Catterick Racing Tips

Also known as the Catterick Bridge racecourse, the Catterick racecourse is North Yorkshire’s best course. It is a picturesque horse racing and picnic venue. Besides that, this venue has racing events spread out throughout the year.

Usually, the atmosphere surrounding this ground on race days is thrilling. On non-race days, it is not only welcoming but also relaxing. The Catterick racecourse location is rural. A couple of hamlets surround it. And it is near the famous Catterick Village. Although its location is remote, the Catterick racecourse is still a tremendously sought-after racing venue.

Catterick Horse Racing Tips

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Catterick racecourse history

The racing history at the Catterick racecourse stretches back to the 17th century. According to UK history, the first official race on this ground took place in 1783. The date was April 22. Nonetheless, a permanent course was not erected until 1813 with the first grandstand coming in 1906.

Although the owners of this racecourse have modernized it, you can see traces of the 1906 grandstand. Today, the Catterick racecourse is a modern racing venue with a classic touch.

Although the races here are well attended, this was not always the case when it started. The coming of the railway in 1923 made this area popular and most people began going to the Catterick racing grounds. At this time, the Catterick village had a train station. Unfortunately, the station would close in 1969, but the racecourse would continue to thrive.

Over the years, the Catterick Racecourse Company has continued to develop this racecourse. In 2004, they invested £600, 000 for a new state-of-the-art stable yard.

The Course

Catterick is a predominantly turf course. The owners have plans to make it a versatile all-weather racecourse. It comes with a flat course and jumps course.

Flat Course

This left-handed course is about 3 furlongs long. Like many other racecourses, it assumes an oval shape. Its downhill nature makes it ideal for fast races.

One of the features of this flat course is its sharpness. It is also characterized by several undulations that make it the ultimate test for jockeys and horses. As a punter who likes races from this course, it is always best to back the horses that have been successful on this racing ground. Horses that are new to the Catterick racecourse face an element of surprise. Therefore, they are not likely to perform well on their first race on the racecourse.

Jumps Course

The best part about the jump course is that it does not have many undulations. The horses that are new to this course can adapt quickly and win races. Front-runners tend to flourish on the jump course because overtaking is quite challenging. During the harsh winter weather, the Catterick jump course may be unfit for racing. You will find those race organizers sometimes find it necessary to cancel the racing events on course.

Catterick main racing events

North Yorkshire Grand National

The North Yorkshire Grand National steeplechase is the highlight of all racing events at the Catterick racecourse. It draws out thousands of racegoers each year.

Usually, the gates open at 10:25 but the first race starts at 12:25. Racegoers have enough time to settle down and watch the finest horses battle. This race is three miles and six furlongs. Besides it being the longest race on this course, it never disappoints. Racegoers can always expect a hotly contested and memorable showdown.

Go Racing In Yorkshire Summer Festival Day

This is an exciting 9-day racing event. It displays and recognizes the jockey of the week, the best trainer, and so on. Horse racing enthusiasts wait for this adventurous event with immense anticipation. Moreover, it provides plenty of betting opportunities for punters.

Where to bet on Catterick races

Online betting

Since the Catterick racecourse is home to some exciting horse racing fixtures, punters have a lot to look forward to. You can place bets on various races and take home some good winnings on racing days.

Racing enthusiasts can bet on these races in two ways- the betting shops at the venue or online. When you compare the two options, betting online comes out on top. This is because it is a hassle-free and safe method way of betting.

If you would like to place bets on the Catterick racecourse markets, you need to sign up with a renowned online betting platform. But first, you will need to check if your favourite bookie offers racing markets from this racecourse.

In case your preferred betting provider does not provide racing fixtures from Catterick, check other betting sites. Once you find a promising website, navigate through it and ensure that it has everything you are looking for. Proceed to sign up, deposit funds, and start betting. When starting, stake small and increase the stake as you familiarize yourself with Catterick races.

You can use online recourses and tools to predict the outcome of various races. This includes analyzing the history and current performance of your favourite horses. Take advantage of popular tipster websites to refine your betting skills and grow your winning rate.

How to get to Catterick racecourse


If you prefer to use public transport, you can get to the Catterick racecourse by train. The Darlington Railway Station is ideal for racegoers as it is only. However, it is 15 miles from the racecourse. Therefore, racegoers who choose this route have to take a bus to Richmond town. From this town, you can take a shuttle or taxi to the racecourse.


The best and easiest way to get to the Catterick racecourse is by private means. The course is off the A1. Motorists should exit this road at junction 52 when approaching the course from the North or South. While driving, keep looking at the signposts and they will lead you to the racing grounds.

The Catterick racecourse is one of a kind. It has many features that are pleasing to the eye. With a fully packed schedule, racegoers and punters have a race to look forward to every few weeks.

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