Newcastle Racing Tips

The Newcastle Racecourse is one of the most used courses across England. Over 60 jump and all-weather races take place on this ground every year. These fixtures deliver an exhilarating horse racing action for racegoers and punters. This beautiful racecourse hosts a myriad of events. Although some are unrelated to racing, the horse racing events are the highlight of the course. One of the features that make this racecourse standout is its versatility. It has both a traditional turf and an artificial one-of-a-kind all-weather course.

Newcastle Racing Tips

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Newcastle racecourse history

The Newcastle racecourse history dates back to the 1700s, with the first Northumberland Plate taking place in 1883. Many changes have occurred over hundreds of years to make the course what it is today.

In 2002, David Williamson, a Scottish entrepreneur took a managing position at the Newcastle Racecourse. He turned around the fortunes of the racecourse quickly. In six years, Newcastle Racecourse turnover rose from £2.5 million to a staggering £ 6.5 million. Currently, the Northumberland plate brings in a whopping £30 million to the region’s economy weekly.

The Ladies Day racing event attracts over 15,000 racegoers. The management has also made some major developments on the racecourse. For instance, they decided to replace the traditional flat race tough with an all-weather track. And although most people disagreed with this decision, the Arena Racing Company, which owns the course stuck to their guns. As of today, the course has a brand new Tapeta track.

The course

The Newcastle Racecourse is left-handed. Its bends are not that sharp, which enables the horses to have an easy time negotiating them at top speed. The National Hunt and the Flat truck form a 1-mile and 6-furlong circuit. Front-runners and galloping horses tend to excel on this racecourse.

AW Flat Course

The Flat racing track surface is made of Tapeta, which makes it unique. These types of tracks are common in America. In the UK, the Wolverhampton racecourse is the second course to have an all-weather racing track made from this material. The Newcastle straight is floodlit. This makes it ideal for races that stretch to about a mile.

Jumps Course

The Newcastle Jumping course has an oval shape. Like most tracks in the UK, it is left-handed. Its uphill rise is somewhat steady, and the fences are challenging, especially when approached at top speed. The track is fair and this evens up the races.

Major races at Newcastle

Northumberland plate

The Newcastle Racecourse is home to well-respected and popular races. The Northumberland Plate is undoubtedly the epitome of elite racing events on the course. This is a 3-days racing event that takes place in June. The event dates back to the late 1800s, and this makes it one of the most anticipated 2 miles’ handicaps across the globe.

Eider Chase

The Eider Chase is a top-tier National Hunt Steeplechase race in England. It is a four-and-a-half-mile furlong race that takes place in February. The first Eider Chase race took place in 1952.

Horses have to jump 25 fences during the race. In fact, most people have likened it to a Grand National trial.

Fighting Fifth Hurdle

The Fighting Fifth Hurdle is an exciting Grade 1 hurdle horse race. It is predominantly for horses aged four years and above. The race is about 2 miles and 46 yards long. To complete the race, all the horses have to jump over nine evenly spaced hurdles. This racing event takes place in November or December each year at the Newcastle Racecourse.

Where to bet on Newcastle races

Online betting sites

Lots of online betting sites offer markets from the Newcastle Racecourse. The advantages of betting online are undeniable. First off, you get all the time to research your favourite horses, trainers, and jockeys. Additionally, you are able to compare every performance stats to improve your chances of winning. These resources are available free on the internet. Besides that, you can place a bet on an ongoing race. And you can do it on your phone, computer or tablet when on the go.

When it comes to betting online, many providers feature the major races from the Newcastle Racecourse. All you need is to look for a reputable betting site with an incredible horse race betting section and ensure that the market you are looking for is available. Another important feature that you should look out for is convenient payment methods. If the site meets your expectations, go to the signup section and register, deposit funds into the betting account and start wagering.

Only bet on a horse that you have been following to minimize the risks. It is easy to get carried away due to a wide array of races but stick to the fixtures that you are familiar with. If you have a betting strategy, ensure that you don’t deviate from it. Also, only stake what you can afford.

How to get to the Newcastle Racecourse

The Newcastle Racecourse is in the North East region of England. On race days, motorists should follow the tourist markings on the roads. These are usually brown or white and they have marks resembling a horse and a rider. The signboards are placed on the A1 and A19- these are the main roads leading to the racecourse.

 A taxi ride from Newcastle city to the venue will cost you about £10. You can also catch a train at the Newcastle Central Station and then hop on a taxi to the venue.

Four Lane Metro Station and Regent Centre are about two miles from the Newcastle Racecourse. And shuttles to take you to the grounds are available.

Those who opt to fly can use a helicopter and land on the racecourse. However, you need to call in advance to make arrangements with the management.

The Newcastle Racecourse is home to some of the most famous horse racing events in England. It is an entertainment house for horse race enthusiasts. From a punter’s point of view, the fixtures at the racecourse provide lucrative betting opportunities.

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