Football World Championship Qatar’22-Round 2 Preview & Tips, 25th-28th November 2022

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Our feature columnist, John Newsome previews this year’s Football World Championship Qatar’22- Round 2 with his unique and insightful commentary. You can view all previous analysis from John’s regular column here: English Premier League Predictions For Saturday.

Please note all prices quoted below were correct at the time of publication

Football World Championship Qatar’22

Round 1

Group A

NETHERLANDS 3pts (plus+ 2 goals)

ECUADOR 3pts (plus+ 2 goals)

SENEGAL 0pts (minus- 2 goals)

QATAR 0pts (minus- 2 goals)

Group B

ENGLAND 3pts (plus+ 4 goals)

WALES 1pt (plus-minus 0 goals)

USA 1pt (plus-minus 0 goals)

IRAN 0pt (minus- 4 goals)

Group C

SAUDI ARABIA 3pts (plus+ 1 goal)

MEXICO 1 pt (plus-minus 0 goals)

POLAND 1 pt (plus-minus 0 goals)

ARGENTINA 0pts (minus- 1 goal)

Group D

FRANCE 3pts (plus+ 3 goals)

DENMARK 1 pt (plus-minus 0 goals)

TUNISIA 1 pt (plus-minus 0 goals)

AUSTRALIA 0pts (minus- 3 goals)

Group E

SPAIN 3pts (plus+ 7 goals)

JAPAN 3pts (plus+ 1 goal)

GERMANY 0pts (minus- 1 goal)

COSTA RICA 0pts (minus- 7 goals)

Group F

BELGIUM 3pts (plus+ 1 goal)

CROATIA 1 pt (plus-minus 0 goals)

MOROCCO 1 pt (plus-minus 0 goals)

CANADA 0 pts (minus- 1 goal)

Group G

BRAZIL 3 pts (plus+ 2 goals)

SWITZERLAND 3pts (plus+ 1 goal)

CAMEROON 0 pts (minus- 1 goal)

SERBIA 0 pts (minus- 2 goals)

Group H

PORTUGAL 3pts (plus+1 goal)

URUGUAY 1 pt (plus-minus 0 goals)

SOUTH KOREA 1 pt (plus-minus 0 goals)

GHANA 0 pts (minus-1 goal)

Friday, November 25th

Group B


10.00 in England


That man Gareth rescued a point for Wales against the US of A.

With time running out, Mr Bale used all his experience to win a penalty and then dusted himself down to convert, equalising an earlier Yank goal.

The Welsh Manager, Robert Page left Kieffer Moore on the bench but knew that he had got the tactic wrong and introduced Big Kieffer at half-time.

The ex-Barnsley Boy didn’t disappoint and was a constant threat allowing GB the opportunity for the penalty.

After watching Iran capitulate against England and with Mr Moore sure to start, Wales could go a long way in cementing a last-16 place if a victory is achieved early on Friday.

As mentioned, Iran got hammered against England in their tournament opener, suffering a defeat against the Three Lions by a 6-2 scoreline.

At least the Boys From Tehran scored a couple, one being a converted penalty.

It will be a tough ask for Carlos Queiros and his Merry Men to continue after the 3 Group games

Betfred offer Wales at 23/20, the draw at 11/5 and 11/4 for Iran to come away with all 3-points.

Wales Win 2-0- Get 8/1 on Betfred & Claim your new account welcome offer! 

Group A


13.00 in England


Qatar suffered a defeat against Ecuador in the opener and in truth, the faithful will be watching the knockout stages from their homes (if allowed!)

Whilst not wanting to go down the political route, one has to mention the corruption involved in Qatar as a Nation, being awarded the World Cup, some 12 years ago.

The last tournament was held in Russia!

Is FIFA doing this selection on purpose or really think that holding an iconic competition in Qatar is going to be a positive move?

A worrying occurrence happened last weekend when the head, the head of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, made several astonishing statements in a speech on the eve of the World Cup.

Mr Infantino stated,

‘Today I feel Qatari, Today I feel Arabic, Today I feel African, Today I feel gay, Today I feel disabled, Today I feel like a migrant worker.’


‘Of course, I am not Qatari, I am not an Arab, I am not African, I am not gay, I am not disabled but I feel like it because I know what it means to be discriminated against, to be bullied, as a foreigner in a foreign country.

As a child, I was bullied, because I had red hair and freckles, plus I was Italian, so imagine.’

Later it was pointed out that in his opening monologue, he had missed out on half the world’s population.

So stuck in an extra sentence,

‘I feel like a woman too!’

John Newsome just wants to say.

‘What an idiot!’

How much of a fool does one have to be to compare having ginger hair with being disabled?

Probably the most worrying thing about Gianni Infant-looni is the guy has just been re-elected (unopposed) and will be the head of FIFA beyond the 2026 World Cup in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

As the great Chris Kamara would say,

Unbelievable Jeff!

More on the FIFA debacle in the next column.

John Newsome predicted a draw against Ecuador based purely on the fact that Qatar are the hosts and would be afforded a little bit of ‘home’ refereeing so to speak but even the official in Black and the Arabian Stockley Park crew, couldn’t help the Qatarians get a victory.

The host Nation won’t win a game and will be lucky to score a goal in the 2 remaining Group fixtures.

Senegal suffered a defeat in their opener too, against the Netherlands with the Oranges scoring 2 late goals.

The Lions of Teranga are missing the goal threat of Sadio Mane and unless a victory is achieved tonight, the players and the faithful will probably arrive home before the postcards.

Betfred offer Qatar at 5/1, the draw at 11/4 and Odds On 4/6 for Senegal to come away with all 3-points.

Senegal Win 1-0- Get 9/2 on Betfred & Claim your new account welcome offer! 


16.00 in England


Louis Van Gaal’s men left it late against Senegal but 2 strikes in the dying embers of the game gave the Flying Dutchmen the opening day victory by a 2-0 scoreline.

Ecuador also registered an opening-day victory against the hosts Qatar by the same 2-0 score, putting the South Americans at joint top of the summit of Group A with the same points as the Netherlands.

Betfred offer the Netherlands at slight Odds On 4/5, the draw at 13/5 and 19/5 for Ecuador to come away with all 3-points.

Netherlands Win 1-0- Get 5/1 on Betfred & Claim your new account welcome offer! 

Group B


19.00 in England


England looked superb going forward, however, not to pour cold water on the display on Monday, it was against Iran.

‘Going forward’ as there was some frailty at the back with the Defence not looking as secure as should be.

It’s more than likely that Gareth Southgate will choose the same starting eleven as against the Iranians, injury-depending.

John Newsome did point out that Harry Maguire is the weak link and whilst this does appear harsh by saying that, it is an opinion based on facts.

There isn’t any abuse or offence implied in the statement, it’s just purely based on watching Harry over the past 2 years.

Mr Southgate does like the Sheffield lad and will be loyal but that could be England’s downfall.

Manchester United are a better team when Harry isn’t playing.

Again that’s not an opinion, it’s fact.

In the 21 fixtures that United have played in all competitions this season, the record is 14 Wins, 2 Draws and 5 Losses.

Harry Maguire started in just 2 of the victories and played the full 90 minutes in 3 of the defeats.

In the other 16 games, Harry was a substitute in 9 of the matches and was injured in the other 7.

United gained a victory in 4 of those 7, plus 2 draws and a defeat.

Manchester United are statistically a better team without Harry Maguire, it’s as simple as that.

For the England contingent out there, let’s hope the Three Lions progress, like U2 warbled, with or without HM.

The USMNT (which means the United States Mens National Team) as not to confuse the World and surrounding areas that they are the Men’s team and not the USWNT (Women’s team), gained a point from a draw against Wales in the opener on Monday, setting both teams up for this Round 2 game.

Now forgive John Newsome but (and this is not being clever after the event!) this EveryTip contributor knew the team at the World Cup in Qatar were the USA Men’s National Team and not the Women’s Stars and Stripes.

Call it being intuitive but the beards did give it away.

That said, there are a few of the Girl players that could do with a Gillette Sensor Excel for Christmas.

Betfred offer England at Odds On 3/5, the draw at 3/1 and 5/1 for the USA to come away with all 3-points.

England Win 3-0- Get 9/1 on Betfred & Claim your new account welcome offer! 

Saturday, November 26th

Group D


10.00 in England


Tunisia gained a point from a draw by a 0-0 scoreline against Denmark on Tuesday, with not much else to comment on.

A point is better than nothing.

Australia scored first against France in the Ozland’s opener but that just woke the French up who scored 4 to inflict a defeat on the Land From Down-Under by a 4-1 scoreline.

The Australian branch of this EveryTip column were all up early to watch their new idols suffer against Kylian Mbappe, Olivier Giroud and the rest, with the loveable OzScot confused as to why Rylan Clark was playing for Les Bleus.

Well, the ex-X Factor warbler is ubiquitous at the moment but the lad shouldn’t be confused for Mr Giroud, although both are very aesthetically similar.

Braveheart keeps looking at the World Cup Wall-chart trying to find out where Scotland are.

The Jocks were last seen suffering a defeat against Turkey.

Turkeys are not just for Christmas but also for getting a victory against the Scottish Men’s National Team too (SMNT), which is something the girls and boys of Glasgow say when chatting up the opposition.

Betfred offer Tunisia at 5/4, the draw at 11/5 and 5/2 for Australia to come away with all 3-points.

Draw 1-1- Get 5/1 on Betfred & Claim your new account welcome offer! 

Group C


13.00 in England


Poland gained an opening day point from a draw against Mexico by a 0-0 scoreline.

Robert Lewandowski did have the chance to get the victory for his team when Mexico conceded a penalty, however, the Barcelona star saw his spot-kick saved.

That was that for the Poles in attendance.

Saudi Arabia shocked the World by inflicting a defeat on Argentina in the opener by a 2-1 scoreline.

After the Saudis had conceded a Lionel Messi goal, the home team scored twice to gain all 3 points and get not only the shock result of Qatar’22 but of several World Cups in recent years.

The ‘home team’ term was put in there as Saudi neighbours Qatar in the Arabian Desert.

Up the Camels!

Betfred offer Poland at slight Odds On 4/5, the draw at 13/5 and 19/5 for Saudi Arabia to come away with all 3-points.

Draw 1-1- Get 6/1 on Betfred & Claim your new account welcome offer! 

Group D


16.00 in England


France suffered a setback against Australia in the opener conceding an early goal but soon got back on track by scoring 4 with Les Bleus inflicting a defeat on the Waltzing Matilda’s by a 4-1 scoreline.

Olivier Giroud scored a couple which now puts the ex-Chelsea and Arsenal Forward on the same tally as Thierry Henry at the top of the French Goal Scoring Charts, both with 51 goals.

Denmark played out a goalless draw against Tunisia on Tuesday which gained a point for the Danes going into this tough fixture against the French.

It was good to see Christian Eriksen back at a Major Tournament following last year’s escapade at the Euros.

From a guy who has suffered a similar experience, John Newsome wishes Christian well (until Denmark potentially come up against England in the Knockout stages!)

Betfred offer France at Evens 1/1, the draw at 12/5 and 3/1 for Denmark to come away with all 3-points.

France Win 2-0- Get 13/2 on Betfred & Claim your new account welcome offer! 

Group C


19.00 in England


Lionel Messi converted a penalty in the opener against Saudi Arabia, scoring his 7th World Cup goal, 16 years and 5 tournaments after the first in 2006.

Unfortunately, that was the highlight of the day for Young Lionel with the Blue and Whites suffering a defeat against Saudi Arabia by a 2-1 scoreline.

Probably the only solace the Argentinians can take from the Devastating Defeat in the Desert is that Diego Maradona’s La Albiceleste suffered a loss in the opener back in 1990 but went on to reach the Final against West Germany in Italy.

So there’s still hope for Limpy Lionel and the rest of the Argentinian Boys.

Mexico were one of 8 teams that played in a game that ended in a 0-0 draw from the Round 1 Group games, gaining a point against Poland.

The Poles did miss a penalty so the Mexicans can consider themselves lucky to not suffer a defeat.

Betfred offer Argentina at slight Odds On 3/5, the draw at 3/1 and 5/1 for Mexico to come away with all 3-points.

Argentina Win 2-0- Get 6/1 on Betfred & Claim your new account welcome offer! 

Sunday, November 27th

Group E


10.00 in England


The hierarchy of Japan’s National Football Team have vowed to win the World Cup before 2050.

Fortunately, that’s 28 years away and it’s unlikely that a few of us will be around to witness that phenomenon if the Land of The Rising Sun does accomplish the feat.

Japan did offer up another shock result following Saudi Arabia’s victory against Argentina, by inflicting a defeat on Germany in the opening Group E game.

The brilliant victory by a 2-1 scoreline gives the Samurai Blue one foot in the knockout stage and with a win against a very poor Costa Rican team, the dream of winning a World Cup before 2050 is a step closer.

Costa Rica suffered a humiliating defeat against Spain in that particular opener with the Spaniards scoring 7 goals to get the victory by a 7-0 score.

It’s going to be a short 3 game stint in Qatar before the Costa Ricans head off back to the Land of the Coffee Bean.

What is Spanish for ‘home before the postcard’?

‘casa antes de la postal’

Betfred offer Japan at Odds On 4/9, the draw at 7/2 and 7/1 for Costa Rica to come away with all 3-points.

Draw 1-1- Get 7/1 on Betfred & Claim your new account welcome offer! 

Group F


13.00 in England


Belgium eventually overcame a resilient set of Canadians to get the 3 points following a victory by a 1-0 score.

Canada could consider themselves unlucky after restricting the Belgians to 1 goal, however, did have the chance to take the lead in the 1st-half when awarded a penalty.

Thibaut Courtois saved the tame spot-kick and against the run of play, Michy Batshuayi scored the only goal of the game to inflict the defeat over the Canny Canadians.

Not a free-flowing performance from Roberto Martinez’s Red Devils but a win is a win and Belgium move on to this game against Morocco leading Group F.

A bit like the Three Little Piggies, Morocco huffed and puffed against Croatia but couldn’t blow down Luca Modric’s and his mate’s house.

The point gained from the draw by a 0-0 score sets up the Moroccans for this Round 2 fixture against a Beleaguered Belgium team.

Betfred offer Belgium at Evens 1/1, the draw at 12/5 and 3/1 for Morocco to come away with all 3-points.

Belgium Win 2-0- Get 8/1 on Betfred & Claim your new account welcome offer! 


16.00 in England


Croatia played out a goalless draw against Morocco on Wednesday.

Nothing else to add.

Canada continue their World Cup record of never scoring a goal in the Top Tournament, suffering an opening game defeat against Belgium by a 1-0 scoreline.

Alphonso Davies, who plays for Bayern Munich, had the chance to score the inaugural goal when Canada were gifted a penalty, given on the advice of the dreaded VAR.

Unfortunately, Alphonso’s spot-kick was pretty tame and comfortably saved by Postman Pat in the Belgian goal.

Whilst a defeat, Canada were the more impressive team and if a similar performance is put in against Croatia this afternoon, then that elusive World Cup goal may not be too far away.

Betfred offer Croatia at slight Odds On 23/20, the draw at 12/5 and 13/5 for Canada to come away with all 3-points.

Draw 0-0- Get 8/1 on Betfred & Claim your new account welcome offer! 

Group E




2010 v 2014.

The World Cup Winners from 2010 face the World Cup Winners from 2014.

Spain smashed a Magnificent Seven goals past Costa Rica in the Group E opening game.

That surpasses England’s terrific performance against Iran and sets the Spanish up for the possibility of knocking out one of the favourites to win the competition.

If Luis Enrique’s ‘La Furia Roja’ do inflict a defeat on Germany then it would be very difficult for the 2014 World Cup Winners to progress.

A quick word about the Midfielder Gavi.

The lad is only 18 (and 110 days) becoming the 3rd youngest to score at a World Cup finals knocking Michael Owen, 18 (and 190 days) out of the Top Three.

Pele at 17 and Manuel Rosa 18 (and 90 days) are the 2 younger ones.

As mentioned, Germany suffered a humiliating defeat against Japan by a 2-1 scoreline.

Like Argentina the day before, the Germans scored first and took a lead into the break, however, like Argentina, then conceded 2 goals to ultimately lose the game.

Probably if a team needs a victory, facing another who has just scored 7, isn’t the ideal opponent for Hansi Flick and his Band of Brothers.

If Germany lose against Spain and Japan get the expected victory against a poor set of Costa Ricans, Mr Flick’s lights will have flickered out of the tournament.

Betfred offer Spain at 8/5, the draw at 12/5 and 9/5 for Germany to come away with all 3-points.

Spain Win 2-0- Get 12/1 on Betfred & Claim your new account welcome offer! 

Monday, November 28th

Group G


10.00 in England


Cameroon were unlucky in the opening fixture against Switzerland with one of their own, Breel Embolo scoring the only goal of the game to give the Swiss the victory by a 1-0 scoreline.

Breel was born in Yaounde, the Capital of Cameroon but moved to Switzerland with his parents as a youngster, eventually putting his boots on for Heidi’s Hero’s.

The lad showed respect after the goal by not celebrating.

Well played Breel!

Serbia were tipped to cause Brazil a few problems but in truth, the only problem the Samba Boys faced was when the goal would eventually come.

There wasn’t a real threat from the Serbians and it was just a matter of how many goals Brazil would score.

Eventually, it was just the 2, to inflict the defeat by a 2-0 scoreline.

Betfred offer Cameroon at 4/1, the draw at 13/5 and slight Odds On 4/5 for Serbia to come away with all 3-points.

Draw 0-0- Get 9/1 on Betfred & Claim your new account welcome offer! 

Group H


13.00 in England


South Korea played out a goalless draw against Uruguay in the opening Group H game with both teams failing to trouble the scorers.

That’s the 4th draw by a 0-0 scoreline in this year’s tournament.

The record is 7.

Just to add, there was just one 0-0 at the World Cup 4 years ago in Russia, that was France v Denmark in the final Group C fixture, which was technically a ‘Dead Rubber.’

Must be the Sun of Qatar.

A ‘dead rubber’ means that the fixture is irrelevant due to the previous results.

France and Denmark had already qualified for the knockout stages so that particular game was never going to produce much.

The star man, Tottenham’s Son Heung-Min wore a mask, some say to protect the damaged eye suffered in a Spurs game against Marseille, however, others are convinced that it wasn’t Nice-One Son wearing the South Korean strip as the Masked Footballer (which ITV will no doubt promote as a new Saturday evening shocker along with the Masked Singer and Dancer) and it was Joel Dommet.

Ghana played in one of the best games of the opening Round 1 fixtures, well the Ghanaians did in the 2nd-half.

After a disappointing start, the Southampton Defender, Mohammed Salisu dove in on Cristiano Ronaldo and gave away a penalty.

Although it was soft, the dreaded VAR, rumoured to be watching the Skiing from Doha, didn’t get involved and left it to the on-field referee.

The game then sprang into life and the final 25 minutes or so produced 5 goals.

After 10 minutes of injury time were up and the referee about to blow, Inaki Williams failed to take advantage of a dreadful mistake by the Portuguese goalkeeper, slipping at the vital moment.

Unfortunately for Ghana, that was that and an opening game defeat was on the cards by a 3-2 scoreline.

Betfred offer South Korea at 8/5, the draw at 21/10 and 2/1 for Ghana to come away with all 3-points.

Ghana Win 0-1- Get 13/2 on Betfred & Claim your new account welcome offer! 

Group G


16.00 in England


Brazil gained an easy opening game victory against Serbia on Thursday, inflicting a defeat by a 2-0 scoreline.

A lot offered up the opinion that Serbia would put up a fight but in truth, the Samba Boys were just too good.

John Newsome has predicted Brazil to win the coveted trophy which isn’t really a shock but the Yellow and Blues still have to perform on the pitch so cannot be assured of victory.

An England v Brazil World Cup Final is still on the cards.

Bra-zil, it’s just like watching Brazil!

The Cameroon native, Breel Embolo scored the only goal of the game to give Switzerland the opening Group G fixture victory by a 1-0 scoreline.

To be fair to Young Breel, the lad didn’t celebrate the goal scored for his new home against his old.

Heidi was happy.

Betfred offer Brazil at Odds On 9/20, the draw at 7/2 and 13/2 for Switzerland to come away with all 3-points.

Brazil Win 2-0- Get 6/1 on Betfred & Claim your new account welcome offer! 

Group H


19.00 in England


Portugal gained a narrow opening game victory against Ghana by a 3-2 scoreline.

The surprise in that was the 1st-half was dire and goalless.

Piers Morgan’s best mate, Cristiano Ronaldo converted a penalty after 65 minutes to kick the game into life.

Then it was like a Basketball match, Ghana Netsters scored to equalise, Portugal Powers went in front and then scored a 3rd before the Ghanaians scored the 5th.

With time running out the Portuguese goalkeeper Diogo Costa inexplicably dropped the ball without looking behind him, reminiscent of Shay Given for Newcastle and Dion Dublin for Coventry in 1997.

The unfortunate Shay is the only Irishman that doesn’t know where Dublin is.

Fortunately for Portugal and Diogo, the Ghana player Inaki Williams slipped and fluffed his lines, which meant an opening game victory for CR7 and the Portuguese.

The goal for Mr Ronaldo was a new record with the ex-ex-ex-Manchester United star/villain being the only player to score in 5 World Cups, 2006, 2010, 2014, 2018 and now 2022.

Lionel Messi failed to score in 2010 so could have eclipsed Cristiano’s record on Tuesday with his goal against Saudi Arabia.

Poot Little Lionel.

Although a great record for Brand CR7, now for another view.

Cristiano Ronaldo certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons with his ‘explosive interview’ with Piers Morgan on the eve of the World Cup starting.

There’s definitely been a lot of controversy and conversations regarding what Cristiano said, especially regarding Erik Ten Hag, with it then becoming apparent that Mr Ronaldo wouldn’t be coming back to Old Trafford.

Whilst there were a lot of words given, one would just like to mention a paragraph or three given a while back regarding CR7-2.0 in this brilliant EveryTip column.

The following was written by John Newsome and published on May the 20th, 2022.

‘There’s also the Defence to address as well as the Shadow of Cristiano Ronaldo, which does sound like a Sherlock Holmes mystery.

There isn’t any mystery, Cristiano has been outstanding this term in the goal-scoring charts, with 18 Premier League goals plus the 6-in the Champions League.

A remarkable effort by CR7-2.0.

However, the Portuguese legend is 37 now and whilst no one is saying that Mr Ronaldo is past his sell-by, (he is!) it’s just that the lad has a massive presence at Old Trafford and the other players are simply in his shadows.

That isn’t Cristiano Ronaldo’s fault, it’s a combination of the management not being strong enough to use Cristiano when it’s necessary and also the players not being strong enough to challenge Mr Ronaldo and show the manager, whether full-time, caretaker or temporary, that they deserve a chance in front of the Portugal Superstar.

Marcus Rashford is a shell of the player he once was, Jadon Sancho should be rivalling Cristiano, Mason Greenwood has his own problems, Edinson Cavani is past his sell-by date too and Anthony Elanga may come good if the youth has learned from Mr Ronaldo over the season and steps up next term.

This is what John Newsome thinks should happen regarding Cristiano Ronaldo.

Give the lad a statue outside of Old Trafford next to Best, Law and Charlton, thank the lad for all his endeavour and goals this campaign and say goodbye.

It may hurt a few, like when a relationship ends but it is for the good of Manchester United as a whole going forward and not for the good of placating a legend for one more season.

Thank you, Cristiano Ronaldo, good luck with the future.

There may be a few tears but not as many as there will be if Manchester United continue its demise.

Erik Ten Hag has important decisions to make over the coming months and that is why the Dutchman is in at the biggest club in the world and paid top dollar for the privilege.

John Newsome wants to send a welcome message to the new gaffer of Manchester United and it goes as follows,

‘Hi Mr Ten Hag

The last 3-United managers have done the same thing and have all failed at Old Trafford.

The reason is simple, Jose Mourinho, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Ralph Rangnick have used Fred and Scott McTominay as their go-to Midfielders.

This simply hasn’t worked, yet no one wants to address the situation.

Manchester United have gone backwards because of the constant choosing of Fred and Scott.

Look at the alternatives, Juan Mata, class but too old, Nemanja Matic, class but past his sell-by date, Donny Van De Beek, not trusted because of the blinkered vision of thinking Fred and Scott are the answer.

They are not!

Erik, if one does the same, then one will end up in the same place as Jose, Ole and Ralph.

The Job Centre.

Required are 4-Midfield replacements for Fred, Scott, Juan and Nemanja.

If one doesn’t, United won’t progress.

The Defence is pretty okay-ish and the Forwards are okay-ish but without the bullets of the midfield, that protects and supply, United are nothing.

One last thing, say goodbye to Cristiano Ronaldo, the lad is class but he’s a massive shadow over the club that is preventing Manchester United from moving forward.

If one takes stock of this message, Erik will be successful, however, continue to pick Fred and Scott as the go-to Midfielders, one won’t be in Manchester long.

Kind Regards

John Newsome’

Erik The Red and the United faithful were warned so no one who read the article back in May can say that it was a surprise what Cristiano came out with whilst talking to Piers The Gooner.

Uruguay became one of the 8 teams that played out a goalless draw on Thursday, with the opening Group H fixture against South Korea ending in a stalemate.

Without disrespecting the two teams, both looked lethargic and not too bothered about being in Qatar.

Maybe this game against Portugal will inject some life into Luis Suarez and his Uruguayan Amigos.

Betfred offer Portugal at 23/20, the draw at 12/5 and 13/5 for Uruguay to come away with all 3-points.

Draw 1-1- Get 11/2 on Betfred & Claim your new account welcome offer! 

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