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Greyhounds are probably the fastest dogs in the world. Some experts even claim that they are the fastest domesticated land animals. For this reason, they have been the stars of many global competitions where punters wager thousands of dollars daily.

If you are new to all of this, you are probably wondering what we mean. Well, here’s a quick breakdown of Greyhound racing to get you up to speed.

Basically, this is a sport where up to 8 dogs (greyhounds) are placed on an oval track and let loose to chase a dummy hare. The first dog to get back to the finish line wins.

The dogs wear numbered coloured jackets. Punters use these numbers to wager on their preferred dog.

While experienced punters make winning look easy, it’s not. But it’s not difficult either. You just need to understand the sport, race conditions, the race draws, the running styles of different greyhounds and the racing tracks. But getting a hang of all this on your own could take ages.

For this reason, we have compiled a quick guide to show you how to bet on greyhound racing and increase your chances of winning. If you simply want betting tips, you can also check out our free greyhound betting tips.

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What is the Best Way to Bet On Greyhound Racing? (Everytip’s greyhounds betting guide)

Check the greyhounds’s conditions and look out for any bias, especially during wet weather

The condition of the track can affect the outcome of greyhound racing. As such, it’s advisable to sit back and watch a couple of races to understand the bias (if any). For instance, when it’s wet wide runners will perform better. The inside rail is often tested during such kind of weather. Moreover, front-runners have an advantage when it’s wet. On the flip side, during winter, inside runners have an advantage since the ground is compacted.

Always look for well-drawn greyhounds over the faster “unlucky losers”

Note that the dogs with the cleanest runs often win the races, especially those that are graded. How well a dog performs in the first 100 yards after release makes a great impact on the results.

Favour a young greyhound with scope to improve rather than the old-timers

The best advice we can offer to new greyhound racing betters is to back young pups – those that have run less than 20 races. This is mainly because these pups are still adjusting, improving and learning how to negotiate bends smoothly. They have got nowhere to go but up, unlike the old timers on the race.

Make your tissue prices and look for stand-out value in the early prices

Once you have a firm understanding of a particular track or a particular race, it’s important to jot down your prices. This will stop you from taking short prices. Also, be on the lookout for underpriced dogs as they naturally end up being profitable over time.

Try and visualize how a greyhound race will be run and understand the nuances of every track

Unfortunately, there’s no shortcut for attaining this skill. You have to put in the time and effort to develop it. You see, race reading is only attained through observing and taking notes. But once you dedicate yourself to learning the art and skill, you’ll start to understand which tracks are perfect for which dogs, and which ones pose a tougher challenge.

Every track comes with its fair share of curves and bends which some dogs may find difficult to negotiate, while others will thrive easily.

Although acquiring the skill is not easy, the predictive power that it affords the punters is enviable.

Specialise in a select number of greyhound tracks first, then expand

Do not try to get your hands on every race. Greyhound races can give you bursts of adrenaline. However, you should be careful not to get addicted to the action and bet every two minutes.

Greyhound racing has meetings every day and there are live coverages. As such, quick fixes are never far from your reach. But even then, you should put a leash on yourself. Strive to specialise in one or two (at most) tracks. Give them your all and become an expert in them. This way, you’ll increase your understanding of the tracks and races and consequently your odds of winning.

Keeping up with five meetings every week can be overwhelming and will take you ages to be an expert and reap better rewards.

Try to find reasons to oppose your favourite greyhound, avoiding short-priced bets

Punters have a bias for the favourites. For some, betting on favourites feels like a sure win. And while in most cases it is, the returns are minimal. We encourage you to find reasons to be on other runners aside from favourites. Usually, there is better value in backing one dog against the leader.

The reasons you find could be the dog swerved wide at the traps several runs back or it won the race without an early draw in the previous race.

Understand how the greyhound’s preferred run style can affect how the race is run

As we’ve mentioned before, take your time to study the races before you wager and be keen to take notice of the run styles and take notes. This will play a big role in how successful you are in greyhound betting.

For instance, having 3 early-paced short runners could spoil the pace of the race and leave the line open to a dog with a late surge of energy.

Trainers are creatures of habit, know where they like to win, and what greyhounds they do best with

Just like football coaches, some greyhound race trainers are better than others. Some do well with young pups while others simply drive the dogs to the tracks without a lot of strategy happening in between. As you learn the track, you’ll also learn the characters and traits of certain trainers. And with time, you’ll learn to factor these findings into your prices.

Note that most trainers today operate from a place of financial lack and need to keep betting to cater to their bills. And though this is not always the case and is never made to be too obvious, be on the lookout for greyhounds that are coming back from lameness, a seasonal break and those that are unexposed. Those connected to the dog will know when it is picking.

Check the greyhound’s recent form

This is super important. The chances of a greyhound winning are only as good as its recent/current form. To determine a greyhound’s recent form, you need to pay attention to the date of its last run, the track where the run took place, the distance of the run, the trap it was in the previous race, finish time, the position at the first bend, finishing position and by how much it won. All these factors come into play when determining recent form.

Check the greyhound course’s record

As a punter, you need to also factor in how well the greyhound has performed in a particular course before you wager. This will help you know whether it’s better suited for the track or whether it’s challenging.

Can the greyhound compete in the grade (is the greyhound too old to improve on the higher grade)?

As we pointed out earlier, you should prefer young pups as they can rise through the grades with ease. On the flip side, old-timers have a difficult time competing in their grades or even rising to a higher grade. With time, greyhounds get tired and their performance dips regardless of their training and diet. Knowing where the greyhound stands helps you make an informed decision.

Never chase losses and only bet when you have a perceived value bet

If you think about it, chasing losses is the number one reason why bookies make profits. If you’ve placed a bet on a particular hound and it’s not giving returns, move on. As a sensible punter, you should make reasonable wagers and know when not to. Also, you should only wager an amount corresponding to the value of the bet.

Everytip's wagering guide

Best Greyhounds Racing Bet Types Online (our best greyhounds bet types choice)

Bet to Win

These are by far the easiest and the most popular bets made by punters on greyhound racing. Punters select the dog to win. If the dog wins, you earn cash. If it loses, you lose.


Place bets allow you to select a dog that will finish either in first or second place to win. In this bet, it doesn’t matter which position the dog finishes, the payout remains the same. In the event the dog you bet on wins, you get a lower cash reward than if you had placed a win bet.

Each Way

This bet consists of a place bet and a win bet. For the win bet to earn a return, the dog must come in first place. And for the place bet to earn a reward, the dog has to finish in the predetermined position.

Forecast & Tricast

This bet allows punters to bet on the right order of the top 2 or top 2 dogs in the race.

Reverse Forecast/Tricast

This bet has two selections, which consist of your selections of dogs to finish in first or second place irrespective of the order.


This bet requires you to select two winning hounds in the order they’ll win. It emphasizes the order of winning. If the greyhound selected wins, but in reverse order than what you predicted, you lose.


This works more or less like an exacta box, only that it covers the punter regarding the order of winning. It allows you to pick first, second and third place positions. If any of the dogs you select end up in the top positions, (regardless of the order), you win.

What is a Multiple Bet/Accumulator Bet in Greyhounds Racing?

Accumulator bets are single bets that link several bets. All bets have to win before a punter can realize a profit. In greyhound racing, there are a couple of multiple bets that you should know about.

Double – 2 dogs are combined, and both have to win for you to realize a profit.

Treble – 3 dogs are combined and all must win for you to win.

Trixie – 3 greyhounds are combined in a treble and 3 doubles (4 bets). With this bet, you only need two hounds to win to earn a profit. Since there are 4 bets, the stake placed will be X4.

Patent – this works more like a Trixie, only that it includes 3 singles, so only one dog needs to win for you to realize a profit. The patent consists of 7 bets. As such, the stake you place shall be X7

Yankee – this bet consists of 11 bets. 4 trebles,1 accumulator and 6 doubles. You only need two hounds to win

Super Yankee – this bet includes 5 picks covering 26 bets. It consists of 1 5-way accumulator, 5 4-way accumulators, 10 trebles and 10 doubles

Lucky 15/31/63 – these include 15, 31 and 63 bets respectively. But in all of these, you only need a single winner.

Heinz – you make 6 selections. The bet includes 20 trebles, 6 5-folds, 1 accumulator, 15 doubles and 15-4 folds. Only 2 selections are needed to win.

Super Heinz – this has 120 bets consisting of 35 trebles, 21 doubles, 35 4-folds, 21 5-folds, 1 accumulator, and 7 6-folds. You need a minimum of 2 selections to win.

Exploring Ante Post Betting: A Strategic Way to Bet on Greyhounds

This market is profitable, but it has its fair share of risks. The idea here is for bookmakers to provide enhanced odds for future races. But the risk in this is that the dog you pick might not even be in the race, which counts as a loss. There’s also the risk of a dog getting injured close to the date of the race and other dogs being listed when their owners don’t intend to have them in the race. For this reason, you should do your research before you commit.

Unveiling Special Bets: Innovative Methods for Betting on Greyhounds Effectively

Most bookies tend to offer some enhanced prices for specific trainers to win meetings. You can wager on the number that wins meetings. Most greyhound races have incentives like best odds and free bets.

In greyhound racing, special bets offer a unique angle for bettors, with bookmakers frequently providing enhanced prices for specific trainers to win meetings. This allows bettors to wager on the number of wins at meetings, bringing a strategic element to the betting process.

Additionally, most greyhound races come with enticing incentives, including best odds and free bets, which can make betting more appealing and potentially more rewarding.

Understanding the Tattersalls Rule: Enhancing Your Greyhound Betting Strategy

Last but not least, all bets are subject to the Tattersalls rules, which govern the process of handling the withdrawal of a dog from a race.

All bets are subject to the Tattersalls rules, which govern the process of handling the withdrawal of a dog from a race.

The Tattersalls Rule is really important if you’re betting on greyhound races. It’s all about what happens when a dog can’t race after you’ve already placed your bet. This rule helps make sure everything is fair, telling you how your bet is handled in these situations. Knowing this rule helps you understand your bets better, especially if there’s a last-minute change with the dogs racing.

And there you have it, every bit of information you need to get you started on the path of greyhound race betting success. Be keen to learn and keep building on your knowledge and mastery of the tracks.

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