Change Odds From Fractions To Decimal

Use this fraction to decimal odds converter to help change odds from fractions to decimal or decimal odds to fractional. Most betting sites will allow you to use whichever odds format you prefer. Most serious gamblers now use decimal odds, which certainly allow for greater accuracy.

Decimal odds are based on your total return, including stake. If you put a quid on a horse to win at odds of 10.0, you will win ten pounds (10.0x your stake). Fractional odds are not quite the same. 10.0 is not the same as 10/1. If you put a pound on a horse to win at 10/1, you will get eleven pounds back (ten pounds plus your one pound stake).

Most people just find decimal odds easier and they are increasing in popularity, every year. Few punters who read this chart will bother using fractional odds again, as it shows how simple it is to get your head around decimal odds.

odds conversion table