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Today and Tomorrow’s 1X2 Betting Predictions

DateTimeCountryLeagueHome TeamAway Team1X2 Result TipOdds
Jul 23 202411:00 PMBrazilSerie BMirassolAvaíHOME WIN1.73
Jul 24 202410:00 PMBrazilSerie ACruzeiroJuventudeHOME WIN1.53
Jul 25 20249:45 PMArgentinaPrimera DivisiónPlatenseVélez SarsfieldDRAW3

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What is a 1X2 bet type?

1X2 betting, commonly called three-way betting, is a type of wagering primarily associated with the world of football (soccer).

The “1X2” refers to three potential outcomes of a game;

  • ‘1’ stands for a home team win
  • ‘X’ represents a draw
  • ‘2’ signifies an away team win.

For instance, if you think the home team will secure a victory, you’d place your bet on “1”. If you believe the match will end in a draw, you’d opt for “X”, and if you’re backing the away team to clinch the match, then you’d choose “2”.

Your bet is successful if the match result aligns with your prediction. It’s this simplicity and directness that makes the 1X2 market particularly appealing to both novice and experienced bettors alike.

Why should I choose the 1X2 market?

The 1X2 betting market is among the most popular in football betting primarily due to its simplicity. New bettors find it accessible because of the clear and direct nature of the bet. There are only three potential outcomes to consider. This clarity allows bettors to make decisions based on team performance, current form, and historical data without the need for more intricate analyses.

Additionally, since 1X2 betting is widely available, it’s featured in almost all betting platforms and is often supported by detailed statistics and expert predictions. The extensive coverage means that bettors have a plethora of information at their disposal, making it easier to make informed decisions.

Are there any drawbacks?

While the 1X2 market offers simplicity, it also has its set of challenges. The primary drawback is that it can be harder to find value, especially in matches where there’s a clear favourite. Bookmakers often offer relatively smaller odds on such matches, meaning potential returns can be low unless you’re willing to stake a significant amount.

Additionally, with only three outcomes to choose from, the margin for error is smaller compared to other markets where multiple betting combinations might offer a cushion. It’s also worth noting that football, by its nature, can be unpredictable, and even the most informed bets can go awry due to unforeseen events during a match.

Can your predictions be trusted for accuracy?

At Everytip.com, we pride ourselves on providing well-researched and informed predictions for the 1X2 market. However, it’s crucial to understand that no betting tip can be guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

While we base our tips on team form, player statistics, and other relevant data, the unpredictable nature of sports introduces an element of uncertainty. Betting always involves risk, and it’s vital to approach it responsibly.

Our aim at Everytip.com is to guide and inform your betting choices, but the final outcome can never be predicted with absolute certainty.

How to utilise our predictions

Navigating the complex world of sports betting can be daunting, especially with the myriad of choices available. To make the most of our tips, start by visiting our website regularly. Familiarize yourself with our predictions, reasoning, and suggested stake amounts. Compare these tips with your own research or intuition. Remember, informed decisions often yield better outcomes.

While our tips are backed by comprehensive research, always bet responsibly and never stake more than you can afford to lose. With Everytip.com by your side, you’ll be better positioned to make more informed wagers.

Where to bet on these bet types

As mentioned above, the 1X2 betting market is one of the most popular and widely available betting options for football matches worldwide. For this reason, almost all reputable online sportsbooks and local bookmakers offer this market.

When looking to place a bet on 1X2 tips, always look for well-known online betting platforms as they offer a user-friendly experience, competitive odds, and promotional offers. Most importantly, choose a licensed and trustworthy betting platform to ensure safe and secure transactions.

1 or 2 Bet market types

Bet markets to explore

The 1X2 bet, while commonly associated with football, is not exclusive to it. This betting format involves picking one of three outcomes as discussed previously. This way, it is a favourite among many other sports enthusiasts. Here are a few more sports and games that offer this bet type;

In European ice hockey leagues, for instance, games can end in ties during regular time. So, when you’re watching an intense match between two evenly matched teams, betting on a draw might be an enticing option.


Similarly, rugby, known for its fierce competitiveness and unpredictable nature, offers opportunities for 1X2 betting, where matches can indeed conclude without a clear winner.


For basketball enthusiasts, while the NBA doesn’t see ties, certain European basketball leagues do allow for draws at the end of the regular game time. Picture a Euro League game with both teams neck and neck until the final buzzer; the draw option in 1X2 betting can be a game-changer.


Lastly, handball, especially in high-stake international competitions, can end without a decisive victor, presenting yet another avenue for 1X2  betting.

For any avid bettor, it’s paramount to get acquainted with the specific rules of each sport or league to harness the full potential of the 1X2 market.

Is this bet type available in all football matches?

Certainly! The 1X2 betting market is a foundational wagering option available for virtually every football match. Whether it’s major leagues like the English Premier League, La Liga, or the Bundesliga, or lesser-known domestic leagues in various countries, the 1×2 market is always present.

However, while it’s available for almost every game, it’s always advisable to check the specific offerings of your chosen bookmaker before placing your bet.

Embarking on the betting world can be intricate, but with our 1X2 betting predictions and understanding the essentials of this market, you can significantly elevate your betting experience. As you stride forward, harness the potential of this bet type, and remember that informed choices often lead to rewarding outcomes. Best of luck on your betting journey!