False Favourites – How To Find Using Speed Ratings

In the following post I hope to explain how to find and lay horse racing false favourites using ratings. Actually to be more precise I will identify false favourites for laying within in a matter of minutes, using the most accurate speed ratings you can find today.

14 years ago I was the one of the first to launch a lay betting service (I was a 20 year old computer science nerd!) that made hundreds of people profitable for the first time in their lives. Years have passed, I have gotten older and fatter, the industry has changed but the same principles apply for laying favourites.

Today I will show you the following:

  1. What races to concentrate on
  2. What filters to apply to make your bet a certainty
  3. How you can apply this in a matter of minutes each day

If you do not want to read my terrible scribbling please watch this quick video I made that describes the exact process I use to find false favourites daily.

Here is a recap of what I explained in the video to find false favourites using speed ratings.

1. Sign up to informracing.com to avail of the best UK speed ratings

2. Concentrate on handicap races only where every runner in the race has won at least once in their career

3. Make a note of all runners in the inform rating that have a top 3 master rating and those that have a top 3 master + average rating

4. Look at the betfair market 15 minutes before the race.Identify the horses that are less than 5.0 in the betting market and do not have a top 3 master rating or a top 3 master + average rating

5. Finally analyse the horses using the in depth form tables to see if the horse has won on the going or the course direction (left or right handed). If they fail one of these filters then the horse is a definite lay as long as it falls under 5.0.

In the race example above I showed you how to find a false favourite but the most interesting thing is I also backed the winner using another simple system based on the inform ratings. Not only that but I am able to back winners on the all weather using another system I developed through the inform racing ratings.

I cannot stress how accurate these ratings are and if you are serious about betting online you need to start using tools that the betting public are not aware of to find value in every bet you make.

Do not be a sheep, go against the crowd and find angles others are afraid to find!

If you are new to speed ratings then please check out this free speed ratings report here.

Happy punting