Aintree Racecourse situated near Liverpool. It first began in 1839, a tradition that has been repeated annually ever since.

And why is it popular? This race doesn’t just have a fan-base in the UK alone but the entire European continent. It is a race that pits horses stamina and jockeys courage to determine the winner of this gruelling 4 mile + contest. It is also the most valuable national hunt horse race in the UK. In 2017 alone, it offered a £1 million prize fund, and this amount can only increase in years to come.

Because the Grand National is such a huge event, online bookmakers are never left behind to help promote (and profit from) the event. So far, it has been estimated that almost a quarter of the entire UK adult population will place an each-way bet on their preferable horses. TV audience alone, as per the current predictions, stands at 10 million in the UK. Of course, not forgetting that about 70,000 people will watch live as the drama unfolds before a charged audience at Aintree racecourse.

Some bookies offer up to 6 places on the Grand National because of the huge number of runners and the competitive nature of the race (as well as for marketing reasons as stated earlier). Grand National is the most popular each-way race in the UK and Ireland.

Best Known Horse Races for 6 Places Each Way Historically

1. Scottish Grand National:

The 2017 Scottish Grand National produced a cracking finish at the end of 4miles between Vicente and Cogry.

With only a total of only 30 runners, online bookmakers typically pay only four places. But this was Scottish Grand National. Majority of the bookmakers pay up to the 6th place each way in this year’s event, 2017.

These bookies include:• BoyleSports• Coral• Paddy Power

2. Grand National

Unlike the Scottish Grand National, Grand National 2017 did not attract as many six place bookmarkers. Only two bookmakers offered 6 places in the 2017 Grand National renewal despite the fact that it one of the most popular race in the calendar year. These bookmakers included:• BetVictor with 6 Places at 1/4• Paddy Power with 6 Places at 1/5

3. Hennessy Gold Cup

Hennessy Gold is one of the prestigious horse races in the UK with a huge fan-base throughout the country. It covers a total distance of about three miles and horses aged 5 and upwards can enter. It is the most significant horse race in the UK calendar to be held before Christmas. It also signals the real start of the national hunt season and therefore attracted some online bookmakers to offer 6 each-way places in 2017. These include:• Betfred• Paddy Power• Bet365

Horse Racing Full 1/4 Odds Place Payouts

One way for bookmakers to scrap some extra profit from punters is by offer poor place odds terms.

As stated earlier, all other races eight runners plus (handicaps 8-11 runners, sellers, claimers, grade, group and other non-handicap races) are set at 1/5 place odds.

So if you back your horse £10 each way at 20/1 in a top class group race and it finishes second, you get paid nothing for the win part of the bet and 4/1 for the place part of the bet.

This is incredibly stingy by the bookmakers, especially on big races days where liquidity for events is huge, and all the recreational punters are willing to bet.

If the bookies offered 1/4 place odds, you would get paid 5/1 for the place part of our bet instead of 4/1. That’s an extra £10 profit!

Thankfully there are now bookies who offer enhanced place terms (a.k.a 1/4 place odds instead of 1/5 place odds) for all televised races and for all races at major festivals.

The standout bookies that offer 1/4 place odds are:

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