Fakenham Racing Tips

The Fakenham racecourse is a magnificent racing venue located in Norfolk. With the Prince of Wales being its patron, it is a truly special course. Even though its race schedule is quite small, the events held on this ground attract thousands of racegoers each year. For horse race enthusiasts, taking a trip to the Norfolk countryside is always refreshing. The course stands out because it is one of the only two National Hunt courses in Norfolk County.

Fakenham Horse Racing Tips

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Fakenham racecourse history

Despite its small size, the Fakenham racecourse has a rich and eventful horse racing history. In the beginning, there were several unorganized horse races in Fakenham. These races were local and their schedule was not clear.

In 1905, things began to shape up as people started taking horse racing seriously. The West Norfolk Hunt had been going on for some time. It reached a point where the Prince of Wales attended this event. By 1904, he had become the president of the club. The same year, the Prince provided a trophy for the winners of the then famed Hunters Steeplechase.

By 1964, people started calling this course Fakenham. And its then owners began doing some serious work to develop it. In 1972, they injected resources to complete the lad’s hostel. By the end of 2001, they hand a new state-of-the-art grandstand and other hospitality facilities.

The development of the Fakenham racecourse had gone so well that Prince Charles accepted to be its Patron in 2002. This made it even more popular and it got attention from many people, including celebrities and other public figures.

Due to its picturesque location, the Fakenham racecourse is more than just a course. People host other important social events on these grounds. For most of the year, it is fully booked. These events include exhibitions, weddings, and so on. However, people know it for its exciting horse racing events.

The Course

The Flat Course

The Fakenham flat course has a square shape. It is characterized by bends on every circuit. Gallopers have a hard time navigating this racetrack. Since this course has a short run, front-runners can easily outrun their counterparts.

Jumps Course

The Fakenham jumps course is one of a kind. With its tight tracks, this left-handed track tends to favour fast runners. The entire track has six fences. Its undulating nature makes the obstacles more challenging. The underfoot also presents a massive challenge for first-time competitors at this racecourse. However, it is more forgiving to horses that have experience racing on these tracks.

Fakenham main racing events

Fakenham Silver Cup

The Fakenham Silver Cup is the highlight of all the racing events on this venue. This race takes place during the spring. It is a class 3 horse race with a huge following and it stretches for two miles and 3 furlongs. With a grand price of £10,000, this race brings the best out of the jockeys.

Norfolk National Hunt

The Norfolk National Hunt is undoubtedly the most popular and valuable race on the Fakenham racecourse. It stretches for three miles and five furlongs. This race tests the endurance and resilience of the horses to the core.

Ladies Day Handicap Chase

The Ladies Day Handicap chase is another notable racing event at Fakenham. Although it is not a massive event at the course, it draws out lots of racegoers.

David Keith Memorial Handicap Chase

The David Keith Memorial Handicap Chase is a class 2 race dedicated to veterans. It stretches for three miles and thirty-eight yards.

Where to bet on Fakenham races

If you have a passion for horse race betting, you can bet on racing events held at the Fakenham racecourse. You may place your bets at the betting shops at the venue, but the best option is to bet online.

Online betting sites

Technology has revolutionized how we place bets on horse races. Back in the day, punters would have to find a betting shop to wager on their favourite horses. Today, you can bet on the Fakenham racing events from anywhere. To do so, you only need your phone or a computer with good internet connectivity.

Most popular bookies feature the main Fakenham racing fixtures on their websites. This allows punters to choose an online betting provider and wager on their favourite horses. Due to the many online bookmakers that offer the racing markets, horse race bettors have a variety of options. Nonetheless, it is wise to choose a bookmaker that provides all the services you want.

Some of the things that you need to look at include the layout of the website. The best online betting platform should be easy to navigate. Additionally, it should provide convenient and secure deposit and withdrawal gateways.

Before signing up, ensure that the site you choose features the racing events from the Fakenham racecourse. If you are satisfied with what they have to offer, sign up, deposit funds, and start betting.

How to get to the Fakenham racecourse


Kings Lynn railway station is the nearest to the Fakenham racecourse. It is about 20 miles away from the racing grounds.

The other option is the Norwich railway station, which is about 25 miles from the Fakenham course. Whichever railway station you choose; you will find a reputable bus service that takes you to the racecourse. You can also take a taxi from any of these stations to the racecourse.


Fakenham is located in the beautiful countryside of Norfolk County. And since this is a remote venue, it’s better to access it by road. Most of the racegoers prefer to drive up there.

NR21 7NA is the postcode that leads you to the Fakenham racecourse. Once you get to the vibrant town of Fakenham, getting to the racecourse becomes easy. It is a popular destination on race days and motorists only need to pay attention to the road signposts leading to the venue.

The Fakenham racecourse is not the biggest, but it makes up for this with a beautiful venue and excellent horse racing events. Racing enthusiasts can attend these exciting races and place bets on their favourite horses.

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